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Asda/ABP BeefLink Establishes Scottish Suckler Group

In a move intended to help create greater dialogue and understanding between Scottish beef farmers, processors and retailers Asda and ABP have this week announced the formation of the Asda/ABP BeefLink Scottish Suckler Strategy Group (SSSG).

The new group, which will comprise six dedicated farmer representatives, ABP's Asda agricultural manager Elwyn Pugh and Asda's agricultural manager Pearce Hughes and has been set up to ensure both ABP and Asda remain abreast of issues affecting Scottish beef farmers, explained Mr Pugh.

Scottish Suckler Group Meeting March 2014

Scottish Suckler Group Meeting March 2014

One of the first things on the agenda for the newly formed group is a unique trial which will take place at ABP's Perth abattoir involving video image analysis (VIA) grading.

The trial, which will see ABP's Perth abattoir become the first mainland UK abattoir to begin paying on VIA grades, is being undertaken in conjunction with Asda/ABP BeefLink members who will be paid on VIA grades from October 2013.

ABP has committed more than £100,000 in the trial and subsequent work to enable farmers to be paid on primal cut values and to ensure the carcasses that deliver value for Asda and ABP also deliver profits for BeefLink farmers, added Mr Pugh.

Asda's sustainable business director Chris Brown said the use of VIA grading is a significant step in the right direction for the UK beef industry. "Not only does it allow us to reward farmers better for producing carcasses which better fit the needs of our consumers, but in doing so it allows us to reduce the amount of waste in the beef supply chain and maximise the amount of saleable meat reaching our stores and our customers.

Carol McLaren of Quality Meat Scotland said that it was good to see producers and processors working together to use technology to facilitate integration and efficiency within the supply chain. "This type of initiative is a welcome and positive development for the Scottish red meat sector."

The six farmer members of the SSSG are Adrian Ivory, Ban Barron, Dan Pickard, Bill Nelson, John McLaren, Matthew Mauchlen, Ben Challum, Ian Patullo and William Halley.

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