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Stackyard is an on-line farming magazine bringing news, views and comment. Links to farming related web sites worldwide - cattle associations, sheep societies, pedigree livestock registries, pig farms, llama and alpaca breeders, auction marts, farm machinery, ranch realtors and rural estate agents.

Jennifer Mackenzie


edited by Jennifer MacKenzie

On-Farm Demonstration of Anaerobic Digestion Systems
H&H Land and Property, in association with AWS Power and Clydesdale Bank, is hosting a farm educational tour on March 26th with Anaerobic Digestion as the focus.
Waste-Biogas More Effective than Crop-Biogas
Waste-biogas is at least ten times more effective than crop-biogas at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Valtra's New T Series wins Machine of the Year
The brand new Valtra T Series was selected the winner of the Machine of the Year award in the 180-280hp category at the SIMA Show 2015.
Chafer Grub Control Solutions for Grassland
Bio injection specialist contractor and machinery manufacturer Target Set Technology Ltd, provides unique grassland contracting service.
FarmWizard Founder Announces New Owners
The world’s first cloud based livestock management system FarmWizard, which integrates a range of data sources to provide a simple user platform for the farmer in the beef, dairy and sheep sectors, has joined with Wheatsheaf Investments.
Funding for Farmers to Support Productivity
Next week sees the start of March and most probably the opening of the window for the new 2015 Countryside Productivity Scheme.
New Light Shed on Microbial Battleground
The soil around roots of plants such as barley – one of our most important crops - is a battleground where only certain bacteria can survive, suggests evidence gathered by a Scottish and German research team.
Learn From The Past
Learn from the past to stop unintended consequences of environmental stewardship schemes says the National Sheep Association and Tenant Farmers Association.

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