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Case IH Launches a Host of Updates at LAMMA

Case IH is showcasing its latest technology at LAMMA 2014 the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. Held in January each year, LAMMA is free to attend and regularly attracts up to 40,000 farmers from around the country and overseas.

Cab suspension option for 2014 Farmall U Pro tractor range

Case IH has launched an optional cab suspension system for its range of Farmall U Pro tractors, which feature a range of cab improvements as standard for 2014. A Farmall 115U Pro with cab suspension will be displayed on the Case IH stand at LAMMA

CASE IH launches Farmall U cab suspension

CASE IH launches Farmall U cab suspension

The four-wheel-drive 99hp Farmall 95U Pro, 107hp Farmall 105U Pro and 114hp Farmall 115U Pro provide livestock operations, mixed farms and smaller contractors with outstanding versatility, performance, economy and comfort.

Priced at £700, the cab suspension system improves ride comfort, reduces operator fatigue and allows full productivity to be maintained throughout even the longest working day. With 59mm of spring travel, the new Case IH system has been optimised to provide full suspension without increasing overall cab height, often a major consideration on farms where Farmall U Pro tractors are used.

The symmetrical design of the Case IH system uses the same components on both the left and right side of the tractor, providing significant advantages over conventional designs. The system incorporates a stabiliser in each of the mounting brackets, negating the need for struts running across the transmission, which in conventional designs can otherwise increase cab height by around 50mm. Dual stabilisers also eliminate lateral cab roll throughout the entire spring stroke and provide a high level of stability, which is of significant benefit when operating in hilly conditions or turning across steep slopes.

Farmall U Pro tractors also incorporate a number of significant cab upgrades. The instruments and shuttle lever now telescope with the steering wheel, the tilt and height adjustment for the steering column has been improved, the indicator stalk has been repositioned to the left of the steering column and the setting buttons are now on the right.

Alun Scott, Case IH Product Specialist, states:
“A key feature of the U Pro is its premium-specification cab, which provides a superb operator environment, with full air conditioning, ergonomically-sited controls, best-in-class visibility and class-leading sound levels of just 72db(A). The availability of cab suspension further increases comfort levels and will be a popular option which will enhance the capabilities and appeal of these highly-versatile tractors.”

Case IH launches flagship Quadtrac

The world’s most powerful tractor in series production, the new 692hp Case IH Quadtrac 620, will be seen for the first time in the UK on the Case IH stand at LAMMA.

CASE IH Flagship Quadtrac

CASE IH Flagship Quadtrac

Flagship of the 2014 Quadtrac range, which also includes the Quadtrac 540 and Quadtrac 580, the Quadtrac 620 is rated at 628hp but produces a maximum of 692hp, with up to 2941Nm of torque. This unique tractor was recently named ‘Machine of the Year 2014’ in the XXL category at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover.

All Quadtracs are powered by six-cylinder, 12.9-litre FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engines which utilises the latest engine technology to significantly enhance performance and minimise fuel consumption. They are amongst the first Case IH products to be equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which fulfils the stricter criteria of Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards.

The new engines with the unique HI-eSCR technology deliver optimised combustion, thus ensuring that Case IH Quadtrac tractors continue to stay in the lead with regard to fuel efficiency. This patented technology not only provides outstanding cost-effectiveness but also NOx transformation efficiency of 95 per cent, setting the standard in the industry. The engines are aligned to deliver maximum performance without increasing emissions or reducing effectiveness. Larger 19001850-litre fuel and 320-litre AdBlue tanks allow long, uninterrupted working days to maximise productivity.

Power is transmitted through a 16 x 2 Full Powershift transmission, while the standard Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system automatically selects the best combination of gear and engine speed for each implement and type of terrain. Four independently-driven tracks provide a constant contact area of more than 5.6m², 25% greater than other tractors in this class, which increases traction, reduces ground pressure, virtually eliminates slip and minimises soil damage.

The Surveyor™ cab, largest in the industry, provides unrivalled all-round visibility and features an exclusive suspension system which optimises driving comfort. The latest generation of Multicontroller features several detail improvements, its new design making it easier to operate, while backlit controls enhance safety when working at night. Standard equipment includes high-intensity-discharge (HID) lighting which is up to six times brighter than conventional systems and provides 360° illumination.

Case IH improves Advanced Farming Systems

Case IH has expanded its range of innovations in Advanced Farming Systems for all of its tractors and harvesting machines. These include new correction data and a new service which extends conventional RTK positioning data for several minutes if the RTK correction data stream should become temporarily unavailable. This greatly improves the functional reliability and performance of auto-guidance systems.

Case IH RangePoint RTX
RangePoint RTX is a new correction system for Case IH tractors and combines a maximum pass-on-pass deviation of just 15cm and a repeat accuracy of 50cm. As a result, this correction signal is ideal at cost-effective entry level for assisted steering and automatic guidance systems.

The RangePoint RTX signal utilises both GPS and GLONASS satellite signals which can be used with Case IH 372 receivers and FM750 or FM1000 monitors. A key advantage in the field is that full accuracy can be achieved in less than five minutes.

RangePoint RTX correction data is available via satellite throughout Europe and farmers also receive free-of-charge access to GLONASS satellite signals, which gives increased availability of satellites. If the correction signal is not available - due to shadowing, for example - AFS systems with RangePoint RTX continue to operate automatically for up to two minutes, ensuring that continuous operation is possible in the field. Special hardware, such as modems or new receivers, is not required.

Case IH is offering RangePoint RTX free-of-charge for the first year on equipment purchased between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014, making entry-level Precision Farming a great deal more attractive.

Case IH CenterPoint RTX
CenterPoint RTX is the 'big brother' of RangePoint RTX. Based on the same technology, known as absolute positioning, CenterPoint RTX increases positioning accuracy to less than 4cm.

This service is compatible with the new AFS372 receiver as well as FM750 and FM1000 monitors. CenterPoint RTX will also use GPS and GLONASS satellite signals. With an active CenterPoint RTX subscription a base station is not needed. Owners of compatible AFS receivers can easily make use of the new signal by updating their equipment and requesting an activation code from the Case IH dealer.

Case IH xFill
This new service for all Case IH Advanced Farming System (AFS) users makes RTK positioning data available for several minutes if the RTK correction signal is lost due to communications issues. This service is compatible with the new AFS372 receiver as well as FM750 and FM1000 monitors.

The new xFill function becomes available as soon as the RTK signal is lost. Because there are no delays, work can continue uninterrupted. In the field, xFill is ready for action immediately after the first start of RTK fixed and can bridge RTK signal loss for up to 20 minutes from the first second of signal failure. Work can therefore continue uninterrupted thanks to the seamless availability of positioning data. This means less downtime and considerably more productivity.

A software update of AFS monitors and receivers is required to make use of Case IH xFill.

Case IH telescopic loaders launched

The new Case IH Farmlift range of telescopic loaders will be seen for the first time in the UK at LAMMA 2014.

  Case IH Farmlift range of telescopic loaders

Case IH Farmlift range of telescopic loaders

Combining compact dimensions, powerful engines and hydraulics with multi-functional capabilities, the six models range from the agile Farmlift 525, designed especially for use in low buildings and livestock housing, to the powerful Farmlift 935, which handles high and heavy lifting work with ease. Power outputs are from 74hp for the Farmlift 525 up to 143hp for Farmlift 635 and 742 models, with maximum lift heights from 5.7m to 9.6m.

Case IH Farmlift telescopic loaders benefit from the most modern transmission technology, ensuring that they are rapid on the road and have the full force needed for high-output loading tasks. The 632 and 935 models feature a 4x3 powershift transmission, while for the 635 and 742 models a 6x3 powershift with autoshift-function is available, enabling a maximum travel speed of 40km/h.

All Farmlift models are equipped with a comfortable, spacious, fully-glazed operator’s cab offering optimum visibility. All essential functions, such as boom operation, directional of travel and gear selection are placed at the driver’s fingertips via the machine’s joystick.

As standard, Case IH Farmlift models have a hydraulic flow capacity of from 80 up to 120 l/min, while the 635 and 742 feature a variable-displacement pump with a capacity of 140 l/min. All are equipped with four-wheel drive, while three different steering modes can be selected for excellent manoeuvrability and a tight turning circle.

World’s largest combine header makes its debut

Developed to match the requirements of 12m Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) systems, the use of which is increasing on farms throughout Europe, the new 12.5m Case IH 3050 VariCut header will be seen for the first time in the UK on the Case IH stand at LAMMA.

CASE IH World's largest combine header debuts at LAMMA

CASE IH World's largest combine header debuts at LAMMA

This unique header, which follows the trend towards ever-larger working widths and makes optimum use of the high threshing capacities of the latest Axial-Flow combines, features a number of new developments and innovative techologies. These include a rugged frame, double-floor design and one-piece reel. This incorporates a patented reel protection system, which avoids contact between the reel and knife, particularly during knife extension or retraction, while the angle of the reel tines can be adjusted without tools. Case IH engineers have also improved the Field Tracker system, which uses four sensors that enhance the header’s ability when working on hillsides and uneven terrain.

The new VariCut features are designed to ensure that the engine, threshing and cleaning systems of Axial-Flow combines operate at full capacity and efficiency, paving the way for fewer passes, reduced turnaround time and – in conjunction with the track systems available for the front axles of Case IH Axial-Flow combines – markedly lower soil pressure and improved sustainability.

The new six-model range of Case IH Axial-Flow combine harvesters comprises three ‘130 Series machines, the 5130, 6130 and 7130 from 299hp to 415hp, together with the larger ‘230 Series combines, the 7230, 8230 and 9230 from 449hp to 571hp. All are powered by efficient Case IH FPT Tier 4 SCR engines which deliver an average fuel saving of 10% over Tier 3 power units.

Constantly Variable Transmissions the focus of new tractors from Case IH at LAMMA

With more than a decade’s experience of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology Case IH is at the forefront of developments in this sector. To highlight the numerous advantages which this type of transmission has to offer the company will be showing its new six-cylinder Magnum CVX and four-cylinder Maxxum CVX models for the first time at LAMMA, alongside the well-established Puma CVX range.

Maxxum CVX EP is the first four-cylinder Case IH tractor to incorporate CVT. Versatile and cost-effective, the Maxxum 110 CVX EP, Maxxum 120 CVX EP and Maxxum 130 CVX EP are rated at 110hp, 121hp and 131hp respectively, with all models featuring ‘Power Management’ which provides up to 32hp more in transport, hydraulic and PTO applications.

In addition to eight Puma CVX models, ranging from the 131hp 130 CVX which delivers a maximum of 171hp with Power Management, to the 228hp Puma 230 CVX with up to 269hp, Case IH now offers Continuously Variable Transmission on its range of Magnum CVX models which have rated power outputs from 260hp to 370hp.

The most powerful Case IH rigid-chassis tractor, the 404 hp Magnum 370 CVX incorporates a four-range CVT which enables the tractor to move seamlessly from a standstill to its maximum speed of 50kph, while the ‘Active Stop’ function provides additional control and enables hillside stops without applying the brakes.

Power is provided by a highly-efficient 8.7 litre Case IH FPT engine which produces 367hp at 2000 rpm and a peak power output of 419hp, with peak torque of 1806Nm from 1400 - 1600 rpm. An engine brake is available for heavy transport applications. This flagship model incorporates a new 5" Heavy Duty Rear Axle, longer wheelbase, larger-diameter front and rear tyres, together with a new Case IH-produced front axle which improves suspended load capacity, ride, handling and traction.

“Case IH has more than a decade of experience in Continuously Variable Transmissions. They are part of the reason why Case IH has a truly global tractor range that delivers productivity and cost effectiveness in the widest range of applications and farming businesses,” states Paul Freeman, Product Specialist for Case IH UK. “Continuously Variable Transmissions are well-proven, reliable and help farming businesses to operate even more efficiently, while the Magnum CVX takes the concept a stage further by meeting the increasing demand from farmers for greater versatility in high-horsepower conventional tractors.

Case IH

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