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Winter Servicing Key To Modern Combine Harvesters’ Performance

Winter servicing of combine harvesters by an approved dealer with the experience, knowledge and equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently will pay for itself through increased performance, reliability and lower operating costs, according to Case IH.

“Harvest represents the culmination of the farm’s entire year’s work and in many cases combinable crops account for their total revenue, so maintaining the combine to the highest possible standard makes sound commercial sense. Trying to cut corners will ultimately prove a false economy,” states Case IH Product Specialist Paul Freeman.

Winter servicing of combine harvesters by an authorised dealer will pay dividends

Winter servicing of combine harvesters by an authorised dealer will pay dividends

Whilst the use of state-of-the-art electronic systems has dramatically increased the performance, output, reliability and comfort of modern combine harvesters Mr Freeman emphasises that it has also made correct servicing more important than ever to ensure they continue to operate to their full potential.

Case IH Axial-Flow® combines have the simplest mechanical configuration of any modern combine, providing them with a significant edge in terms of efficiency, performance and reliability, together with lower servicing requirements and maintenance costs,” Paul Freeman states. “However, they should always be serviced by an approved dealer, who will address any potential issues before they become a problem, install routine upgrades and

Whilst some owners may think that they can carry out the annual service themselves, or get the job done by a local mobile fitter, Matthew Pratt, After Sales Area Manager for Case IH, cautions that maintaining a modern combine correctly involves much more than just cleaning the machine, changing the oil and replacing the filters.
“A key part of the post-harvest servicing schedule that Case IH dealers carry out is to ensure that the power-plant, drive system and other mechanical components operate at optimum efficiency, but servicing and updating the combine’s electronic systems is now equally important, requiring specialist knowledge and equipment,” Mr Pratt emphasises.

“The Electronic Service Tool used by Case IH dealers enables any technical issues to be detected and rectified quickly, so the customer benefits from fast, efficient servicing, which minimises downtime and costs. During the service the dealer will also update all the on-board software, which will greatly optimise the combine’s operating efficiency, performance and working life, delivering a greater overall return on investment.”

“Combines that have been dealer-maintained have fewer call-outs during harvest, saving the customer significant downtime and cost at a critical time of the year. Regular servicing by the dealer will also create a detailed history for the machine, making it more attractive to a potential purchaser and enhancing its second-hand value.”

The Case IH Axial-Flow® range currently includes six models, the 5130, 6130 and 7130 from 299 – 415hp, together with the 7230, 8230 and 9230 from 449 – 571hp. The range incorporates a new cab which creates the ultimate in operator environment, together with cutting-edge unloading technology that includes a folding auger and industry-exclusive pivoting spout option to improve trailer filling accuracy.

Case IH

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