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New Hoofcare Spraymat Arrives in the UK

The very first new Hoofcare SprayMat in the UK will be demonstrated at the RUAS Winter Fair in Belfast on Thursday, December 12.

Developed by Vink, a Dutch family firm, the latest Hoofcare Spraymat hits all the right spots to keep dairy cows fit on their feet. Cows crossing the Hoofcare SprayMat automatically have their hooves sprayed with clean liquid.

Vink Hoofcare SprayMat

Vink Hoofcare SprayMat

The mat, which requires almost no maintenance, can be left in a permanent position, for example at the entry or exit from a milking parlour or robotic milker.

The new version of the Vink Hoofcare SprayMat is being demonstrated by the Agrihealth team on stand 109 in Pavilion 1 beside the King’s Hall during the Winter Fair.

Practical as ever the Vink engineers have produced a product which;

Ensures every hoof is disinfected several times a week.

Plays a key role in keeping contagious foot diseases at bay.

Makes best use of hoof care products
Suits all milking systems, parlour or robotic.

Medication does not get contaminated
Saves your time and effort.

Medication is consistently applied to the correct areas of bovine hooves.

Following the Winter Fair this 2014 version of the Vink Hoofcare Spraymat becomes available nationwide. For details of UK stockists contact Agrihealth Freephone 0800 731 2490


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