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Prima Tech Drenchers Keep On Working

Prima Tech cattle drenchers that keep on working and keep on delivering the right amount of drench take pride of place on the Agrihealth RUAS Winter Fair stand in Belfast on Thursday, December 12.

Made in the USA by Prima Tech of North Carolina these drenchers let you choose your angle, be it floating hook, angled or hooked, to best suit your cattle and your livestock handling system.

Prima Tech Drencher

hooked 70ml drench

“These drenchers are an investment in cutting waste so saving on your animal health products bill and, above all, in ensuring every animal gets the correct dose every time,” says Lisa Rumsfeld of Prima Tech global sales team.

“Durable, easily cleaned and serviced Prima Tech drenchers are simple to adjust using a ‘dial a dose’ selector window and have high flow valving to handle thick products.”

This award winning company founded in 1996 not only supplies the huge feed lots of North American, but family farms across Europe.

“No matter if it is 20 or 2000 cattle being dosed the aimed is the same. To keep the job simple and to keep on giving stock the right amount of drench,” added Lisa.


“With stainless steel nozzles and a global reputation as a long lasting, value for money product a Prima Tech drencher is an investment in better livestock farming.”

Agrihealth distribute the entire range of Prime Tech products across the UK and RoI including cattle and sheep drenchers, bottle mounted vaccinators and vaccinators with tubing. All farmer tested and designed to protect animal performance and farm profits.

For further information visit the Agrihealth Winter Fair stand or browse www.agrihealth.co.uk

Prima Tech

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