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Cubicle Lime Spreader On Show

Following on from the success of their Vink Bedding Spreader this innovative Dutch dairy equipment company has developed a lime spreader for cubicle houses.

On show for the first time in the UK at the RUAS Winter Fair in Belfast on Thursday, December 12 the Vink Lime Spreader can cover 100 cubicles in five minutes.

Vink Lime Spreader

Vink Lime Spreader

Like the Vink Bedding Spreader this plastic lime spreader is powered by a cordless drill so that the material is applied evenly. If a 100g of lime is applied per cubicle one fill of this over shoulder spreader will bed approx 120 cubicles.

Vink Lime Spreader

Vink Lime Spreader in Action

Again, like the Vink Bedding Spreader, both time and material are saved in doing an essential chore more effectively.

Dust is no problem with the Vink spreaders as the material is thrown just above floor level to the side and backwards away from the operator. Most common makes of cordless drills can be used with farmers in the Netherlands commenting very favourable on these simple, yet efficient Vink machines.

Cubicles are evenly covered and the machine mixes and spreads in one single movement with an adjustable outlet to match output to material used.

Displayed at the Agrihealth stand, no 209, in pavilion one at the King’s Hall complex the Vink Lime Spreader costs £136.


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