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Vink Calving Aid is a Boon to Farmers

A unique single handed calving aid that cannot slip is proving a winner for Dutch company Vink and for farmers faced with a difficult calving.

The pivoting fork design with side holding bars over the cow’s rump means the Vink Calving Aid cannot slip off when pulling commences yet can be moved sideways up to 30 degrees. Thus there is no need for a second pair of hands to hold this calving aid in place.

Vink Calving Aid

Vink Calving Aid

In a normal presentation with the calf coming front feet first the Vink Calving Aid can be used to apply a 150kg to 250kg maximum pull downwards. If the calf is coming backwards the draw should be upwards and then in the direction of the udder.

A 10cm free-stroke feature means pulls and rests can be synchronised with the cow’s natural contractions so blood flow to the calf is not restricted. Equally important, tension can be instantly released with a single push of the lever.


The Vink Calving Aid, manufactured entirely from stainless steel with a choice of either a 1.6m or 1.8 m shaft, can be supplied as a heavy duty model for larger continental cattle. A zig zag version that pulls each leg 5cm to 8cm in turn is also available.

An investment that could last a farming lifetime this Vink Calving Aid not only saves the lives of cows and calves, but reduces the risk of serious injury to a farmer’s back.


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