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Tow Law Sale of Store Cattle and Suckled Calves

Hexham & Northern Marts held their traditional ‘Tow Law’ sale of Store Cattle and Suckled Calves on Thursday 31st October, the majority of which were consigned from noted commercial beef cattle herds within Weardale and the surrounding area.

A nice catalogue of 581 were presented, the main body of the sale comprising of top quality suckled calves at 10-12 months of age. This important sale attracted a good crowd of regular Hexham buyers to the ringside but in addition this number was swelled by a contingent of historical buyers from the old Tow Law Mart days and swelled further by several new faces attracted by the quality on offer.

Hexham Mart Store Cattle Sale Ring

Hexham Mart Store Cattle Sale Ring

Prior to the sale the traditional show was held and this year was kindly sponsored by James Heaton of Yorkshire Bank and Jock Baxter of Zoetis Animal Health and was ably judged by Michael Swann, Little Ouseburn, York and assisted by the youngest judge ever to preside over a show at this centre; his young son Lee at only eight years of age.

Following several strong preliminary classes featuring over twenty cattle Mr Swann awarded The H H Mews Memorial Cup to the champion store beast; a Simmental cross bred heifer at 17 months from Julie & Gordon Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange. Master Swann then awarded The Colin Mitchelson Memorial Plate & The Perpetual Trophy to the champion suckled calf; a Limousin cross bred heifer at 12 months from The Reed Family, West Biggens and the reserve champion award to a steer of the same breed from the same home.

For the first time since the sale moved to this centre the auctioneers took the decision to award a Supreme Championship award to bring both champions together in direct competition. After a lengthy period of reflection and consideration the senior of the two judges took the lead and gave Top Honours on the day to the heifer halter led by regular consignor and well known face on the show cattle circuit Mrs Julie Sedgewick, Aycliffe, County Durham.

The typically coloured chocolate and white Simmental cross heifer behaved impeccably in the show ring, led and walked perfectly and showed tremendous potential for either of the two routes that such a top quality female may follow. When paraded in the sale ring at Midday the beast attracted a hushed air of attention with a number of young farmers competition entrants still looking to make a purchase. With bidding quickly surpassing many such budgets the heifer was finally knocked down at £1420 to a telephone bidder intent on putting her to the bull.

The Champion calf from Messrs Reed, also a heifer with great breeding potential being bred from a Blue cross cow attracted similar interest and topped off a great autumn sales season for brothers John & Michael Reed at this centre selling for £1300 to the judge.

With the renowned October cattle sales at Hexham drawing to a close the entire entry at this sale enjoyed a flying trade from start to finish with many yearling steers exceeding £1200 per head and heifers selling at £1000 and more. With such a successful days trading behind them the auctioneers are happy to report an increase on the sale average of £125 per head on the year ensuring all vendors, without exception went home happy.

Leading Prices;
Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers – £1455 & £1430 High Wiserley, £950 Quarry House
Limousin x heifers – £1250 High Wiserley, £1185 Lowfield, £1080 High Wiserley
Blonde x heifers - £1155 Lowfield
Simmental x heifers - £1420 Ricknall Grange
Angus x steers – £1230 High Wiserley (x2)

Cattle 11 – 16 Months
Limousin x steers – £1600 & £1480 Ricknall Grange, £1220 High Wiserley & Rogerley Hall, £1215, £1210 & £1205 Rogerley Hall, £1200 Rogerley Hall (x5) & West Biggens, £1170 Ricknall Grange, £1160 West Biggens, £1155 Ricknall Grange, £1150 High Wiserley, £1145 West Biggens, £1140 Quarry House & Allergill, £1125 Allergill, £1120 West Biggens & Rosehill, £1110 West Biggens, £1100 Allergill & West Biggens (x2), £1070 Quarry House & High Wiserley

Limousin x heifers – £1300 West Biggens, £1070 Rogerley Hall, £1060 & £1055 Allergill, £1040 West Biggens, £1030 Rogerley Hall, £1025 West Biggens, £1020 Ricknall Grange, £1000 Rogerley Hall (x2), £990 Ouston, £985 Quarry House, £955 Crowhall, £950 Allergill, £930 Rogerley Hall, £910 West Morralee, £900 Harwood Shield & Rogerley Hall
British Blue x steers – £1135 Harwood Shield, £1065 Crowhall, £900 The Laws

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers – £1150 Allotment, £1130 Crowhall, £1080 Allotment, £1065 West Biggens, £1055 Baal Hill, £1040 The Laws, £1035 Dyke Nook, £1020 West Biggens, £1010 Quarry House, £1005 & £1000 Baal Hill, £980 Crowhall & Baal Hill (x2), £970 Allotment, £960 West Biggens & Baal Hill (x2), £955 Baal Hill (x2), £950 Ouston (x2), Baal Hill (x4) & Nilston Rigg, £945 Crowhall

Limousin x heifers – £995 Ricknall Grange, £970 Allotment, £960 West Biggens, £920 Quarry House, West Biggens & Allotment, £900 Crowhall & Baal Hill, £880 Allenshields, £845 & £830 West Biggens, £810 & £805 Crowhall, £800 Low Huntwell & Baal Hill, £795 Baal Hill, £790 Allotment, Ouston & Nilston Rigg, £780 Crowhall (x2) & Baal Hill (x2), £770 Allotment & Nilston Rigg, £765 West Mill Hills & Mains Rigg
British Blue x steers – £1200 Harwood Shield, £940 West Morralee (JAB)
Saler x steers - £860 & £815 Mains Rigg

Hexham & Northern Marts

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