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Aberdeen Angus Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
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usa   aaa logo American Angus Association  
  The first great herds of Angus beef cattle in America were built up by purchasing stock directly from Scotland. Twelve hundred cattle alone were imported, mostly to the Midwest, in a period of explosive growth between 1878 and 1883. Over the next quarter of a century these early owners, in turn, helped start other herds by breeding, showing, and selling their registered stock.
ireland   irish angus cattle society Irish Angus Cattle Society  
  The Irish Angus Cattle Society was established in 1967, having as its primary objective the
development and improvement of the breed in Ireland.
united kingdom     Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society  
  The Aberdeen-Angus breed was developed in the early part of the 19th century from the polled and predominantly black cattle of North east Scotland known locally as "doddies" and "hummlies".

More Aberdeen Angus Bred Beef Cattle Needed 2017-Aug-23
Aberdeen Angus Quality Beef Ltd (AAQB) currently needs more members as demand for Aberdeen Angus sired cattle is strong with a 40p a kilo premium paid on 'in spec' cattle.

Aberdeen Angus Bulls to 3,000gns at Dungannon 2017-Apr-21
Aberdeen Angus bulls were in short supply at the native breeds show and sale, hosted by Dungannon Farmers’ Mart on Tuesday 18th April 2017.

New Year Marks Staff Changes at Angus Society 2016-Jan-29
The New Year marks some changes for the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society in terms of staff development and new positions.

Aberdeen-Angus Females Lead Carlisle at 8000gns 2015-Oct-09
Aberdeen-Angus females were in demand at Carlisle on Friday 2nd October for the Society sale, which also featured a few headline reduction sale offerings.

Angus Society welcomes Neil Caul as Assistant Secretary 2013-Dec-16
The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society has announced the appointment of Neil Caul as the Society’s assistant breed secretary.

south africa   south african angus South African Angus  
  The first importation of Angus into South Africa was in 1895. In 1910 an Aberdeen-Angus bull won the main prize at the Johannesburg show as "The sire best calculated to getting beef cattle".
united kingdom   aaf
The Aberdeen Angus Federation of England
  Dedicated to promoting Aberdeen Angus farmers, Aberdeen Angus cattle and pure-bred, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef, the acknowledged best-tasting beef that money can buy.
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