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Bellingham Suckled Calf Sale

Hexham & Northern Marts held their traditional ‘Bellingham’ sale for spring born suckled calves on Thursday 24th October 2013 and offered a catalogued entry of 1116 head.

Prior to the sale the show was kindly sponsored by Carrs-Billington Agriculture, The Limousin Cattle Society, John Warren ABP Ltd and Zoetis Animal Health and was expertly judge by brothers Leo & Andrew Moralee, Blackburn Farm, Langley Park.

Champion was a Belgian Blue cross Steer from Amanda Waugh, Moss House, Coanwood

Champion a British Blue cross Steer from Amanda Waugh, Moss House, Coanwood

A fine entry of show calves were put before the judges, Thirty-eight in total being the largest show entry seen this autumn and every calf was a real credit to its owner.

Pens of four calves were judged and Featherwood partners took the award for the best pen of steer calves with 4 well grown, black limousin cross calves whilst Messrs Johnson, West Wharmley took the rosette for the best pen of heifers with 4 great Charolais cross types.

From four strong individual calf classes the judges selected their Overall Champion from the first prize winners and their worthy Champion was a British Blue cross Steer from Amanda Waugh, Moss House, Coanwood who was presented with the Michael Walton Challenge Cup. The steely blue bullock at just short of ten months of age was a great example of the breed with tremendous shape, a great top line and fabulous width for such a young beast all combined with plenty of bone suggesting the bullock will easily grow into a huge weight bearing finished animal. The beast later went on to sell for £1250 to Gordon Amos, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

The reserve champion rosette was awarded to Eric and Mark Armstrong, Harlow Bower, Whitfield for their smart Limousin cross bred heifer out of a British Blue Cross Cow and with a great number of young farmers purchasing calves for the over wintering competition this one went on to sell for a noteworthy £1110 to Miss Lucy Corner a member of Elwick Young Farmers and a well know young lady on the show circuit and at the Hexham ringside.

Besides the show a tremendous entry of commercial suckled calves, many being hill bred were presented before a packed ring of buyers including many YFC members all keen to buy their competition calves. As well as these enthusiastic young people a crowd gathered from all over the UK to compete for these cattle and it was a crowd largely made up of faces only seen at this ring once a year for this special sale. A great number of cattle, both steers and heifers were sold in excess of £1000 and with some great examples of Limousin, Charolais and British Blue sired cross bred calves on offer from five to eight months of age the auctioneers were pleased to report an increase on the sale average of £56 up on the figure in 2012.

Leading Prices;
Cattle 10 months and under

Charolais x steers – £1180 Colwell Demesne, £1130 West Wharmley, £1120, £1045 & £1040 Colwell Demesne, £1010 Beacon Rigg, £1000 The Raw, £990 Colwell Demesne, £980 Wydon, £965 Colwell Demesne, £940 The Laws, £930 & £920 The Raw, £910 Beacon Rigg, Crowhall & Wydon, £905 Beacon Rigg, £900 Ridley Farm, £890 The Laws & The Raw, £880 Ridley Farm & West Wharmley, £875 Wydon, £870 The Laws & Wydon, £865 (x2) Colwell Demesne, £860 Beacon Rigg & The Raw, £850 Ridley Farm, The Raw & West Wharmley, £845 Ridley Farm & West Wharmley, £840 Crowhall & Wydon, £830 (x2) Beacon Rigg, £820 & £810 (x2) The Raw, £800 West Wharmley

Charolais x heifers - £1090 West Wharmley, £930 Colwell Demesne, £840 The Raw & West Wharmley, £830 Colwell Demesne & West Wharmley, £825 Wydon, £815 Ridley Farm, £800 The Laws & The Raw, £790 The Raw, £785 Ridley Farm & West Wharmley, £780 (x3) The Raw, £760 The Laws & The Raw

Limousin x steers – £1110 Sanders Close, £1080 Linacres, £1070 Cleughfoot, £1060 Toft House (DW), £980 Harlow Bower, £970 Chirdon, £960 Cleughfoot, The Laws & Hole Farm, £955 Featherwood & Lea Hill, £950 Hepburn, £930 Batey Shield, Harlow Bower & Dale House, £925 Lea Hill, £915 Nilston Rigg, £910 Featherwood & Dale House, £905 Featherwood & Cleughfoot, £900 Pitland Hills & Willimoteswick, £890, Hepburn, Featherwood, Nilston Rigg, Cleughfoot, Willimoteswick (x2), Linacres & Lea Hill, £880 Featherwood (x2), Nilston Rigg, Willimoteswick (x2), Dale House & Hole Farm, £875 Hesleywell, £870 Harlow Bower, Nilston Rigg & Crowhall (x2), £865 Cleughfoot, The Laws, Dale House & Harewalls, £860 Featherwood, Nilston Rigg, Pitland Hills, Chirdon, Dale House, Dene House & Hole Farm, £855 Bridgeford, £850 Hepburn, Hesleywell (x2), Bridgeford, Nilston Rigg & Willimoteswick, £845 (x3) Crowhall, £840 Hepburn, Harlow Bower, Cleughfoot, Dene House & Hole Farm, £835 Blackhalls, £830 Quickening Cote (JWR), Hepburn, Willimoteswick (x2), Stone Stile, Wydon, £825 Hesleywell & Mains Rigg, £820 Hepburn (x2), Beacon Rigg, Willimoteswick & Evistones

Limousin x heifers – £1110 Harlow Bower, £1080 Hole Farm, £1070 The Laws, £1000 Dale House, £960 Harlow Bower & Willimoteswick, £950 Cleughfoot & Crowhall, £930 Hole Farm & Blackhalls, £870 Hepburn & Crowhall, £850 Cleughfoot & Moss House, £820 Waite Farm, £800 Dene House, £790 Cleughfoot & Linacres, £785 Harewalls, £780 Hole Farm, £770 Crowhall & Allensgreen, £765 Harlow Bower, Cleughfoot & Lea Hill, £760 Dene House, £755 Bridgeford, Pitland Hills & Willimoteswick, £750 Dale House, £740 Cleughfoot, Yatesfield, Hole Farm & Willimoteswick

British Blue x steers - £1250 Moss House, £920 Penpeugh, £900 Chirdon, Willimoteswick & Penpeugh, £870 Willimoteswick & Penpeugh, £860 & £850 Willimoteswick, £840 Penpeugh & Crowhall, £820 Willimoteswick & Penpeugh, £810 Penpeugh, £800 Willimoteswick, £780 Beacon Rigg

British Blue x heifers - £1130 Chirdon, £1060 Beacon Rigg, £1020 Moss House, £920 Chirdon, £880, £850 & £840 Willimoteswick, £800 Moss House, £790 (x2) & £785 Willimoteswick, £750 Chirdon

Angus x steers – £800 (x2) Shilmoor (DLW) & (JC), £845 Ridley Farm, £835 Yatesfield, £830 Shilmoor (DLW), £820 Yatesfield, £790 & £785 Cottonshope, £780 Ridley Farm, £745 Yatesfield, £740 Quickeningcote (DWW), Shilmoor (JC) & The Laws

Angus x heifers - £860 Yatesfield, £630 Cottonshope, £580 Wydon, £565 Shilmoor (JC), £560 Quickeningcote (JWR)

Simmental x steers – £650 Chesterhope, £640 Mill Hill

Saler x steers - £750 & £645 Mains Rigg

Hexham & Northern Marts

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