Busy Day at Hexham Mart

On Friday 17th January Hexham and Northern marts held their Prize Store Cattle Show together with a Suckler Dispersal, a pedigree Dutch Texel Dispersal along with the regular Store Lambs and Cull Ewes.

The Hexham New Year Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle and Suckled Calves offered a catalogued entry of 445 head. Prior to the sale the show was kindly sponsored by Blackshaws Mitsubishi Dealerships with showrooms in Morpeth and Alnwick and represented on this day by Will Blackshaw.

Champion pictured with Collen Macdonald Light Birks vendor, and judge Robert Gray Low Hall Amble 

Champion pictured with Collen Macdonald Light Birks vendor, and judge Robert Gray Low Hall Amble 

Presiding as master judge was Northumbrian Coastal cattleman Mr Robert Gray, Low Hall, Amble who was faced with a small but select entry of cattle in four classes, all of which were a credit to their owners. Cattle were presented in the show classes from all over our region and further-a-field from noted producers in both Cumbria and Dumfrieshire and the judge commented on the outstanding quality of the animals on the day.

Prize Show

Steer 18 months and over
First      High Loveladyshield
Second High Loveladyshield
Third     Hay A Park

Heifer 18 months and over
First      Hard Riding

Steer under 18 months
First      Isle of Dalton
Second Stotsfold
Third    Stotsfold

Heifer under 18 months
First      Light Birks
Second Comb Hills
Third    High Loveladyshield

Overall Champion – M/s JC&C MacDonald, Light Birks (British Blue Heifer)
Reserve Champion –
M/s A Ewart & Son, Isle of Dalton (Limousin)

From his four class winners the judge quickly drew these down to his two favourites; the steer and heifer winners of the younger aged classes both of which were tremendous examples of commercial suckler cattle. With due consideration of both animals it was the heifer that the judge tapped out as Overall Champion; a sublime British Blue cross-bred heifer from Colleen MacDonald, Light Birks, Haydon Bridge that was always destined for the Hexham show ring since displaying outstanding potential from an early age. The Black and White mottled heifer was exceptionally quiet and a firm favourite with the entire family at Light Birks; well known for quality cattle sold through this centre on a regular basis and this one their best to date that would easily excel in either a breeding or feeding enterprise.

Standing a worthy Reserve Champion was a terrific black Limousin cross steer at just 12 months of age from father and son team; Alistair and Logan Ewart, Isle of Dalton, Lockerbie showing at this centre for the first time having purchased top quality breeding cattle in recent years from the Hexham ring. The 7/8 bred Limmy steer displayed tremendous potential with shape-a-plenty and a great top line just pipped to the top accolade by the marginally older heifer.

Both prize winners were brought forward at 12 noon into a full auditorium with buyers and onlookers alike gripped with anticipation to discover if the judges earlier awards would be mirrored in the prices achieved. This was to be the case as the heifer; fancied by many as a suckler replacement sold for £1320 to regular buyers at this centre; Stokesley based father and son Les & Jonathan Bainbridge, Seamer whilst the steer quickly travelled to settle at £1280 selling to the judge and noted bullock finisher Mr Gray.

The company would like to thank all involved with the show; sponsors, judge and all exhibitors without whom such an event would not take place nor would it be the worthy spectacle that so many turn out to see unfold.

With the show taken care of a useful catalogue of cattle were presented including over 120 head of native breed cattle for the monthly special sale of such sorts and a good crowd of buyers were in attendance including a number of new purchasers attending this market for the first time.

Trade set off at a pace and was literally maintained at a high level throughout the duration of the sale with demand for the best end; for all native types and also for the youngest age bracket of cattle dearer than has been seen for many months. The sale was topped at £1500 by an outstanding British Blue cross bred heifer at 20 months of age from John Moralee, Hard Riding, Bardon Mill that courted huge attention on the day to be taken home by Willie and Stewie Weatherson, Edges Green as a suckler herd replacement as was the next best from the same home at £1380. Messrs Moralee were well rewarded for an outstanding pen of 6 heifers, all at the same age which averaged £1345 throughout.

Bullock trade was also sharper and these peaked at £1285 for a 16 month old Limousin cross bullock from Messrs Nixon, Stotsfold, Hexhamshire that lead their run of ten outstanding and well-bred steers that averaged £1177 throughout at 14-17 months of age.

Alston based Messrs Athey of High Loveladyshield came down to Hexham with quite simply one of the best runs of cattle to be seen on Tyne Green for several years. The quality of the cattle was evident by the starting bids for each lot and competition was fierce to take home some of the exceptional breeding that truly was a credit to the family. The first two bullocks reached £1250 each with the next two lots following at £1240 to see a run of ten return at £1183 with the best of four heifer sisters then cashing at £1160 and £1155 to complete a great days business for Messrs Athey.

The native breed portion of the sale also sold well and saw Angus steers sell to £1230 twice for Dennis Burn, Aydonshields and heifers at the same age sell to £1165 for a pen of three by noted Rawburn sires from John Robson & Sons, Hepple Whitefield, Rothbury.

The youngest class of cattle were also in great demand with many calves at ten months of age and younger far outselling vendors expectations. Ridley and David Milburn, Wallend brought a super pen of 15 calves from Greenhead to Hexham and these peaked at £1060 for a smart and shapely bullock with their best pen of four heifers at just 8-9 months selling for £885. A cracking lot of ¾ bred bullocks were presented by David and Sharon Robinson, Hawksteel, Allendale that had been the subject of many positive comments on social media prior to the sale and these peaked at £1040 for a pen of three super steers at 8 months with all 6 in their pen selling to average £1031 per head. Yet again a tremendous pen of Weardale calves were presented by Bruce Watson, Baal Hill, Wolsingham and his fancied steers travelled to £960 with heifers close behind at £945, twice.

Vendors that may wish to take advantage of the benefits of selling to the discerning ringside of suckler bred cattle buyers that gather at Hexham each week are urged to contact our auctioneers who will be delighted to advise on the best route to market your store cattle to maximise your returns.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers – £1215 Rare Dean, £1190 Lunns House, £1100 Snitter

Limousin x heifers - £1020 White House Matfen

British Blue x heifers - £1325 West Mill Hills, £1140 & £1050 Lee Hall

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x steers – £1225 Rare Dean, £1205 Kirkley March, £1195 & £1190 Hay A Park, £1170 White House Birtley, £1150 Low Staples, £1130 White House Birtley, £1120 Hay A Park, £1100 Kirkley March (x2), £1090 White House Birtley, £1070 & £1040 Kirkley March

Charolais x heifers – £1230 White House Birtley, £1105 Rare Dean, £1100 White House Birtley, £1095 Rare Dean, £960 West Deanraw

Limousin x steers – £1260, £1250 & £1240 (x2) High Loveladyshield, £1230 East Uppertown, £1220 & £1195 Lunns House, £1185 Comb Hills, £1175 East Uppertown, £1170 Sweethope (x2), £1160 Lunns House, £1150 Sweethope, £1120 East Uppertown, £1115 Stotsfold, £1100 & £1090 Sweethope, £1085 Ogle Dene & Kirkley Hall, £1070 Kirkley March, £1065 Kirkley March & Springwell Cottage, £1050 Low Staples, £1040 Springwell Cottage, £1010, £980 & £965 White House Burnhope

Limousin x heifers – £1370 & £1270 Hard Riding, £1260 Comb Hills, £1190 Hard Riding, £1170 Berwick Hill & Lee Hall, £1160 Lunns House & High Lovelady Shield, £1150 Lunns House & Lee Hall, £1140 Lunns House, £1120 Lee Hall, £1100 & £1090 Lunns House, £1085 Sweethope & East Loanend, £1080 White House Matfen & East Loanend, £1075 Lee Hall & Sweethope, £1070 White House Matfen (x2), £1055 Lee Hall, £1050 White House Matfen, £1045 Berwick Hill & Lee Hall, £1030 Lee Hall, £1005 Lunns House & Lee Hall, £995 & £990 Lee Hall

Blonde x heifers – £935 High Wooley

British Blue x steers - £1125 Hay A Park, £1040 Ogle Dene, £985 Woodlands

British Blue x heifers – £1500, £1380 & £1360 Hard Riding, £1320 & £1305 Light Birks

Simmental x steers – £1185 & £1165 Hay A Park, £1080 & £1050 Peddar Hil, £1040 Hay A Park, £1010 Hay A Park & Peddar Hill

Angus x steers -£1230 (x2) & £1205 Aydonshields, £1200 & £1190 Springwell, £1185 East Uppertown, £1180 Springwell, £1170 Springwell & Sunniside, £1155 Springwell, £1150 Sunniside, £1130 Springwell, £1105 Lee Hall, £1100 Springwell (x2) & Sunniside, £1080 Springwell, £1070 Raggetsyke, £1040 Springwell, £970Hedley Park

Angus x heifers – £1165 & £1100 Hepple Whitefield, £1080 Berwick Hill & Hepple Whitefield, £1070, £1060 & £1055 Berwick Hill, £1045 & £985 Hepple Whitefield

Beef Shorthorn steers - £1095 & £1085 Peddar Hill, £1035 & £985 Hedley Park

Beef Shorthorn heifers - £935 Hedley Park

Shorthorn steers - £1090 Hay A Park

Parthenaise x steers - £965 Woodlands

Hereford x steers - £1165, £1140 (x2) & £1120 Hay A Park, £1110 Watergate & Hay A Park, £1060 Hay A Park, £1040 Brackenthwaite, £1000 Hay A Park

Hereford x heifers - £1040 & £920 High Wooley

Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Charolais x steers – £960 East Fourstones

Limousin x steers – £1285 Stotsfold, £1280 Isle of Dalton, £1220, £1205. £1190 & £1185 Stotsfold, £1170, £1155, £1150, £1130 & £1120 High Lovelady Shield, £1085 High Alderheads & Stotsfold, £1070 High Alderheads, £1060 East Loanend & Wallend, £1030 High Alderheads & East Loanend, £1020 Isle of Dalton, £1000 Ogle Dene, Wallend & Woodlands, £990 High Alderheads, East Loanend & Woodlands, £980 Wallend, £950 Ogle Dene & Lee Hall

Limousin x heifers – £1216 Comb Hills, £1155 & £1090 High Lovelady Shield, £1080 Stotsfold, £1060 High Lovelady Shield, £1035 Stotsfold, £1020 Raggetsyke, £1010 & £975 Middle Horsleyhope, £965 & £960 Wallend, £930 East Loanend

Blonde x steers – £1255 Brownsleazes

Blonde x heifers – £1160, £1120 & £1080 Brownsleazes

British Blue x steers – £950 Ogle Dene

Angus x steers – £1100 Sunniside, £1080 Hedley Park, £995 Acton, £950 Brackenthwaite, £945 Acton

Angus x heifers - £1040, £1020 & £940 Lee Hall

Cattle 10 months and under

Charolais x steers – £900 Errington Red House, £890 East Flass & Errington Red House

Limousin x steers – £1060 Wallend, £1040 & £1030 Hawksteel, £1020 Hawksteel (x2) & Edges Green, £1000 Edges Green, £980 Wallend & Edges Green, £960 Haggate (x2) & Baal Hill, £945 West End Town, £930 Wallend & West End Town, £915 Errington Red House

Limousin x heifers – £945 (x2) & £925 Baal Hill, £885 Wallend

British Blue x steers – £955 Waite Farm, £950 Edges Green & Waite Farm

Angus x steers – £890 Littlebeck

Black Heddon Breeding Cattle Dispersal

The company were delighted to have been instructed to disperse the herd of in-calf suckler cows from Robert Bradbury, Black Heddon, Lowick, North Northumberland. The herd looked very well stood in the Hexham pens and a crowd of buyers from across the region gathered to compete for the well-known commercial herd.

The sale peaked at £1620 twice, both British Blue cross cows, both 2013 born carrying their 4th calves and both due to a good pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull. Both these lots sold to the same Tyne Valley based purchaser and led the load of 20 quality cows which sold to average £1331 per head for Mr Bradbury, well worth the trip from the North of the County to the Hexham ring.

To complete a super days trading the Black Heddon Hereford stock bull “Romany 1 Nirvarna” bred by M/s Wilson, Cowbog, Kelso sold to an eager crowd and realised 3400 guineas selling to a near neighbour. The company would like to thank Mr Bradbury for entrusting the sale to us and wish him well for the future.

Aberdeen Angus - £1380, £1320 £1300

British Blue - £1620 (x2) £1480, £1460, £1420 £1380, £1340

Simmental - £1420, £1400 £1380

Hereford Bull – 3400gns


Newhill Dutch Texel Flock Dispersal

The company conducted a complete dispersal of the “Newhill” Flock of Pedigree Dutch Texel females on behalf of renowned local flockmaster Alan Walker, Newbiggin Hill, Hexham. Potential customers travelled from the Scottish Borders, Cumbria and North Yorkshire to compete for the quality forward on offer which saw in-lamb stock ewes peak at 800gns, gimmers topped at 520gns and ewe hoggs by the outstanding Y De Bruyne sire change hands at a top of 340gns to complete a satisfactory days trading for Mr Walker whom the company wish to thank for entrusting this important sale to Hexham and Northern Marts

Ewes – 800gns, 540gns, 480gns, 420gns
Gimmers – 520gns, 500gns, 400gns (x2)
Hoggs – 340gns, 300gns


Cast Ewes

A large show present in front of usual buyers. Topping the sale was a Dutch Texel ewe from M/s J Lee & Son, Agars Hill making £132. Mules easily cashed topping at £99 for seven from M/s JT Lee & Son, Hackford. Blackface ewes topped at £89 from M/s J Hunter & Son, The Steel.

Texel - £122 Townfoot, £120 Longshaws, £114 Rosebrough, £110 Hackford & Bulls Hill, £109 Watch Hill, £100 Townfoot, £91 Follions, £90 Longshaws, Bulls Hill, Nilston Rigg & Rosebrough, £88 Cross House, £85 Thornley Pit House, £82 Greenchesters

Texel x – £125 Nunwick, £120 Hard Riding, £117 Hackford, £116 Watch Hill, £115 Townfoot, £112 Hard Riding, £110 East Matfen, £109 Merryshields, £108 Old Forge, £106 New Houses & Brinkburn Newhouses, £102 Nilston Rigg & Nunwick, £100 Crescent Farm, Nilston Rigg, Brinkburn Newhouses & Nunwick, £99 Crowhall & Kirkley Hall, £98 Follions, £97 New Dotland, £95 Nettlesworth West, £92 Crescent Farm, £90 Watch Hill, Great Chesters, Greenchesters (x2), Nunwick & Waite Farm, £89 Longshaws, Shaftoe Moor & Lodge Farm, £88 Watch Hill & Ridley Farm, £87 Bankfoot, £86 Gunnerton Demesne

Dutch Texel x - £132, £106 & £80 Agars Hill

Suffolk - £110 Rosebrough, £80 Steel Hall

Suffolk x – £120 Grange House, £116 Brinkburn Newhouses, £114 Grange House, £108 Crescent Farm, £99 Lodge Farm, £93 Brinkburn Newhouses, £92 Merryshields, £84 Gunnerton Demesne

Beltex x - £114 New Houses, £104 Blakelaw, £94 New Houses

Leicester - £100 The Steel & Penpeugh, £90 Hackford, £88 Hackford & Lowes Fell, £84 North Churchlands, £80 Lowes Fell, £76 Penpeugh

Cheviot – £96 Crowhall, £90 Brinkburn Newhouses, £89 Steel Hall

Cheviot Mule – £112 Nunwick, £98 Lowes Fell, £96 Nunwick

Mule – £99 Hackford, £98 Shitlington Hall & The Steel, £95 Agars Hill, £974 Brinkburn Newhouses, £90 Crowhall, Hard Riding & New Dotland, £89 Hackford & Nunwick, £87 Crescent Farm, £86 Lowes Fell & Blakelaw, £85 Great Chesters, £82 Steel Hall & Dene House, £81 Great Chesters, £80 East Matfen

Blackface – £89 The Steel, £82 New Dotland, £72 Shitlington Hall, £71 Townfoot, £70 Carrick & Lowes Fell, £64 & £63 Great Chesters

Swaledale – £56 & £50 East Unthank

Shetland - £37 Grange Farm

Crossbred - £89 Steel Hall, £72 Grange Farm


Store Hoggs

All classes of store hoggs dearer on the week. Overall average just shy of £76

Topping the sale was a great pen of 10 Texel hoggs from Mrs BD Milburn, Butterknowes making £114

M/s J Green & Sons, Follions had hoggs to £110 with a pen of 34 making £109. Smaller end of the hoggs very easily cashed with Blackfaces regularly over £60

Many buyers went home short of requirements. More needed to meet demand. please get in contact with Jack Walton for entries and enquiries 07739 440 457

Texel x - £114 Butterknowes, £110 Follions, £109 Follions & Butterknowes, £107 Butterknowes, £104 West Kirkheaton, £101 Watch Hill, £100 Butterknowes, £99 Yetlington Lane & West Kirkheaton, £98.50 Butterknowes, £95.50 Armond Carr, £95 Fell Lane, £93.50 Armond Carr, £90 Watch Hill, £89.50 Duddo Hill, £88.50 West Kirkheaton, £88 Cockhall (x2), Fell Lane, South Gunnerton & Watch Hill, £87.50 West Kirkheaton & Lee Hall, £87 Causey Burn, £86 Lodge House, £85.50 Broom House, £85 Little Swinburne, £84 Cockhall, Elrington Hall, Waite Farm, Grange House & Lodge Farm, £83.50 China Hall & Dene House, £82.50 Lea Well & Bankfoot, £82 Hackford & China Hall

Dutch Texel x - £83.50 & £75.50 Blakelaw

Suffolk x – £93.50 Piatroon, £92 Duddo Hill, £91 West Kirkheaton & Piatroon, £90.50 Lodge House, £84 Cooper House & Dene House, £83.50 Lodge House, £82.50 Duddo Hill, £82 Elrington Hall & Piatroon, £81 Lowes Fell, £80.50 Co-op Terrace, £80 Lodge House

Beltex x - £105 & £97 Hownsgill, £93 Little Swinburne, £91 Fell Lane & Hownsgill, £90 Rosebrough, £88 Little Swinburne (x2) & Watch Hill, £86 Little Swinburne, £85.50 Bavington Hill Head, £81 Yetlington Lane, £80.50 Bavington Hill Head, £80 China Hall

Leicester - £62 Tecket

Hampshire - £71 Broom House

Cheviot x - £87 Brieredge, £71Greenchesters, £64 Barrowburn, £62 North Churchlands

Mule – £88 East Unthank, £83 Holling Hill, £82 China Hall, £81 North Acomb, £77.50 Duddo Hill, £77 Holling Hill, £76 Hesket Farm, £75.50 Lowes Fell, £72 Blakelaw, £71 Duddo Hill, £69.50 Blakelaw, £69 White House Eastgate, £67 Black House, £66 Shitlington Hall, £64 Hackford, £61 Black House

Blackface – £79 Brieredge, £71 Featherwood, £63 Penpeugh, £62.50 Bellshiel & Featherwood, £62 Hepple Whitefield & Holling Hill, £61.50 Holling Hill, £51 Shitlington Hall, £50 Donkleywood

Swaledale - £78 Farneyshield, £68 Woodhall, £60 Farneyshield, £55 Woodhall

Hexham & Northern Marts

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