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Hexham Spring Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Suckled Calves

Hexham & Northern Marts held their Special Spring Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Suckled Calves over two days and saw great entries for both events.

Firstly the prize show was held on the evening of Thursday 6th March and this new format was only possible due to the substantial amount of sponsorship from a number of generous local businesses. The main sponsors of the show were Armstrong & Watson Accountants & Financial Advisors and the company were grateful to them and co-sponsors John Warren ABP Ltd, Yorkshire Bank, Cox Agri, Scott Mitchell & Associates Vets & Natural Stockcare.

Championship Honours went to Messrs R & MJ Lee of Harwood Shield with their British Blue x Steer

Championship Honours went to Messrs R & MJ Lee of Harwood Shield with their British Blue x Steer

An encouraging catalogue of Twenty-Eight spring born calves were brought out for show and put before expert judge for the evening Mr Jonathan Watson, Bowsden Moor, Berwick upon Tweed. The judge worked his way swiftly through the preliminary breed classes before being faced with his six outstanding first prize winning calves all vying to take home the Overall Championship. With a more difficult task in hand and a very high standard of calves lined up the judge gave every animal due consideration and was very thorough in the execution of his duties. With very little movement of animals in the line-up Mr Watson eventually stepped forward to tap his Overall Champion the first prize British Blue cross bred bullock from regular Hexham show ring Stalwart Micky Lee, Harwood Shield ably assisted, as ever by his two-man show team Michael Chalmers & Roger Nixon. The clean coloured black and white bullock at 11 months of age had looked sharp and stylish in the earlier classes and obviously caught the judge’s eye when stood alongside the other class leaders. It had a great top line, width and of course the shape for which the Blue sire has become renowned making it a worthy champion on the night for Messrs Lee who took home the John Davison Millenium Trophy.

With the two Limousin cross bred prize winners in his mind it was the heifer from Martyn Archer, Carry House and led by Malcolm Telfer that ascended to take the Reserve Champion Rosette. A smart red heifer at 9 months of age with bags of breeding potential this one had been expertly brought out for show and presented to perfection to stand alongside the Champion.

The final award of the evening was that for the best presented calf and the judge took one final look down the show lines before awarding this to a great jet black British Blue cross bred steer from Hexham regulars; father and son Nicky and Ian Robinson, Bog Hall, Capheaton. Having stood second to the Champion in the earlier breed class this huge bullock at just over 10 months was easily one of the heaviest calves shown on the night. It was the manner in which it had been presented and the obvious skill with which the animal had been dressed as well as the behaviour of the animal on the halter that led the judge to send the Robinson’s home with a little extra in their pocket.

Prize list & Prices;
Champion – BBx Steer, Harwood Shield, £1300 to Ian Grainger, Wigton,
Reserve – Limx Heifer, Carry House, £1120 to Cannon Hall Farms, Barnsley,

Charx Steer; 1st – Woodhead, £1400 to Ian Grainger, 2nd – West Wharmley, £1130 to Chester & Dale, York. 3rd – West Wharmley, £1120 to Chester & Dale.

Charx Heifer; 1st – West Wharmley, £1040 to Douglas Bailes, Hartlepool, 2nd – East Loanend, £1020 to Douglas Bailes.

British Blue x Steer; 1st – Champion, 2nd – Bog Hall, £1320 to Cannon Hall Farms, 3rd – Beamwham, £1040 to Douglas Bailes.

British Blue x Heifer; 1st – Harwood Shield, £1060 to John Walton, Wigton, 2nd – Chirdon, £1050 to John Walton.

Limousin x Steer; 1st – Glebe Farm, £1220 to Cannon Hall Farms, 2nd – Carry House, £1060 to Walter Dandie, Broxburn, 3rd – Harwood Shield, £1060 to Douglas Bailes.

Limousin x Heifer; 1st – Reserve Champion, 2nd – Glebe Farm, £1330 to Ian Grainger, 3rd – West Wharmley, £970 to Douglas Bailes.

Sale Report
After a successful evening show the auctioneers offered a great catalogue of 967 store cattle and suckled calves the next day, being one of the foremost sales of overwintered suckled calves seen anywhere in the country in the month of March.

As always the sale started with the older, forward type store cattle and yet again these sold to a sharp trade attracting increasing numbers of one-time breeder/finishers to sell their cattle in the Hexham store ring. Back to the store ring for a second week were the Scott Family, Low Leam, West Woodburn who again sold a nice run of heavy Blonde cross bullocks at 15-20 months which peaked at £1680 and average £1562, all but one of which sold to a regular Yorkshire based purchaser. Bishop Auckland based Walker Bros, Satley Farm also returned to this centre to top at £1580 and average £1426 for another great run of forward steers whilst Rothbury brothers Derek & Vin Milburn, Holling Hill brought forward another smashing run of 27 well-done cattle to top at £1510 for steers and £1340 for heifers, many of these bought as hill bred calves from this centre in the past. Ken Bell, West Throphill yet another finisher-turned-store consignor hit £1460 with a big black Limmy bullock and John Wilkinson, West Side, Staindrop went home happy, his run peaking at £1440 for a weighty Blonde cross steer.

Despite some tremendous prices for such short keep cattle the day belonged to the younger, yearling sorts; suckler bred calves many of which are top quality ¾ and 7/8 beef bred types for which this centre is renowned country-wide. Leading the charge for the cattle in the 11-12 month age bracket was a tremendous Lim x bullock from John Smith-Jackson, High Town which hit home at £1330 taken over the border to Broxburn by Messrs Dandie. Several top quality runs of these types sold exceptionally well including the annual consignments from Messrs Lee, Morley Hill who sold 44 cattle to figure highly in the averages, Messrs Lee, Agars Hill also enjoyed a buoyant trade as did Messrs Ward, Rogerley Hall, Weardale and Messrs Rutter, Burradon Mains, Coquetdale highlighting Hexham as a great hub in the North of England for the sale of such sought after calves. A number of new and long since seen return customers were welcomed to the mart by the auctioneers including; Messrs Scott, Corneyside; Messrs Proctor, Swarland Old Hall; and Messrs Sutherland, Ross Farm. Indeed a great display of cattle were a credit to all consignors on the day that are simply too numerous to mention.

Leading prices;
Cattle 30+ Months

Angus x heifers - £1180 Sunniside

Cattle 23 – 30 Months
Charolais x steers – £1580 Satley, £1430 Satley & Holling Hill, £1420 Sunniside, £1390 Holling Hill, £1370 Sunniside, £1290 Springwell, £1220 Lunns House
Charolais x heifers – £1160, £1150 & £1115 Springwell
Limousin x steers – £1510 & £1450 Holling Hill, £1420 West Throp Hill, £1390 Low Middleton, £1360 & £1340 Holling Hill, £1320 Rare Dean, £1275 Springwell, £1260 Lunns House, £1225 Springwell, £1210 Lunns House & Wingates South, £1100 Springwell & Corneyside
Limousin x heifers – £1340, £1230 & £1210 Holling Hill, £1190 Hard Riding, £1180 Holling Hill, £1130 Springwell, £1000 Rare Dean
Blonde x steers – £1580 & £1560 Low Leam, £1440 & £1300 Westside
British Blue x steers – £1350 Low Middleton
Simmental x heifers – £1000 East Moor
Angus x heifers - £1075 & £1060 Chesterwood
MRI Steers - £1100 Springwell

Cattle 17 – 22 Months
Charolais x steers – £1550 Satley, £1480 Whins Farm, £1470, £1370, £1360 & £1340 Satley, £1330 Whins Farm, £1310 Satley, £1305 Whins Farm, £1290 Rare Dean & Whins Farm (x2), £1280, £1270, £1255 (x2) & £1250 Whins Farm, £1240 Springwell & Whins Farm (x3), £1235 & £1220 Whins Farm
Charolais x heifers – £1210 (x2) & £1180 Holling Hill, £1160 Rare Dean & Holling Hill, £1155, £1145 & £1125 Holling Hill, £1120 Rare Dean & Holling Hill, £1050 Humber Hill, £1010 East Newham, £970 Humber Hill, £950 Glendue & Humber Hill
Limousin x steers – £1460 West Throp Hill, £1370 Westside, £1340 Lunns House, £1330 (x2) & £1310 Low Middleton, £1305 Wingates South, £1275 Denton Main, £1260 Midgeholme, £1250 Springwell, £1230 West Throp Hill & Midgeholme, £1220 Stone Hall, Wingates South, Brinkheugh & Rogerley Hall, £1210 Brinkheugh & Rogerley Hall, £1180 Stone Hall & Allendale Farm, £1175 South Healey, £1170 East Uppertown, £1150 Wingates South
Limousin x heifers – £12602 & £1230 Hard Riding, £1170 Rogerley Hall, £1140 Holling Hill, £1135 Hollin Close & Springwell, £1100 & £10902 Hallington High, £1080 Springwell, £1060 Hard Riding, £1040 Midgeholme, £1005 Airy Holm (x2), £1000 Holly Hill West, £990 Denton Main, £940 Airy Holm & Midgeholme (x2)
Blonde x steers – £1680, £1600, £1560 & £1500 Low Leam, £1210 Westside
British Blue x steers – £1250 Low Middleton
British Blue x heifers - £1300, £1100, £1060 & £1000 Hallington High
Simmental x heifers - £1020, £1000, £970 & £955 East Moor
Bazadaise x heifers – £985 Rusheylaw

Cattle 11 – 16 Months
Charolais x steers – £12810 & £1250 Rusheylaw, £1180 & £1170 West Shields, £1120 West Wharmley, £1110 West Shields, £1080 Ross Farm, £1000 West Shields
Charolais x heifers – £1250 & £1160 Rusheylaw, £1020 East Loanend, £1000 Rusheylaw, £905 & £865 (x2) West Shields
Limousin x steers – £1330 High Town, £1280 High Town & Harwood Shield, £1260 (x2) High Town, £1250 Rogerley Hall, £1220 Glebe Farm, £1210 (x2)Burradon Mains, £1205 Quarry House, £1200 Rogerley Hall & Morley Hill, £1195 Morley Hill, Burradon Mains & Quarry House, £1190 Denton Main, Ricknall Grange, Harwood Shield & Kirkhouse, £1180 Burradon Mains, £1170 Rogerley Hall, Burradon Mains (x2) & East Loanend
Limousin x heifers – £1330 Glebe Farm, £11440 High Town, £1120 Morley Hill & Quarry House, £1095 Quarry House, £1070 East Newham, £1040 Morley Hill, £1030 Agars Hill (x2) & Ricknall Grange, £1025 Rogerley Hall, £1020 East Newham, £1000 Morley Hill (x2), Harwood Shield, Longlea & Whiteside Haltwhistle, £985 Reaygarth & Edges Green, £970 Denton Main & West Wharmley, £960 Denton Main
Blonde x steers – £1550 & £1470 Low Leam
British Blue x steers – £1300 Harwood Shield, £1170 High Town, £1105, £1000 & £980 Agars Hill, £890 & £865 Kingswood
British Blue x heifers - £1055 & £990 Harwood Shield
Simmental x steers – £1115 Morley Hill
Simmental x heifers – £940 Morley Hill
Angus x steers – £1070 Ross Farm, £1050 East Uppertown, £990 Ross Farm, £970 Reaygarth, £935 Ross Farm, £900 Kingswood
Angus x heifers - £825 High Strothers
Cattle 10 months and under
Charolais x steers – £1400 Woodhead, £1130 West Wharmley
Charolais x heifers – £1040 West Wharmley
Limousin x steers – £1280 Bog Hall, £1270 Carry House, £1240 Morley Hill & Swarland Old Hall, £1210 Swarland Old Hall, £1190 Reaygarth, £1175 Carry House, £1165 Morley Hill, £1150 Swarland Old Hall, £1130 Morley Hill & Swarland Old Hall, £1120 Carry House, £1110 High Town, £1100 Carry House & Chirdon, £1080 Longlea, £1070 Carry House & Chirdon, £1065 Morley Hill & Carry House, £1060 Ricknall Grange, Reaygarth, Carry House & Harwood Shield
Limousin x heifers – £1160 Harwood Shield, £1120, £1070 & £1060 Carry House, £1050 Chirdon & Harwood Shield, £1025 & £1010 Harwood Shield, £1005 Chirdon, £1000 Morley Hill, Chirdon, Whiteside Haltwhistle & West Wharmley, £950 & £930 Whiteside Haltwhistle, £925 Morley Hill, £910 Edges Green, £900 Agars Hill & Chirdon, £895 Ricknall Grange, £875 Longlea
British Blue x steers – £1320 Bog Hall, £1270 & £1200 Morley Hill, £1150 High Town, £1130 & £1105 Quarry House, £1040 Beamwham, £1000 Agars Hill, £950 Agars Hill
British Blue x heifers – £1060 Harwood Shield, £1020 Chirdon, £1010 Temon
Simmental x heifers – £850 Morley Hill
Angus x steers – £760 High Strothers
Hereford x steers - £690 Temon

Hexham Mart

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