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Consider Bluetongue Vaccination Ahead of Ram Sales

Breeders are being urged to consider Bluetongue vaccination well in advance of the upcoming ram sales in case the virus enters the UK during the peak ram selling season resulting in only vaccinated, disease resistanct animals being able to leave disease control zones.

At a meeting of the NSA Wales and Border Ram Sales committee the committee heard from NSA chief executive Phil Stocker who said:
"With Bluetongue still being predicted as having an 80% chance of reaching the UK in the late summer/autumn there was much discussion about vaccination and movement restrictions in the event of the virus being found here in the UK.

Biting Midge

Biting Midge

One of the most important points raised was that if farmers want to avoid any disruption to ram movements and sales, having decided to vaccinate, they should do so early because if an outbreak were to occur it will lead to a situation which allows only vaccinated animals which have developed immunity to the virus being allowed to move from whatever zones may be put in place.

It is in everyone's interest to do what we can to avoid disruption in movements and trade.

"NSA understands that vaccine will be available imminently and advises sheep farmers to speak to their vets for more information at the earliest opportunity," he added.

Texel Sheep Society chief executive John Yates said;
Texel breeders would be well advised to discuss vaccination with their vets and take the best possible advice with regards protecting their stock in advance of any potential Bluetongue outbreak in the UK. "The potential disruption to trade and movements resulting from a Bluetongue outbreak is significant and anything which can be done to minimise this disruption should be considered."


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