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netherlands     dutch texel association
Nederlandse Texelaar Stamboeken 
  The Dutch flock consists of 70 % purebred Texel, 25 % cross-bred and 5 % other purebred sheep such as the Friesian and Zeeland milk sheep, and the Zwartbles sheep.
Australian Texel Stud Breeders Association Inc
  For the pedigree breeder and commercial producer, Texels offer clear advantages in both quality and performance.
canada     canadian texel association
Canadian Texel Association
  The Canadian Texel Association was formed in 2000 to educate, promote and provide information on Texel sheep.
united kingdom     British Texel Sheep Society
British Texel Sheep Society
  In Great Britain, the Texels have shown that they are capable of withstanding the rigours of the Scottish winter without any hardship and their progeny have proved to be as adaptable in our climate and altitude as the Flocks in Holland and France.
usa     usa texels
Texel Sheep Breeders Society
  The first Texels in the United States were imported by the Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center, NE in 1985. Also Known By: Texelaar, Texelse, Improved Texel, Verbeterde Texelse
switzerland     Texel-Schafe Schweiz
Texel-Schafe Schweiz
  Ab 2005 wurden Herdebuchtiere reinrassig in die Schweiz eingeführt, hauptsächlich aus Deutschland und Frankreich, vereinzelt auch aus Luxemburg.
ireland     Irish Texel Society
Irish Texel Society
  For over 30 years the Irish Texel Society has been safeguarding and maintaining the superior quality of Irish pedigree Texel flocks. We provide pedigree registration and a range of marketing services to our members throughout Ireland.
    Goldies Texels uk
Goldies Texels

Goldies Texels, together with their sister flock Lochar Texels, were founded in the 1980s. The flocks currently number 120 breeding ewes.
      Allanfauld Farm uk
Allanfauld Farm

The Allanfauld texel flock was re-established in 2001 after a 30 year absence from the farm, when John started to take a keen interest in the breed.
      Millside Farm uk
Millside Farm

David & Jennifer Alexander breed Pedigree Blue Texel & Lleyn Sheep at Millside Farm, Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Texel Society Supports Future of Sheep Farming 2015-Jan-28
The British Texel Sheep Society is putting its weight firmly behind the future of British Sheep farming with support for the next generation of UK sheep farmers in 2015.

Northern Irish National Texel Sale Averages Rise 2014-Aug-13
The first of the Texel Sheep Society's National Sales, the Northern Irish National Sale, Ballymena, saw strong demand and averages rising on the year in all the main sections.

Texel Rams Sell to 60,000gns at Lanark 2012-Aug-24
Texel ram lambs met a blistering trade at Lanark on Wednesday at the Scottish National Texel Sale, with a top price of 60,000gns and 11 lambs selling for five figure prices and a further 17 lambs trading at 5000gns or more.

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