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NSA calls for United Livestock Sector in face of Brexit

With nothing but political rhetoric and unanswered questions since the British public went to the polls to make their voices heard on EU membership, the National Sheep Association (NSA) is working within the industry to ensure a united front on priorities for the sheep sector.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says:
“NSA and other farming organisations continuously asked for a ‘Plan B’ during the referendum campaign, so people could go to the polls making a decision based on fact.

Ewe and Lamb

But with the decision to leave having now been taken, the absence of such a plan means we are completely in the dark and rudderless. NSA is working on a list of priorities for the sheep sector and, knowing that other stakeholders will be doing the same, we want to work together to ensure a single voice for agriculture. Now is not the time for one-upmanship. Now is the time for clear dialogue and direction. We want to set an example for the politicians and fight side-by-side for a positive future.”

NSA appreciates there will be many business sectors calling for action, but with farming and food providing more than 3.5 million jobs and contributing to 7% of the UK economy, it is clearly a sector that needs priority treatment.

Phil continues:
“Farming is not only important to the economy, to employment and to the survival of rural communities, it also produces the most essential ingredient of life – food. Ensuring food security for the nation is essential at a time when markets, economies and political relationships are highly volatile, yet farming has taken a back seat in discussions before and after the vote. A united voice from the agricultural sector must be heard. And the politicians who encouraged people to ‘vote leave’ need to be held to the attractive promises they made.”

NSA is consulting within its regional structure to finalist a list of priorities for the sheep sector, and is discussing options with other stakeholders about a united approach on the future of agriculture support and farming regulations."


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