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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 23 prime cattle, 24 OTM cattle, 4,340 prime hoggs and 4,352 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 11th February 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 187.5p (164.7p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 214.5p (200.4p)
Heavy to 208.5p (190.2p)

Light to 203.0p (176.1p)
Standard to 266.0p (182.8p)
Medium to 245.0p (186.1p)
Heavy to 220.0p (179.3p)

Light to £90.00 (£56.85)
Heavy to £150.00 (£82.22)

Cast Rams £124.00 (£76.79)

Wamphray 1st, Alston 2nd!

A mixed entry of cows were offered to the usual good company of buyers. Trade was good throughout with demand strongest for the good meated cos which proved short of buyer’s needs. Philip Roskell showed a marvellous trailer load of cows and topped the sale at 134p with a British Blue x cow. Wanwood Partners sold Limousin x to 132p with a Blonde from Mount Pleasant selling to 118p. Native breeds sold to 109p for an Angus x from Ashley Story with others at 103p Tanlawhill Farming. Shorthorn sold to 91p from The James Family. Dairy types to 97p for Holsteins from Billy Halliday.

Top price per head was £963.60 paid for a Limousin from Wanwood Hill.

Longtown cattle ring

The 23 prime cattle forward saw trade very similar to that of last week. The sale was topped at 214.5p for a nice Limousin heifer shown by J.W. Vevers, High Stenries, bought by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown. Top price per head was £1,280.53 for a Charolais heifer from R. Fiddler, Barrow Ling.


Limousin 187.5p, 186.5p Englishtown.

Black & White 154.5p High Moat.


Limousin £1,218, £1,212 Englishtown.


Limousin 214.5p High Stenries, 208.5p, 205.5p, 201.5p, 194.5p, 189.5p Englishtown.

Charolais 195.5p Barrow Ling.

British Blue 188.5p Barrow Ling.


Charolais £1,280 Barrow Ling.

Limousin £1,265 High Stenries, £1,251, £1,233, £1,218, £1,212, £1,167, £1,116 Englishtown, £1,113 High Stenries.

British Blue £1,262 Barrow Ling.

A similar show of 4,340 prime hoggs were forward to a strong ring of buyers with the recent new faces present again. Best quality hoggs remained a good trade and easily sold, well short of requirements. Heavyweight hoggs still sold over £100 frequently, however, a larger show of Blackface and Mule hoggets off grass had a percentage lacking flesh, therefore slightly distorting the trade. Lean hoggs require further finishing or to be sold in the buoyant store market. Overall average of 184.3p per kilo (SQQ 182.7p).

Top price of 266p per kilo for Beltex from Messrs Gribbon, Waterside, Dumfries and to £112 per head for Texels from Messrs Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries.


Beltex 266p Waterside, 246p Almagill, 245p Finnieness, 236p Broomhills, 234p Lurgan.

Texel 246p Outertown, 233p Braithwaite Hall, 232p High Parkfoot, 230p Fineview, 227.2p Almagill.

Suffolk 205.3p Sundhope, 197p Lynegar, 191p Stoneraise Place and Boreland, 190.5p Waterside, 190p North House.

Hill Cheviot 205p Sorbie, 203p Hindhope, 202p Catslackburn, 200p Whitton, Sundhope and Mainside, 198p Sorbie and Mainside.

North Country Cheviot 203p Blackwoodridgehouse, 201p Westloch, 191p Carruthers, 190p Blackwoodridgehouse and Whitecroft Mains, 187p Clonrae.

Charollais 202p Plumpe, 198p The Chestnuts and Smallholms, 196p Windyhill, 193p Airds of Balcary and Plumpe, 185p The Chestnuts.

Blackface 192p Parkhill, 189p Hallburn and Boreland, 188p Holm of Daltallochan and Sorbie, 186p Sorbie, 185p Stoneraise Place.

Greyface 185.4p Boreland, 185p Mackilston, 184p Clonrae, 183p Stoneraise Place and Brampton Fell, 179p Clonrae.

Welsh Mountain 186.8p Sundhope, 160p Plantation View.

Easycare 185p South Port o Spittal, 167p Eastside.

Cheviot Mule 181p Becton Hall, 178p Sundhope.

Leicester 176p Cowburnrigg.

Lleyn 176p Minsca.

Swaledale 171p, 167p Westburnhope, 167p Fordlands, 165p Burn House, 158p Shield Farm, 152p Burn House.

Dorset 165.6p Crook.


Texel £112 Kilnford Croft, £109 Oswie, £108 Finnieness, £105 Kilnford Croft, £104 Finnieness.

Beltex £102 Waterside, £96 Oakwood, £95 Tercrosset, £94 Low Tirfergus, £93 Oakwood.

Suffolk £100 Oswie, £97.50 Becton Hall, £97 Kilnford Croft, £94.50 Thorns, £90 Sunnycroft, Broomhills, Boreland and Shield Green.

North Country Cheviot £98, £90.50, £84 Carruthers, £80 Parkhill, Carlenrigg, Old Newton and Blackwoodridgehouse, £79 Blackwoodridgehouse.

Cheviot Mule £94 Becton Hall, £73 Sundhope.

Charollais £89 Airds of Balcary and The Chestnuts, £87 The Chestnuts, £87, £85 Plumpe, £83 Smallholms.

Greyface £87 Nether Onsett, £85 Brampton Fell, £84 Stoneraise Place, £83 Nether Onsett, £82.50 Stoneraise Place.

Half Bred £87 Adderston Shiels.

Hill Cheviot £86 Sorbie, £85 Bush of Ewes, £84 Falnash and Mount Benger, £83 Potholm, £82 Sundhope, £81 Mainside.

Blackface tup hoggs £86 Upper Hindhope, £84 Mount Benger, £82 Lochryan Farms.

Blackface wether hoggs £80 Fingland, £79.50 Boreland, £79 Holm of Daltallochan, £78 Cowburnrigg, £77 Fingland, £76 Stoneraise Place and Clonrae, £75 Sorbie.

Leicester £83 Parkhill, £79 Cowburnrigg, £72 Plantation View.

Swaledale £76 Burn House, £72 Fordlands, £60 Westburnhope.

Welsh Mountain £71 Sundhope.

Lleyn £65 Minsca.

Easycare £61 South Port o Spittal.

Ryeland £64 Glenrath.

Zwartbles £60 Almagill.

Herdwick £50 Auchentaggart.

Longtown sheep ring

Another grand show of 4,352 cast ewes and rams were forward to again to a ringside of 19 active buyers all keen for sheep with all classes being £3-£4 up on the week. Lean selling ewes still in demand and many more could be sold. Blackface and Cheviot export type ewes met recent high rates with Mules again sharper.


Texel £150 Crailloch, £147 Chaseside, £144 Roxburgh Mains, £142 Fineview, £138 Sunnycroft.

Charollais £140, £124 Beckfoot, £116 Chaseside, £104 The Wreay, £98 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £124 High Balcray, £110 Roxburgh Mains, £108, £101 Beckfoot, £101 Hermiston, £100 North House.

Beltex £108 High Aketon, £95 Hollands, £90 Pasture House, £84 Hollands.

Cheviot Mule £96 Sharplaw, £84 Parkhill, £81 North House, £80 Threepwood, Thorns and Boreland, £79 Ringliggate.

Leicester £95 Woodhall, £90 Nunscleugh, The Steel and West Nubbock, £89 Midtodhills, £88 Beckfoot, £82 Woodhead.

North Country Cheviot £89 Upperhuntley and Beckfoot, £85 Burnbrae, £84 Taldale, £83 Bengall, £82 Uppertofts.

Greyface £84 Howden Farm, £82 Upper Brydekirk, £81 High Lovelady Shield, £80 Lea Hill, Sunnycroft and Minsca, £79 Ringliggate, Marchbank, Hermiston and Shankfieldhead.

Zwartbles £74 Pasture House, £73 Longrigg House.


Blackface £90 Whitton, £83 West Nubbock, £79 The Steel Farm, £78 Thorns, £76 Edges Green and Barnshangan.

Lleyn £76 Sharplaw and Fowrass, £74 Minsca, £69 Low Tipalt, £68 Sharplaw, £64 Low Tipalt.

Hill Cheviot £75 Almagill and Upper Hindhope, £72 Eastside and Allfornaught, £71 Cowburnrigg and Mid Harrietsfield, £70, £69 Allfornaught, £69 Skelfhill.

Easycare £71 Port o Spittal, £64 Ringliggate, £63 Morebattle Tofts, £59 Synton Mains.

Swaledale £71 West Foreshield, £64 Whitton, £62 The Laws, £60 Beacon Rigg, £59 West Nubbock.

Kerry Hill £64 Sunnycroft.

Shetland £60 Port o Spittal, £51 Barwhinnock, £44 Port o Spittal.

Jacob £56 Pasture House.

Herdwick £36 Pennyhill.

Welsh Mountain £35 Burnshall.


Charollais £124 Almagill, £110 Beckfoot, £108 The Chestnuts.

Suffolk £118 High Balcray, £98 Chaseside, £85 Broynach, £84 North House.

Texel £118 Sunnycroft and High Lovelady Shield, £100 Allfornaught and Hallmyre, £92 Beckfoot and Dinnans, £88 Chaseside and Sharpitlaw.

Leicester £112 Woodhall, £89 Knarr Farm, £84 Plantation View.

North Country Cheviot £104 Brockhouse, £85 Beckfoot.

Hill Cheviot £92 Hindhope, £81 Sundhope, £78 Eldinhope, £76 Commonside and Achvar, £75 Arkleton and Unthank.

Beltex £90 Beckfoot.

Lleyn £88 Low Tipalt, £70 Port o Spittal.

Blackface £86 Redburn View, £78 Carrick, £75 Highcroach, £74 Bush of Ewes, £72 Blakehope.

Romney £78 Sharpitlaw.

Swaledale £68 West Foreshield.

Easycare £66, £60 Kersheugh.

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