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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 24 prime cattle, 27 OTM cattle, 4,288 prime hoggs and 3,093 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 21st January 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 195.5p (176.1p)
Heavy to 187.5p (181.9p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 201.5p (177.0p)
Heavy to 206.5p (171.4p)

Light to 218.8p (168.1p)
Standard to 238.0p (184.1p)
Medium to 250.0p (184.3p)
Heavy to 213.0p (178.4p)

Light to £80.00 (£52.66)
Heavy to £139.00 (£72.63)

Cast Rams £92.00 (£67.02)

Barren Cows – Ashley Story wins “penalty shootout”

Another good entry of mainly hill cows was offered to the usual company of buyers which included a new face. Trade was sharper by 4p on the week in particular the small type hill cow. Ashley Story topped the sale at 128p first beating Greystoke Castle at 127p, both selling Limousins. Blondes sold to 124p from Ashleys brother Sam. Native breeds sold to 115p for a cracking Galloway from Langholm Farms with others to 87p from Eskdale Forestry. Gordon Jacksons Whitebred Shorthorns sold to 87p with Beef Shorthorn to 87p from Hughie Connell.

Dairy cattle sold to 103p for a Holstein from Messrs Ritchie with Guernsey to 74p from John James & Family.

Top price per head was £936.20 from Newbiggin Farm.

As ever more are needed to supply buyer demand.

Longtown cattle ring

A nice entry of 24 prime cattle saw trade follow national trend as deadweight prices continue to fall. Top price of 206.5p for a Limousin heifer sold by J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown, bought by Highgate Meats Ltd, Troutbeck.


Limousin 195.5p, 187.5p, 180.5p Englishtown.

Friesian 157.5p Plumpe.


Limousin £1,293 Englishtown.


Limousin 206.5p, 202.5p, 201.5p, 193.5p Englishtown, 191.5p, 183.5p Plumpe.

British Blue 177.5p Plumpe.


Limousin £1,269, £1,265, £1,188, £1,131 Englishtown.

A larger show of 4,288 prime hoggs were forward to a busy ring of buyers. Hoggs would be the best trade seen this year with the exchange rate helping export market. Export hoggs met a fast selling trade regularly between 180p and 200p including a quality entry of top draw Blackface hoggs topping at 195p per kilo from Milnmark. Heavyweight hoggs met exceptional demand selling between £90 and £98 all day, with the last run of 100 excellent heavy hoggs from Station Yard averaging 50 kilos and £97. Many more could have been sold to advantage. Overall average of 182.9p per kilo (SQQ 181.3p).

Top price of 250p per kilo for Beltex from Watch Hillside, with a top per head of £102 for Texels from Whitstonehill.


Beltex 250p Watch Hillside, 238p Dunjop, 236p Watch Hillside, 231p Dunjop, 226p Killocraw.

Texel 235p High Greenhill and Station Yard, 230p Cadgillhead, 229p Sowerby Wood, 221p Allfornaught, 216p Broomhills.

North Country Cheviot 203p Roughet Hill, 195p Longburgh Fauld, 179p Whitstonehill.

Suffolk 202p Wham Head, 200p Allfornaught, 197p Auchengray, 194p Ashley Park, 192p Newbiggin.

Charollais 198p Tinnishall, 197p Sorrowlessfield Mains, 193p Archerbeck and Murza, 191p Sorrowlessfield Mains, 189p Maryholm.

Blackface 195p Knockreoch, 194.7p Kirkland, 192p Knockreoch, 188.6p Hutlerburn, 181p Peel.

Hill Cheviot 190p Chapel Farm, 189p Catslackburn and Allfornaught, 188p Glendearg, 186p Sorbie, 185p Pennersaughs.

Greyface 189p Mains of Collin and Nunscleugh, 188p Wedderlie, 186p Nunscleugh, 182p Newtown, 181p Chapel Farm.

Cheviot Mule 189p Milkieston, 171p Temon, 163p New Hall.

Lleyn 178p, 171p Over Whitlaw.

Oxford 172p Mount Pleasant.

Swaledale 170p Burn House, 167p Peasemyres, 163p Burn House.

Herdwick 167p Monk Farm, 155p Ashley Park.

Half Bred 165p Glendearg.

Shetland 162p Craigdhu.

Jacob 158p Craigdhu.

Easycare 155p Mossfennan.

Leicester 147p Mains of Collin.


Texel £102 Whitstonehill, £100 Newtown and Station Yard, £99.50 Becton Hall, £99 Station Yard and Howgillside, £98.50 Hallburn Croft.

Beltex £100, £99 Watch Hillside, £98 Cadgillhead, £97 Watch Hillside, £93 Dunjop.

Suffolk £98 Oswie, £97.50 Dykehead, £97 Broomhills, £96 Sceughdyke and Whitstonehill, £94 Dykehead, Sceughdyke and Hallburn.

Charollais £98 Station Yard, £94 Murza, £86 Auchengray, £85 Murza, £83 Tinnishall and Maryholm.

Blackface tup hoggs £91 Kirkland, £85 Kersknowe, £83.50 Peel, £80 Corsebank.

Blackface wether hoggs £83 Hutlerburn, £80 Knockreoch, £77 Milnmark, £75.50 Roughet Hill.

Greyface £87 Oswie, £85.50 Newtown, £84 Dykehead, £83.50, £83 Nunscleugh.

Hill Cheviot £86 Catslackburn, £82 Potholm and Glendearg, £80 Sorbie, £79 Potholm, £77.50 Catslackburn.

Oxford £84.50 Mount Pleasant.

North Country Cheviot £84 Whitstonehill, £80 Smiddyquoy, £79 Roughet Hill, £78 Longburgh Fauld.

Cheviot Mule £80 New Hall, £77.50 Milkieston.

Swaledale £75, £68 Burn House, £66 Roachburn, £60 Peasemyres.

Lleyn £73 Over Whitlaw.

Half Bred £71 Glendearg.

Leicester £69 Mains of Collin.

Easycare £65 Mossfennan.

Jacob £49 Craigdhu.

Herdwick £48 Ashley Park, £45 Monk Farm.

Shetland £42 Craigdhu.

Longtown sheep ring

A smaller show of 3,093 cast ewes and rams were forward to a larger ring of buyers with all classes apart from fat ewes being £4-£5 dearer on the week. Shortage of numbers resulted in buyers being short of requirements, thus resulting in a rise in trade.


Texel £139 Heathery Hall, £137 Kennachy, £136 Dormansteads, £135 Woodhead, £132 Heathery Hall and Lairdlaugh.

Beltex £110, £90 Glenmaid, £90 Heathery Hall and High Airyolland, £80 Heathery Hall, £78 High Airyolland.

Suffolk £98 Machrihanish, £97, £90 Eastside, £88, £86 Haithwaite.

Charollais £95 Maryholm.

North Country Cheviot £89, £81 Ericstane, £80 Longoe, £78 Whitstonehill, £75 Eastside.

Zwartbles £88, £80 Stanley House.

Leicester £86 Eastside and Whiteside, £80 The Side, £78 Quarry House, £72 Wanwood Hill, £70 Temon and Broomhills.

Greyface £76 Deuchrie, £72 Eastside, £70 Newton, £70, £69 Haithwaite, £68 Almagill, Shieldhill and Milkieston.

Border Leicester £72 Deuchrie.

Cheviot Mule £68 Glenmaid.


Hill Cheviot £74 Sorbie, £68 Thurdistoft, £62 Sourhope, £60 Nether Stenries, £58 Stepends.

Lleyn £73 Ringliggate, £65 Girstingwood, £60 Over Whitlaw, £57 Nether Stenries, £56 Girstingwood.

Blackface £72 Quarry House, £68 Whiteside, £65 Quarry House, £64 The Side and Newhall, £62 Quarry House.

Beulah £70 Fairview.

Swaledale £62, £52 Snowden Close, £51 Glenhill, £50 West Greenridge, £49 Peasemyres.

Easycare £50 Chapel Farm.

Herdwick £43 Chapel Farm, £35 Ashley Park.

Goats £80, £70 Stepends.


Texel £92 Miller Hill, £90 Haas Grove, £88 Whitstonehill, Hutlerburn, Kennachy and Wedderlie, £85 Sharplaw, £82 Burn House.

Leicester £92 The Side, £80 Wedderlie, £76 Milkieston and Whiteside, £74 Nunscleugh, £72 The Side.

Charollais £90, £70 Heathery Hall.

Suffolk £84 Miller Hill, £76 Eastside and Sourhope, £67 Milkieston.

Lleyn £80, £72 Over Whitlaw, £68 Achavarn.

North Country Cheviot £80 Ericstane and Longoe, £76 Buchtrig, £74 Haithwaite, £70 Sourhope.

Hill Cheviot £74 Glendearg, £70 Linhope, £69 Skelfhill, £63 Glendearg.

Blackface £69 Sourhope, £68 Haithwaite, £66 Corsebank and Hutlerbank, £64 Deadwater and Beachmeanach, £60 Linhope.

Swaledale £50 Peasemyres.

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