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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 17 prime cattle, 28 OTM cattle, 3,723 prime hoggs and 2,879 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th January 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 206.5p (179.1p)
Heavy to 189.5p (189.0p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 205.5p (194.0p)
Heavy to 183.5p (183.5p)

Light to 229.0p (176.1p)
Standard to 247.0p (181.5p)
Medium to 260.0p (182.2p)
Heavy to 208.0p (175.1p)

Light to £76.00 (£50.88)
Heavy to £146.00 (£76.44)

Cast Rams £116.00 (£64.78)

Black & White Cows the trade of the day!!

An entry of cows numbering 28 were on offer to a full ring of buyers who bid freely for all types. Dougie Dinwoodie sold an extremely mixed consignment of Angus x cows with his second cow topping the sale at 111p, other natives sold to 110p for a powerful Galloway from Robert Graham. Black hill cows sold to 98p from Brian Calvert. The highlight of the day was the wonderful show of Black & White cows with pen after pen of good cows. Longtown stalwarts David & Alan Coulthard sold Holstein Friesians at 110p and 109p with the trailer load averaging 104.3p. The Bendle family sold Friesian to 104p with new vendors Andrew Spedding and Alex Forbes selling Black & Whites to 103p and 101p respectfully, Andrew however takes bragging rights with his powerful cow realising £901.25, with others to £801.15 from Justicetown The weekend approaches and we all hope the Blues get the result but they’ve been upstaged by the James family of Midtodhills who sold an aged Blue bull to £1,102.40.

Farmers, let’s move onto the buyers strength at ringside, we could easily handle 70 plus cows on a weekly basis, ring Craig for a chat on 07901 787 363.

Longtown cattle ring

Prime cattle some good meat on offer and more required saw trade match national trend. The sale topped at 206.5p for a Limousin bullock sold by J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown. Limousin heifers topped at 205.5p shown by T. Armstrong & Son, Sceughdyke.


Limousin 206.5p, 201.5p Englishtown, 189.5p Sceughdyke, 188.5p, 186.5p Englishtown.

Angus 177.5p Englishtown.

Friesian 153.5p, 149.5p High Moat.


Limousin £1,364 Sceughdyke, £1,291, £1,229, £1,219, £1,202 Englishtown.


Limousin 205.5p, 194.5p Englishtown, 193.5p, 188.5p Staffler.


Limousin £1,150 Sceughdyke, £1,128, £1,112 Englishtown.

A smaller show of 3,723 prime hoggs was forward due to yesterday’s monsoon conditions, all be it with a larger ring of buyers present, many more hoggs could have been sold to advantage. Heavyweight hoggs remain in strong demand with several lots achieving £100 plus. Export weight hoggs short of requirements and 44-46kilo hoggs harder to cash if too thick. Lightweight hoggs sharper. Best quality Beltex and Texel hoggs short of requirements and many more are needed to fulfil buyer demand as shown in the top prices achieved. Overall average of 179.2p per kilo (SQQ 181.5p).

Top price of 260p per kilo and £104 per head for Beltex from R. & S. Nixon & Co., Oakwood.


Beltex 260p Oakwood, 247p Watch Hillside, 234p Sorbie, 232p Hollands, 229p Lurgan and Sorbie.

Texel 238p Oakwood, 230.8p Cadgillhead, 227p Kirkbride, 220p Common House, 212p Oakwood, 208p Tinnishall.

Charollais 198p Tinnishall, 192p Sowerby Wood, 185p Cleongart, 178p High Stenries, 177p Cleongart.

Hill Cheviot 195p Old Newton, 189p Sceughdyke, 187p Quoyshakes, 186p Kirkton of Crawford, The Lake and Falnash, 185p Fenton Farm.

Suffolk 190p Oswie, 186p, 185p High Crubasdale, 185p Sceughdyke, 184p Oswie and The Wath, 183p Sowerby Wood, Dunjop, Sceughdyke, High Machriemore and Blanchland.

Dorset 187p Quoyshakes, 178p High Crubasdale.

North Country Cheviot 184p, 183p Macharioch, 181p Raeburnfoot, 178p Marchbank, 173p Whiteknowe.

Cheviot Mule 181p Achamore, 179p, 175p Kirkbride, 175p Becton Hall.

Blackface 180p D’Mainholm, 178p Coulinlongart, 177p Sorbie, 176p Coulinlongart, 175p D’Mainholm.

Greyface 178p High Crubasdale, 176p, 175p Gartvaigh, 174p Westernhopeburn, Mains of Collin and Hollands, 173p Newbiggin.

Lleyn 178p Laneside.

Clun 174p, 170.9p Machrimore Mill.

Herdwick 173p Orchardton Mains, 163p Oakwood.

Leicester 167p, 161p, 157p Kirkton of Crawford.

Swaledale 164p Shield Farm, 162p, 160p Newbiggin, 158p Bateyshield.


Beltex £104 Oakwood, £103 Sorbie, £100, £95 Hollands, £94 Watch Hillside.

Suffolk £103 Sceughdyke, £101 High Parkfoot, £99 Sceughdyke, £98.50 Oswie, £97 Stoneraise Place.

Texel £102 Tercrosset and Crawthat, £101 Orchardton Mains and Killeonan, £99.50 Sceughdyke, £99 Marchbank, Sowerby Wood and Crawthat, £98.50 Kirkhouse.

North Country Cheviot £98 Marchbank, £95 Whiteknowe, £82 Orchardton Mains, £78 Raeburnfoot and Whiteknowe.

Cheviot Mule £91 Becton Hall, £73.50, £70 Kirkbride.

Greyface £85.50, £84.50, £82, £80, £79 Stoneraise Place, £79 Newbiggin and Westernhopeburn

Leicester £85 Nunscleugh, £76, £74 Kirkton of Crawford, £74 Nunscleugh.

Hill Cheviot £85 Sceughdyke and Upper Hindhope, £80, £78 Old Newton, £76 Cooms and Fenton, £75 Upper Hindhope and Damhead.

Charollais £82 High Stenries, £81 Sowerby Wood, £79 Tinnishall, £76, £74.50 Cleongart.

Blackface tup hoggs ££80 Cowden, £79.50 Upper Hindhope, £78.50 Blackburn, £75 Craigdarroch, £72 Craigdarroch and Blackburn,.

Blackface wether hoggs £72 D’Mainholm and Cowden, £71 Chapel, £69 Sorbie, £68.50 Damhead.

Clun £73.50, £71.50 Machrimore Mill.

Dorset £73 High Crubasdale.

Swaledale £71 Newbiggin, £69 East Unthank, £64, £60 Newbiggin, £58.50 Westernhopeburn.

Lleyn £64 Laneside.

Herdwick £53.50 Orchardton Mains.

Longtown sheep ring

Owing to yesterday’s flooding in many areas a similar show of 2,879 cast ewes and rams were forward to a much larger ring of 17 active buyers with all classes apart from fat Mule ewes being dearer on the week, especially export type Blackface and Cheviot ewes. Best quality Texels and lean selling ewes keenly sought after and short of requirements. Many more could have been sold to advantage.


Texel £146, £144 Orchardton Mains, £139 Chaseside, £138 Beckfoot, £136 Orchardton Mains, £132 Oldfield and Kilncroft, £130 Loughrigg.

Charollais £140 Chaseside, £113 Beckfoot, £104, £95 Chaseside, £95 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £104 Graceside and Newbigging, £100 Oldfield and Newbiggin, £98, £96, £92 Chaseside.

Beltex £100 Eastside, £90 Beckfoot, £87 Bensons Fell, £80 Lynegar and Graceside.

Leicester £88 Chaseside, £81 Spoutbank, £78 East Unthank, £77 Fernoch.

North Country Cheviot £83 Haithwaite and Chaseside, £78 Stirches Mains and Nottingham Mains, £76 North Synton, £74 Nottingham Mains and Orchardton Mains, £72 Lurgan.

Cheviot Mule £81 Quoyshakes and Orchardton Mains, £75 Eastside, £66 North Deanhead.

Half Bred £80 Eastside.

Zwartbles £80 Bidlake.

Greyface £77 Thomas Telford, £74 Haithwaite, £73 Edges Green, £71 Raby Grange, £70 Haithwaite and Firth Farm.


Hill Cheviot £76 Longlea, £70 Millriggs and Heathery Hall, £68 Noss Farm, £64 Nottingham Mains, £62 Linhope.

Lleyn £75, £71 Over Whitlaw, £66 Noss Farm.

Blackface £74 Edges Green, £69 Millriggs, £67 Eastside, £66 Cowden, £65 Hareshaw.

Swaledale £61 Broomhouse, £55, £49 East Unthank, £48 Batey Shield.

Beulah £52 North Deanhead.

Herdwick £48 Kirkland.


Texel £116 Orchardton Mains, £104 Graceside, £98 Tercrosset, £96 Chaseside, £92 Orchardton Mains.

Charollais £90 Beckfoot.

Beltex £90 Beckfoot.

Hill Cheviot £84 Toftholm, £74 Cooms.

Suffolk £82 Bateyshield, £74 Newbigging.

Leicester £80 Westernhopeburn and Lawston, £68 Stell Green.

North Country Cheviot £80 North Synton and Marchbank.

Lleyn £75 Noss Farm.

Blackface £64 Edges Green, £60 North Deanhead, £55 Upper Hindhope.

Swaledale £54 East Unthank, £50 Whitchester.

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