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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7 prime cattle, 31 OTM cattle, 3,396 prime hoggs and 4,745 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 14th January 2016.


Light to 236.0p (163.4p)
Standard to 258.0p (177.6p)
Medium to 250.0p (182.7p)
Heavy to 191.0p (167.1p)

Light to £74.00 (£47.23)
Heavy to £145.00 (£69.74)

Cast Rams £115.00 (£70.02)

Cows – Roadhead 1st, Bewcastle 2nd

A magnificent entry of quality cows were on offer to a packed ring of buyers who bid ferociously for all types with demand outstripping supply. All Continentals averaged a tremendous 124p. Topping the sale at 168p was a superb Blue cow from the James Family, Roadhead, closely followed by the Gass Family, Bewcastle who sold Limousins to 137p twice. Blonde x sold to 114p from Howard Graham, with Simmental x to 109p from Peter Lee. Native breeds sold to 112p for a Beef Shorthorn from Ian Aitchison with Galloways to 105p from James Halbert.

Top price per head was £1,377.60 from Midtodhills with Limousin to £945 and £931.60 Nunscleugh, other Continental sold to £904.50 The Lynes and £903.90 Lanercost. Native breeds sold to £711.20 for Shorthorn from The Holm with Galloways to £669.50 from Chapel House.

Buyers presence at ringside deserve an entry of 70 head.

Longtown cattle ring

A small entry of prime cattle were dominated by Messrs Taylor, Englishtown who sold steers to 211p and heifers to 205p, both Limousins.

A larger show of 3,396 prime hoggs were forward to the usual ring of buyers, although best quality hoggs were still well short of requirements. Export hoggs far dearer on the week along with lightweight hoggs, heavy hoggs similar. One third of the sale was made up of Blackface hoggs of which export types were top quality, although the lighter ones did distort the sale average. All other classes far sharper. Overall average of 175.2p per kilo (SQQ 178.5p).

Top price of 258p per kilo for Beltex from Carse of Clary, with a top per head of £102 for Beltex from Hollands.


Beltex 258p Carse of Clary, 256p Waterside, 256p, 250p Carse of Clary, 244p Hollands, 236p Lurgan.

Texel 245p Lurgan, 232p Pingle, 225p High Parson Bridge, 223p Kilnford Croft, 222.2p Pingle, 222p High Parkfoot.

North Country Cheviot 198p Westloch, 197p North House, 195p,190p Tangy Farm, 186p Westloch.

Blackface 193p Westloch, 186p, 185p, 184p Clonrae, 182.9p Sorbie, 181p Troloss.

Suffolk 193p Waterside and North House, 188p Archebeck, 185.4p Sceughdyke, 185p Pentland View, 184p Archerbeck.

Hill Cheviot 189p North House, 184p Arivore, 182p Falnash, 180p Shawhill, 178 Granton and Branxholm Braes.

Charollais 188p, 183p Archerbeck, 179p Windyhill, 170p Troloss, 169p Sceughdyke.

Greyface 178p Tangy, 174p Mosshead, 172.4p Clonrae, 170p Archerbeck, 168p Clonrae.

Jacob 173p Hollands.

Zwartbles 163p Screel.

Oxford 162p Brae Edge, 156p Guards.

Dorset 160p Screel.

Shetland 159p Johnstone Bank, 146p Lowfield.

Leicester 148p Newbigging, 131p Colmslie Hill, 130p Silloans.

Swaledale 136p Newington.


Beltex £102 Hollands, £100 Waterside, Carse of Clary and Hollands, £98 Carse of Clary, £94 Hollands, £92 Waterside.

Texel £98 Lurgan, £96 Kilnford Croft and Huntington, £94 Annandale Place, £93 Tercrosset, £92 Pingle, £91 High Parkfoot.

Suffolk £92 Colmslie Hill, £91 Oswie, £89 High Parson Bridge, £88 Sceughdyke, £87 Guardsmill, Sceughdyke, Kilnford Croft and Skelfhill, £86 Sorbie.

Hill Cheviot £89 Orchardton Mains, £84 Eastside, £83 Skinnet, £78 North House, £75 Eastside.

Charollais £85 Wester Parkgate, £83 Sceughdyke, £80 Troloss, £79 Colmslie Hill, £77 Archerbeck.

North Country Cheviot £85 Westloch, £79 Sceughdyke and Westloch, £78 Tangy, £77 North House, £76 Tangy.

Oxford £80, £75 Guards.

Greyface £80 Round Meadows and Mosshead, £77 Boreland, £76 Hollands, £75 Nunscleugh and Uppercleuch, £74 Brydekirk Mains.

Blackface £80 Mount Pleasant, £79, £78 Clonrae, £77 Skelfhill, £76.50 Silloans.

Dorset £77 Screel.

Leicester £74 Midtodhills, £70 Silloans, £68 Midtodhills, £63.50 Newbigging.

Jacob £69 Hollands.

Zwartbles £67 Screel.

Shetland £46 Johnstone Bank.

Swaledale £45 Newington.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 4,745 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with light ewes similar and heavy ewes easier, especially if fat. Lean selling ewes remain in strong demand and short of requirements. Tups were dearer on the week.


Texel £145, £139 Chaseside, £126 Kilncroft (Hastings), £125 Chaseside, £122 West Nubbock and Newbigging.

Beltex £110 Carse of Clary, £98 Chaseside, £95 Maidencots, £80 Woodhouse.

Charollais £108, £100, £87 Chaseside, £78 Banbridge, £74 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £97 Chaseside, £96 Beckfoot, £93 Huntington, £92 Chaseside, £90 Beckfoot.

Leicester £85 Woodhouse and Beckfoot, £82 West Nubbock, £77 Fordlands, £76 Quarry House, £75 Elmbank.

Cheviot Mule £85 Mosshead, £78, £76 Millriggs, £70 Burnbrae, £69 Colmslie Hill, £67 Clackmae.

Half Bred £80 Guardsmill.

North Country Cheviot £76 Beckfoot, £75 Chaseside and Bradley, £74 Banbridge and Kingside, £72 Nether Brotherstone, £71 Newbigging.

Greyface £74 West Nubbock, £73 High Eshells, £69 Little Culmain, Eastside, Staffler, Elmbank and Banbridge, £68 Allfornaught, Chapel Farm (Hebson), Pawston, East Cocklaw and Little Culmain, £67 Haregills, Haithwaite, Unity, Teindside, Quarry House and West Nubbock.

Oxford £69 Guards.

Border Leicester £64 Newbigging.

Roussin £63 Netherplace.


Blackface £74 West Nubbock, £70, £68 Quarry House, £63 Snowsgreen, £62 Netherplace.

Hill Cheviot £63 Granton, £57 Stirkfield, £56 Largie, £55 Kingside, £54 Crossdykes.

Kerry Hill £54 Pennyhill Park.

Swaledale £53 Newbiggin, £51 Chapel (Hebson), £50 Broomhills, £49 Coombe Crag, £48 Chapel.

Easycare £50 Netherplace.

Jacob £49 Eastside.

Kendal Rough £40 Johnstone Bank.

Shetland £40 Trailtrow.

Herdwick £31 Almagill.

Lleyn £36 Crofthead.


Charollais £115, £92 Beckfoot, £84 Chaseside, £80 Huntington, £78 Maidencots.

Suffolk £106 Priesthaugh, £84 Hassendean and Chaseside, £83 The Challenge, £82 Huntington.

Texel £100 Thurdistoft and Chaseside, £99 Snowsgreen, £98 Cubbyhill, £92 Clackmae, £91 Silloans.

Zwartbles £89 Guards Mill.

Leicester £85 Round Meadows and Pitland Hills, £80 Round Meadows, £77 West Nubbock, £70 High Lovelady Shield.

Hill Cheviot £84 Chapel (Hutchison), £83 Priesthaugh, £80 Skelfhill, £76 Granton.

North Country Cheviot £81 Gall Farm, £71 Snowsgreen.

Beltex £81 Whitehill Cottage, £60 Unity.

Blackface £77 Greensburn, £69 West Nubbock, £64 Emblehope and Chapel (Hutchison), £58 Troloss, Balliemeanoch and Chapelhope.

Kerry Hill £65 Whitehill Cottage.

Herdwick £56 Stockdale.

Shetland £49 Teggs Croft.

Swaledale £48 Newbiggin.

Jacob £42 Screel.

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