17th Edition of The Pesticide Manual

The seventeenth edition of BCPC’s keystone publication – The Pesticide Manual – is now available priced £350.

Substantially updated, this unique reference source contains over 862 main entries covering: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, plant growth regulators, safeners, repellents, synergists, rodenticides and ectoparasiticides. Based on information supplied by manufacturing companies worldwide, it also details some 45 new active ingredients which have been introduced since the previous edition.

The Pesticide Manual

The Pesticide Manual

The Pesticide Manual, edited by Dr. James Turner, “is an encyclopedic compendium of the chemistry, properties, targets and uses, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of chemical pesticides,” advises Professor Jeffrey R. Bloomquist, Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida. “It is an indispensible tool for academics, manufacturers, students and regulators and a unique illustration of the continued evolution and success of science meeting increasing demands in terms of land use, inputs and food sources for an increasing world population.”

As editor Jim Turner explains “Over the years The Pesticide Manual has developed into an extensive database which allows the user to review and contrast various pesticides. In this edition we have looked to improve consistency of data presentation and enhance property comparisons. The physical chemistry section, for example, has been completely revamped, standardising units and removing extraneous information from entries. Format and units in the toxicology section have also been standardised and sections separated to improve clarity. Nomenclature has been revised updating the IUPAC and CAS names to current standards. Individual components of structural or isomeric mixtures are now identified complete with names and properties associated with each entity.”

With the extremely fast-growing range of macro- and micro-biological organisms, botanicals and semiochemicals used in crop protection, these are now included in a separate BCPC publication –The Manual of Biocontrol Agents.

The Pesticide Manual is also available as an online resource . The next data update will feature all that appears in the book plus details of older and superseded pesticides, a large additional set of trade names and SMILES codes. It also allows user-friendly searches and speedy retrieval of data on individual compounds or groups of pesticides.


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