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The Pesticide Manual - the best source of crop protection information in the world

The fourteenth edition of The Pesticide Manual, and the fully searchable CD version, The e-Pesticide Manual are now available from BCPC (British Crop Production Council). The information within the new edition of this comprehensive and internationally acclaimed source of the world’s pesticide data has been completely revised and updated.


The Pesticide Manual

Commenting on the publication, Professor John Pickett, Head of Biological Chemistry at Rothamsted Research, UK says, “I find The Pesticide Manual an invaluable reference source for many aspects of my work. I use it constantly in my research and invariably take it with me to meetings. It provides detailed coverage and allows me to answer questions on the nature and properties of any pesticide in use, anywhere in the world.”
“It is nearly 40 years since The Pesticide Manual was first published,” explains Dr Barry Thomas, Chairman of BCPC. “During that time it has established itself as a unique reference book for those requiring authoritative, impartial and accurate information on crop protection active ingredients. Its contents have been progressively expanded to include not only active ingredients used for the control of crop pests, diseases and weeds but also ectoparasites, pests in public health as well as plant growth regulators, repellents, synergists, herbicide safeners and pheromones.”

Since the publication of the previous edition three years ago, the entire data set has been brought up to date. The Pesticide Manual now contains 1,524 profiles – 881 main entries and 643 abbreviated entries covering superseded products. More than 38 new main entries have been added, including 21 new molecules, a further nine substances not included in the previous edition and seven pheromones. Toxicological and physico-chemical data have also been updated. The directory of companies now lists over 500 organisations.

Each main entry contains comprehensive information including chemical structure, nomenclature, physico-chemical properties, history, biological and product data, mammalian and eco-toxicological data and environmental fate information. References to toxicological and environmental reviews now include the Annex 1 status of List 1 and ‘new’ substances under the EC Directive 91/414.

The Pesticide ManualEasy to keep up-to-date
The e-Pesticide Manual Version 4 offers users speedy access to all the data that appears in the book plus more.  “For the first time this year users will be able to update the CD annually each November via the web, ensuring access to the most up-to-date information,” explains Dr Thomas.

The CD includes more than 7,000 current and 2,000 discontinued names, plus additional information on superseded substances.  Smiles codes enable chemists to enter chemically meaningful structures directly into most structure-handling software. The CD software for PCs is user-friendly, allowing users to undertake their own complex tailor-made searches. Information can be customised to download or print, direct links can be made to websites and chemical structure graphics can be exported for use in presentations. Network users can export search results for use in spreadsheets.

The Pesticide Manual book is available now priced £220. The e-Pesticide Manual Version 4 with no updates is priced £275 + VAT. Users can also buy Version 4 of The e-Pesticide Manual plus two annual on line updates for £500 + VAT.

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