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Exciting Developments at Syngenta to feature at Cereals 2015

New high-yielding varieties, a next generation seed treatment, plus black-grass management plots – all will feature on the Syngenta stand at Cereals 2015.

With the importance of producing top yields to counteract volatile grain prices, plots of high-yielding varieties will be key attractions on the Syngenta stand at this year’s Cereals Event (10-11 June, Boothby Graffoe, Lincs) – including new top-yielding winter feed wheat Reflection, new winter oilseed rape SY Harnas, and high-yielding Hyvido® hybrid winter feed barley.

As well as plots comparing Hyvido with conventional barley on the Syngenta stand at Cereals 2015, they will also examine its role against second wheat

As well as plots comparing Hyvido with conventional barley on the Syngenta stand at Cereals 2015, they will also examine its role against second wheat.

An exciting new SDHI-based cereal seed treatment that is undergoing development will also be on the stand, as well as black-grass plots for cost-effectively boosting herbicide performance.

Key focus on Reflection

Making its first appearance at Cereals since taking the top slot for UK treated yield on the latest HGCA Recommended List, new hard Group 4 winter feed wheat variety Reflection will form a key focus on the Syngenta stand.

By combining high yield with other attributes – such as early maturity and stiff straw, high specific weight and resistance to orange wheat blossom midge – Reflection offers growers a highly practical choice for planting this autumn, says Syngenta.

Also on the stand will be an opportunity to register for Syngenta’s new ‘Beat Your Best’ yield challenge – a chance for growers to try to beat their previous best average winter wheat yield by growing Reflection next season and sharing insights with others.

Hybrid barley versus conventional barley and second wheat

With hybrid barley shown to repeatedly out-yield conventional winter barley in farm situations, Hyvido® hybrid barley will also feature prominently on the stand.

As well as offering extra income potential to winter barley growers, benefits arising from its earliness and vigour – such as opportunities for earlier winter oilseed rape planting, and its ability to suppress black-grass – mean Hyvido is also now being seen as an alternative to second wheat, says Syngenta. So as well as plots comparing it with conventional barley, plots will also examine its role against winter wheat.

Additionally, the strong Syngenta pipeline of new hybrids will also be discussed – starting with new HGCA candidates Hyvido® Bazooka and Hyvido® Belfry.

Driving OSR yields

Syngenta strongly continues its initiative to Drive Up Oilseed Rape Yields with its reliable new hybrid variety SY Harnas, which has topped the four-year average yield during trials and now has full HGCA Recommended Listing across the UK. The exceptionally high yielding hybrid variety’s strong autumn vigour has already proven to help growers achieve excellent early establishment, to help counter autumn pest and disease pressure. 

This year, the Cereals trial plots will also demonstrate the first use of Toprex applications to manage crop architecture, and enable growers to see for themselves the effects of enhanced light penetration and green leaf photosynthetic activity.

Growers can also take the opportunity to glean the latest agronomy updates from Syngenta specialists on how best to tackle autumn OSR establishment pests and diseases for the coming season.   

New SDHI seed treatment

For cereals, a new seed treatment that harnesses new-generation SDHI fungicide technology and which is undergoing UK development will also be demonstrated on the Syngenta stand. This will include displays of its abilities to control key seedling diseases but also to boost rooting power – with the aim of producing better crop establishment, overall healthier plants and extra potential for yield.

Black-grass management – cost-effective results

With concerns about black-grass control using post-emergence herbicide chemistry in winter wheat, herbicide plots on the stand will examine the role of pre-emergence herbicide stacking – and how the inclusion of Defy can be used to cost-effectively achieve a better result.

Spring barley

With the growth in interest in spring barley, there will also be a plot of high-yielding spring malting barley Sanette on the stand, which Syngenta hopes will achieve full Institute of Brewing and Distilling approval for brewing use around the time of the Cereals event.


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