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Farmers Advised to Drive Red Diesel Savings into Grass Care

Barenbrug UK, a leading provider of agricultural grass and forage seed mixtures, is heading to Grassland UK 2015 in May with a strong message for livestock farmers.

With the price of red diesel hovering around 50p/litre, compared to 67p/litre in April 2014, Barenbrug is encouraging farmers to plough any fuel savings into grassland renovation to improve productivity per acre.

Dairy Cows

Across the UK, farmers using Barenbrug grass seed have been reporting that 2014 was a good year for hay and silage production. With plentiful supplies of forage to hand plus red diesel available at a continuing low cost, Barenbrug believes there is no better time for farmers to tackle unproductive fields and consider a full reseed.

James Ingles, Head of Agriculture said: “When fuel costs drop, grass work becomes cheaper than ever. Livestock farmers across the UK would be wise to take advantage of this. Using any money saved on red diesel to make some simple investments in grassland this spring could pay real dividends later in the year. In 2014 we made lots of extra hay and silage, which is great. But now is not the time for complacency. An early or hard winter could still leave us scrapping around for fodder later in the year. Our message is clear. While red diesel prices remain low, farmers should plough on, identifying poorly performing fields, soil sampling and reseeding to ensure a plentiful supply of grass throughout this year and beyond.”

According to Barenbrug, the best time to reseed is when the ground is moist and warm. The soil temperature needs to be over 8°C, which is typically between April and September. Along with good fertility and some moisture this gives seeds the best possible conditions to germinate. Rolling the ground after sowing helps seed-soil contact to promote germination too. Reseeding like this allows the plant to develop a good root structure that is ready to spread and grow the following spring, so quickly increasing grass cover.


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