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Grassland & Muck Comes Around Again

Grassland & Muck 2014, the biggest grass, forage and muck event brings in the leading agricultural contractors and livestock farmers from across Great Britain to catch up on what’s been happening in the grass and maize machinery world over the last three years.

Amazone, who are very much focussed on the establishment of both grass and maize, will take the opportunity to showcase their range of precision seeders, drills, sprayers and spreaders.

Grass establishment made easy with the AD-P drill combination

Grass establishment made easy with the AD-P drill combination

The ED precision drill, with its simple set-up, large rear mounted fertiliser hopper, flexible handling of any seed size and shape and excellent seed placement, has always been a firm favourite with the maize growing contractor. At Grassland & Muck this year, the ED 602-K Classic 8 row drill will be on the stand alongside the EDX 6000-2C high-speed seeder. The EDX is unique due to the split between the metering system and the seed placement coulters. The centralised hoppers for both fertiliser and seed make the filling and emptying of the EDX considerably easier than a normal multi-hopper precision drill. The settings for seed rate and singling are all carried out from the tractor seat for the utmost in accuracy and ease of set-up. Variable rate seeding is possible via GPS-Maps or a third-party controller. The double disc openers with catcher wheel ensure that the seed, which is fired down the seed pipe at high speed to prevent bunching, hits the seed furrow without any loss in plant spacing. The double press wheels behind the catcher roller provide a layer of consolidated soil over the seed to maximise the germination. Automatic headland shut-off is provided on the EDX by means of GPS-Switch via the Amatron 3 controller. The EDX is available in up to 9 metres working width and 20 rows.

For establishing grass there is no better means than sowing it with a coulter drill. Here, the AD-P power harrow drill combination is the perfect solution. The ideal seedbed, created by the rotary harrow or rotary cultivator, is consolidated in strips ahead of the coulter to get the best possible seed/soil contact and capillary draw from the ground water. The RoTeC disc coulters, with full pressure available on the coulter disc itself rather than being split between the coulter and a rear depth control wheel, make short work of drilling in either wet or dry conditions. The Control 25 depth limiting rollers, fixed on the side of the coulter disc, ensures an optimum contour following and depth control with the Exact following harrow then creating the perfect back fill of the seed furrows, even at the shallow sowing depths associated with grass seed, to make sure that the seed gets off to the fastest of starts ahead of the forage season.

The best-selling UF mounted sprayer will also be on the stand as well as a range of fertilisers spreaders both with and without weigh-cell calibration.

We will be in the static stands on May 21st & 22nd so come and share some refreshment with us and take a look at what Amazone kit can do for your business


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