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Amazone Group Enjoys Record Year

For Amazonen-Werke, 2012 has again been very successful: The new record sales of 460 million Euro represents an increase of 16% in comparison with the previous year (395 million Euro).

For 2013, the year in which the family owned and managed company will celebrate its 130th anniversary, the expectations are also positive: “Although we must ensure that the development is manageable, Amazone will continue to grow. Our objective, which is to top the 500 million Euro turnover mark, is getting closer” forecasted the Amazone directors Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer on the occasion of a press conference in Hude.

Amazone factory

At the site in Hude-Altmoorhausen, Amazone has built an ultra-modern production facilty for the manufacture of large area seed drills

“Whatever our success, we attach great value to this healthy growth” the directors continue. Objective is not “turnover for turnover sake”, but instead to sustainably meet the demand for Amazone machinery. Therefore, parallel to the turnover increase in 2012, a total of 20 million Euro was invested in extending the infrastructure of Amazonen-Werke. Expenditure on research and development amounted to 5% of the turnover. The number of employees has increased to 1,700, with particular emphasis on the areas of service and electronics development which have been increased exponentially.

Also in 2012, the export share amounted to approximately 80%. The markets with the highest trading figures were Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and Great Britain. Amazone Ltd in Great Britain, for example, who are are also celebrating their 30th year in business, achieved also a record turn-over in 2012. Amazone has also expanded its sales figures above average in France, Poland and Kazakhstan.

“Innovation is our tradition”
The directors explain this increasing demand for Amazone machinery because of, on the one hand the good income situation in agriculture, and on the other hand by the extension of the market presence as a globally active specialist for intelligent crop production. In addition, they regard Amazone’s innovations as an important growth engine. “Innovation is our tradition” is therefore the motto in the 130th year in the company’s history.

A clear emerging trend is that this technical progress is dominated by the use of electronics. “For Amazone machinery this means that they literally become increasingly ‘intelligent’. More precision in application, additional cost savings, more environmental compatibility and more operational comfort for the operator are the clear benefits which we can achieve via electronics” said Amazone director Dr. Justus Dreyer.

Significant increases in production capacity
Innovations also dominate the picture with the new Amazone production site at Altmoorhausen near Hude, which the directors introduced to the international specialist press as the latest milestone in the extension of this impressive pro-duction facility is passed. After the initial groundbreaking ceremony in August 2008, Amazone has erected in Altmoorhausen, an ultra-modern new factory centre for large area sowing technology. The Cirrus, Citan, Condor and Cayena large area seed drills and also the ED and EDX precision seeders are produced here. The factory is conveniently located right by the A 28 motorway, next to the exit Hatten/Altmoorhausen.

The new production halls with a floor area of, in reality, almost two hectares, present themselves as modern, bright and clearly highly organised. The intensive expansion of this site shows as well that large area sowing technology is fast becoming an increasingly important focus of the programme.

Also, the other Amazone factories have seen great activity in 2012. At the Leipzig site, the Amazone centre for soil tillage implements and thick sheet metal processing, 6 million Euro has been invested into the new powder-coating facility and into a new storage hall including a high bay warehouse. The Amazone soil tillage programme from Leipzig includes the Catros compact disc harrow and the Cenius and Centaur mulch cultivators.

At the Tecklenburg-Leeden site, which together with the headquarters in the neighbouring Hasbergen-Gaste, forms the centre for fertilisation and crop protection technology, also new production halls have been built. In Leeden, the Pantera self-propelled crop protection sprayer, the UX trailed sprayers, the ZG-B bulk material spreaders and the Primera large area seed drills are assembled. With the completion of two new production halls, each with a floor area of 1,500 m², the production capacity here has been increased by more than 60%. At the same time, the office area was expanded to 600 m². At the end of 2012, an additional new hall was completed, increasing the capacities of quality testing. In total, Amazone has invested 2.5 million Euro in Leeden during 2012.

Also in the Russian Samare, at GAG Eurotechnik Samara, production capacity was again expanded. The enterprise which was founded in 1998 has been since 2006 an Amazone majority holding and now employs approximately 200 employees. In Samara, an additional product programme, especially for the Russian market is manufactured. Many sub-assemblies are directly manufactured in Samara which are then put together with components from Germany for those final complete machines. This Russian product programme includes, for example, soil tillage implements, the UR sprayer model and the new on-site developed D9 6000-TC “Combi” seed drill. The D9 6000-TC is a trailed, mechanical 6 m seed drill that allows the application of mineral fertiliser combined with the seed.

Keeping an eye on sustainability
“With any changes in the business, sustainability plays a major role” director Christian Dreyer emphasised. So the new paint shop at the factory in Leipzig is an example for saving nature and the environment by modern production. For all products, environmentally-friendly techniques are adopted, for example, through more precision during fertilisation and crop protection. Regarding the health and safety of customers and employees, the design and the equipment on all Amazone machinery also complies with the utmost standards. Sustainability also includes the financial security and independence of the business and so all decisions are also always aligned to a long-term financial security.

Another focus is the training of young people. Currently, Amazone employs at the different factories, 128 trainees in total. Also the Amazone Foundation, established in 2008, serves to assist the development of graduates. The de-clared aim of the foundation is the support of science, research and teaching in the fields of agriculture and agricultural technology.

Turnover increase with new models
Amazone’s turnover increases in 2012 covered all production lines with, above all, the new models in the Amazone programme contributing over-proportionally to the increase. The Pantera self-propelled sprayer, for exam-ple, since 2010 the flagship of the Amazone crop protection range, is very popular with customers. Here an assembly bay principle was converted into a series production line, so that the annual production could be significantly increased. Also the UX 11200, the new trailed 12,000 litre sprayer with tandem axle has also been very well accepted by the market.

The EDX precision seeders went on to establish themselves as the top machine for the professional farmer and agricultural contractors. Also here the sales figures have been significantly increased in 2012 and all aspects of this project are still positive. With the Catros compact disc harrow, the programme extension of offering trailed machines and the Catros+ equipment option with serrated discs has resulted in a positive result on the sales figures. In the area of large area seed drills, above all, the Citan, which Amazone has supplemented by the Citan 6000 in a 6 m working width, has also resulted in higher sales figures.

Continuity in the cooperation with our sales partners
“Our market success would not be possible without the sustainable mutual confidence in the cooperation with our sales partners”, the Amazone directors emphasised at the press conference. “We do not favour changing our sales structure again and again. We rather believe that it is important to nurture these partnerships formed over decades. The sales partners are our ambassadors to the customer and therefore a most important part of our marketing success. On the other hand, within the framework of the focus on a sales partner concept, the sales partners also benefit from their cooperation with Amazone.”

In conversation with customers
Another important element for the market success is communication with end users. So, in 2012, Amazone was represented as an exhibitor at 10 trade fairs at home and 40 abroad. In the framework of the Active Farming Programme, Amazone employees have welcomed approximately 8,000 experts from agricultural science and practice at numerous seminars and field days.
In the course of a field evening tour, the Amazone sales promotion team stopped at 20 different locations in Austria and Germany during Summer 2012. In total 6,000 professional visitors assessed the Amazone machinery in practical operation.

Innovation leadership by more precision and speed
As an objective for the years to come, the Amazone directors state “further growth of the company yet maintaining a sense of proportion and continuation of innovative leadership within the area of Amazone’s core competences”. In 2013, after-sales service will be further intensified, the production programme and the electronics competence will be expanded and different new development projects will be intensively promoted. “We want to be the most innovative and most service-friendly business in our sector of competence, whereby we further continue to rely on precision and speed. This does not only apply to the products but also to the service, the sales and all other corporate divisions.”

Further growth in mind
“We will continue with this dynamic growth” Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer see good development chances in the medium term. “This not only depends on the global and monetary political developments, but also Amazone and all its employees can contribute to it: Therefore, innovation shall go on being our trademark. Innovations which are practicable, offering the customer more output with less input. At the same time, our customers should always feel well looked after. These guidelines are in our future focus.”


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