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Amazone Kit Galore at Tillage-Live

Tillage-Live, the National Cultivations Event will take place this year on September 11th at West Hall Farm, Welton, Lincoln, courtesy of JJR Farms.

Although the Cereals Event always provides the launch platform for new kit, it is only at Tillage-Live where you can see that new kit put through its paces in the ground getting dirty, both on the Amazone stand and in the central Demo Arena:

Amazone Cenius 4002-2T

The new Cenius 4002-2T will be in action at Tillage-Live

The new Cenius folding trailed mulch cultivator

With its folding, trailed format, the new Cenius 4002-2T supplements the existing Cenius mulch cultivator range for use with tractors from 150 HP to 250 HP. The existing range to date includes mounted models in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m and a trailed version with a working width of 3 m, where the wedge ring roller serves as the running gear as well as the depth control.

As on all other Cenius models, Amazone offers the new Cenius 4002-2 T in a choice of a Special version with shear bolt stone protection or as a Super version with the proven 3-D spring breakaway tines.

The trailed version of the 4 m Cenius requires less lifting power from the tractor and prevents the high rear axle loads associated with lifting such an implement on the headland. Soil structure damage is thus kept to a minimum. The three row stagger arrangement of the tines, with a tine spacing of 28.5 cm, and the simple set of levelling discs allow a versatile scope of operation from shallow stubble cultivation to medium soil tillage right through to top soil deep loosening and seedbed preparation. The depth of work will indicate the type of share required. For shallow work there is a choice of a 250mm goose foot or a 170 mm duck foot tip, for intermediate work a 75mm inversion share or, for going deeper, a 50mm narrow share. The Vario-Clip quick change system is also available.

Amazone offers a choice of 5 different following rollers to provide either intensive crumbling or good reconsolidation, depending on the type of soil. The following bogey chassis ensures that full flexibility by being able to utilise the full roller range. The hydraulic depth adjustment, front guide wheels and the following harrow are important options for the creation of an excellent operational performance.

As an option, the drawbar mounted GreenDrill with its 500 litre hopper capacity provides sufficient seed for the important task of catch crop sowing for modern arable farming.

Precision seeding of Oil Seed Rape

An even seed spacing is paramount.

The ability to drill rape seed singularly results in decisive advantages in crop management. By placing OSR seed at a precise seed spacing down the row, and at an exact depth, the agronomical advantages in rape establishment are substantial. Trials work has proven that rape seeds spaced more than 5cm apart within the row and an overall plant count of around 25 plants/m2 results in a more manageable crop that stays standing to avoid lodging losses, has a thicker root diameter to again provide a better standing ability and a higher nutrient uptake, all of which lead to a higher overall yield. The sophisticated and excellent coulter technology of the EDX achieves the constant depth control required. This provides a very even placement depth of the seed and also, as importantly, a perfect seed embedment which further ensures an optimal field emergence and reduced slug damage.

Closer row spacings require the reduction of the seed rate and, due to the excellent singling ability of the Xpress-grain system, the seed rate can be noticeably reduced yet the desired excellent results are maintained. Although the optimum row spacing that matches plant population with seed spacing is 50cm, the EDX rape system is offered in row spacings of 37.5 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm.

Especially for rape singling, metering drums with hole diameters of 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm are available which are able to cover the majority of types of rape seed. For the later fertiliser and crop protection applications, the EDX can be equipped with single row shut-off and tramline control.

Also as an option, the EDX can be equipped with a unit for under-root fertilisation. This allows the targeted fertilisation during the early growth stage and promotes the rapid root development of the plant.

New Catros – Advantage cultivator combination for rape establishment

Tillage-Live sees on the Stand the new Advantage loosening legs mounted ahead of the Catros+ 3001 compact disc harrow and GreenDrill rape seeder box. The Advantage loosening legs are available in either a 5 or 6 leg format depending on seeder row spacing.

Amazone offers a choice of 5 different following rollers for the Catros to provide either intensive crumbling or good reconsolidation, depending on the type of soil. At Tillage-Live, the wedge ring roller is the roller of choice due to its targeted consolidation ahead of the seed row. The hydraulic depth adjustment and the following harrow are important options for the creation of an excellent operational performance.

Catros compact disc harrow and GreenDrill rape seeder

The Advantage legs work ahead of the Catros compact disc harrow and GreenDrill rape seeder

The Catros compact disc harrow can be specified with either the 460 mm diameter smooth discs or the 510 mm scalloped discs for conditions where a more aggressive penetration is required or for better mulching of surface trash when, for example, working behind oats or laid crops. The offset of the stagger between the front and back disc rows can be set to ensure the optimum soil movement at all working depths and forward speeds – a feature unique to the Amazone compact disc harrow range.

The depth control of the discs is set via the rear consolidating roller and can be optimised irrespective of the depth of the leading tines. The low-disturbance shares on the legs prevent wet, cloddy soil being brought up from below keeping the top soil surface friable and fine to stop slug damage following drilling.

One-pass rape seeding is the ideal utilisation of the Catros – Advantage combination. .As an option, the roller-mounted GreenDrill with its 200 litre hopper capacity provides sufficient seed for high outputs without refilling. Propelling the seed down the 6 delivery pipes into the depression left by the ribs on the wedge ring roller, the GreenDrill places the seed into a firmed seedbed at a consistent sowing depth. A covering harrow can then be utilised to cover over the seed rows. An electric control box eases the calibration process and maintains the seed rate irrespective of forward speed. A front-mounted fertiliser tank can also be specified for autumn application of NP fertiliser to boost rape plant growth pre-winter.

The GreenDrill can also be used for the important task of catch crop sowing for modern arable farming.

These major new product launches sit alongside a plethora of other kit on demo:

  • Citan 6000 solo drill
  • Cayena grain and fert tine seeder with GPS-Switch automatic headland shut-off system
  • Catros 4001-2 TS with GreenDrill 200
    AD-P Super drill combi
  • Cirrus 4002 trailed cultivator drill

Look out on the Tillage-Live website for stand numbers nearer the time.


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