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Heiniger Invite You to Xperience, Xpert Clipping

Swiss Clipper manufacturer Heiniger has launched two new revolutionary large animal clippers, which feature both advanced design and mechanics. The Xperience is a heavy duty cattle and horse clipper and the Xpert a new mains powered sheep clipper which is also excellent for use with dirty cattle.

These revolutionary new style clippers feature the power and build quality that Heiniger is famed for.

Heiniger Xpert Clipper

Heiniger Xpert Clipper

The clippers feature a slim line, ergonomically shaped handle that is modelled on a shearing handpiece, providing and excellent grip, comfort and balance. The circumference of the main grip is just 15.2cm and has an easy to reach switch for one handed operation.

The clippers are lightweight and much quieter than competing models with a ‘soft start’ motor to protect the workings of these powerful motors for a long life. The soft start and quiet motor has the added benefit of easing animals into being clipped and provides greater operator comfort.

Xperience Clippers give more torque on the blades than any comparable machine with air circulated across the blades to minimise any hair blowing about and to help keep the clippers cool.

The Heiniger Xpert has a body built in the same style, around a shearing handpiece design, slim and easy to grip for one handed operation but with the excellent Heiniger sheep head.

The sheep head uses Heiniger shearing cutters and combs and each clipper is supplied with an Ovina Comb and an Edge Cutter. This lightweight handpiece is excellent for both small flock shearing and for dagging and lambs bellies. It is also an excellent clipper for dirty cattle, when most other electric clippers would be unable to cope.

Heiniger Xperience Clipper

Heiniger Xperience Clipper

Both clippers are supplied with a two year warranty, carry case, accessories and two sets of blades as standard.

For more information please contact Cox Agri Customer Service 0845 600 8081 or visit www.coxagri.com for more info on these advanced clippers.

Cox Agri

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