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Lambing Live Returns For Third Series

The life and death drama of the UK lambing season will once again be in the spotlight when the hit series Lambing Live returns to BBC Two for five nights from 24 March.

Hosted by Kate Humble and Adam Henson, Lambing Live will head to South Slipperfield, Peebleshire in the Scottish borders, where after the devastating weather of last spring, lambing is more of a gamble than ever before.

Adam Henson and Kate Humble

Adam Henson and Kate Humble

Kate will be apprenticed to the Dykes - a sheep-farming dynasty spanning three generations who have made their lives on the Scottish borders. They use all their land, from the heather-covered hills to the lush grass of the lowland fields, to raise breeding sheep and lambs for the table.

Since delivering her first lamb on the first series in 2010, Kate discovered that sheep farming is more than just a business – it’s a way of life, and one that she is now embarking on herself, having bought her own flock. Yet, while her shepherding skills are improving, since filming started in September, Kate has been discovering that the hardy Scottish sheep have minds of their own...

Alongside the day-to-day action on the farm, Lambing Live will delve deeper into the secret life of sheep. Countryfile’s Adam Henson travels the UK to explore British sheep farming in all its many and varied forms. From the science of growing grass to the cutting edge of breeding technology, Lambing Live tells the surprising story of sheep farming past and present.

To kick off the series return on Monday 24 March, a one-off documentary, Lambing Live: Farming Families, will explore the connection Britain’s farmers have to the land, and meet some of the families working to put food on our table.

Why do they do it?

How does it feel to live and work together, day in day out?

What are their hopes and fears for the next generation?

What’s it like growing up on a farm?

The documentary will also catch up with the families from series one and two – the Beavans in South Wales and Marstons in Cumbria - before heading to Scotland to meet a few of the families making a living north of the border and introducing this year's Lambing Live family, the Dykes.


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