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Designer Milk set to Support this Year’s Lamb Crop

With the outlook good for a good lamb crop on many units this spring producers are advised to be well prepared ahead of the lambing season.

“Now is the time to get things in place for feeding surplus lambs and giving them the best possible start to take advantage of good lamb crops,” says Provimi ruminant technology manager Philip Ingram.

ProviMilk Shepherdess milk replacer and Shepherdess feeding system

ProviMilk Shepherdess milk replacer and Shepherdess feeding system

“I would advise all producers to have a supply to hand of a top quality milk replacer and feeding system,” he adds. “And it is very timely that Provimi has just launched its advanced ewe milk replacer ProviMilk Shepherdess onto the market that, used with the Shepherdess feeder, has a proven track record of giving lambs a flying start that sees them through to finishing.”

From the well-known range of Shepherdess products, this whey-based product has been rebranded and brings ProviMilk milk replacer benefits. It is ideally suited to feeding through the Shepherdess feeders and providing orphan and surplus lambs with an ad lib supply of nutritious fresh milk.

“The Shepherdess ewe milk replacer is well established as a top quality feed for newborn lambs up to weaning,” adds Dr Ingram. “We have re-branded it this year with the ProviMilk name that is also used across our range of calf milk replacers. All ProviMilk milk replacers include the gut conditioning package NuStart.

“Provimi trials have shown that this natural nutrition package can improve lamb growth rates by 15%. It prepares the lamb’s nutritional system for weaning and therefore helps prevent growth checks leading to less digestive upsets and healthier, stronger lambs.”

Particular benefits of the ProviMilk ewe milk replacers are their easy mixing qualities and high palatability. “Producers find them easy to use and they stay in suspension in the feeder so there’s no problem of sedimentation. And each time a lamb feeds, the quality is consistent.

“Delivering a consistent product at a constant temperature and concentration – which can be achieved through the ProviMilk ewe milk replacer and the Shepherdess feeder - is key in achieving good, early growth and giving the lamb the best start to reaching an early finishing weight.”

ProviMilk Shepherdess and ProviMilk Lamb are available from most local merchants in 5, 10 and 20kg bags.


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