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Hexham YFC Calf Wintering Competition

Hexham & Northern Marts hosted their Third Annual Young Farmers Calf Wintering Competition at Hexham Auction Mart on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March 2011.

Champion - Richard Dent

Herries Farms

The Competition is kindly sponsored by J S Hubbuck Ltd and the pre-sale show sponsored by David Carr Haulage, both well respected companies within the local farming community. The competition attracted 47 competitors this year all of whom purchased their calves at Hexham during October last year.

Prior to the sale a prize show was held on the evening of 17th March within Hexham Auction Mart and was attended by well over 300 onlookers. Presiding over the judging was husband and wife team Michael & Melanie Alford who made the long trip up from Cullompton, Devon to take part in this worthwhile event.

Twenty of the Forty-Seven competitors chose to present their calves before the judges and it was evident that a great deal of hard work and dedicated from these young handlers had been focused on their animals. The judges gave every exhibit their deserved attention and commented that the standard of quality on show was extremely impressive considering the age and relative inexperience of the majority of the young farmers.

All classes were hard fought and the animal which was the triumphant overall champion in the show was a Limousin cross bred steer shown by Richard Dent from Beamwham farm and a member of Shaftoe Young Farmers Club. Richard received the handsome David Carr Trophy from the show sponsor Mr Carr himself. The bullock was bred by Messrs Oliver, Cawfields and purchased by Richard on 21st October for £725 and went under the hammer on the sale day for £940 being purchased by local finisher Frank Robson Esq of Ryal.

Highlighting the stiff competition in the Limousin cross bred steer class was the fact that the judges awarded the Reserve Champion award to the Second prize Limousin cross steer shown by James Mitchell of Thistle Rigg, a member of Whitley Chapel Young Farmers. The bullock was bred by Eric Armstrong of Harlow Bower and sold by James for £905 representing a £155 return on his investment of £750. The calf was bought by Elaine Sedgewick of Long Myers.

The John Gibb Challenge Cup for the best calf of opposite sex to the champion went to a British Blue cross bred heifer exhibited by Martin Barker, Middle Bank End of Eden Valley Young Farmers Club in Cumbria. The heifer was bred by Brian Tailford, Beacon Rigg and sold for £815.

The Dalkin Trophy presented by Mr & Mrs W. Dalkin for the best turned out calf and handler was deservedly won by their grand-daughter Lucy Corner of Rye Close farm and Sedgefield Young Farmers. The Alfords when judging claimed that the time and effort that Lucy had obviously spent in grooming and dressing her third prize British Blue cross bred heifer and the care that she had taken over her own appearance meant that she was by far and away the best candidate for her grandparent’s trophy.

The full list of prize results is as follows;

Limousin Cross Steer

1. Richard Dent, Beamwham. Shaftoe YFC.

2. James Mitchell, Thistle Rigg. Whitley Chapel YFC.

3. Clare Dent, Beamwham. Shaftoe YFC.


British Blue Cross Steer

1. Claire Thompson, The Fawns. Cambo YFC

2. Charlotte Walton, Linacres. Bellingham YFC.

3. Geoff Robson, Wittonstone. Tritlington YFC.


Charolais Cross Steer

1. Stephen Ridley, Shitlington Hall. Bellingham YFC.

2. Martin Woodman, Great Chesters. Haltwhistle YFC.

3. Nicky Woodman, Great Chesters. Haltwhistle YFC.


Simmental Cross Steer

1.Heather Warburton, Brandley House. Eden Valley YFC, Cumbria.


Limousin Cross Heifer

1. Gina Tailford, Beacon Rigg. Shaftoe YFC.

2. Jonathan Bell, Wood Hall, Haltwhistle YFC.

3. Daniel Thompson, The Fawns, Cambo YFC.


British Blue Cross Heifer

1. Martin Barker, Middle Bank End, Eden Valley YFC, Cumbria .

2. Angus Tailford, Beacon Rigg, Shaftoe YFC,

3. Lucy Corner, Rye Close Farm, Sedgefield YFC, Co. Durham.


Charolais Cross Heifer

1. Will Storey, Woodhead, Haltwhistle YFC.

2. James Walton, Meadow View, Haltwhistle YFC.


The culmination of the competition took place the following day when all the calves were offered for sale as part of the weekly store cattle sale. The competition was introduced to educate the farmers of the future in the business of buying and feeding store cattle for profit, the eventual winner decided simply by which exhibitor generates the greatest return on their initial investment.

The overall winner of the competition, for the second time in three years, was Callum Storrow, Wiilimoteswick, Bardon Mill a member of Haltwhistle YFC with a profit of £370 on a British Blue Cross heifer bought for £470 from Brian Tailford, Beacon Rigg. The shapey heifer which was not presented in the show classes the night before sold for £840 also to Frank Robson. Callum was presented with the impressive J S Hubbuck Ltd antique silver trophy by Sarah Sparke, daughter of sponsor Geoff Hubbuck.

The second highest profit margin was achieved by Kate Ogle, the sister of last years winner, from Wydon Farm and Haltwhistle YFC with a figure of £350 profit on aLimousin cross bred steer bought from Norman Forsyth, Isle of Whithorn for £490. The bullock was extremely well brought out and sold for £840 to David Hammond, Northallerton.

Hexham & Northern Marts are delighted to host the young farmers’ calf wintering competition and wish to thank all those associated including all exhibitors, breeders, judges, sponsors and all those that support the competition through their purchases at the ringside.

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