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New Standen Zeno Series Potato Planter Launch

The ZENO Series is an all-new STANDEN Potato Planter range, to be launched on the company’s stand 213 at CEREALS 2015.

Designed, developed and manufactured in-house at STANDEN, the manoeuvrable tractor mounted ZENO features new belt planting technology known as the Z-System, due to its unique ‘Z’ formation seed metering flow pattern.

Standen Zeno

Standen Zeno 21

This new technology features lower seed drops and greater seed flow control than competitors, allowing the ZENO to offer increased planting precision and gentler seed handling at high outputs. Operator control is from a newly developed Z-Pad touch screen console, with simple, custom developed user friendly software. The screen itself is just slightly larger than a typical smart ‘phone, taking up very little space in the tractor.

The Z-System belt planting mechanism is supplied with seed from a 1.5 tonne hopper, equipped with a precision controlled moving floor. Seed is transferred to a Singulating Conveyor, comprising a pair of angled belts forming a ‘V’ channel. Running at different speeds this pair of belts ensures that only a single line of seed is presented to the following Trough Conveyor.

The Trough Conveyor transports the single line of singulated seeds down to where final metering and precision seed spacing is regulated by an overhead Sponge Belt, and finally placed into the soil furrow behind the stainless steel openers.

Depth control options include Automatic, Hydraulic, or manual which comes as standard with the machine.
Infinitely variable seed spacing with digital seed counting is standard equipment. Metric or imperial measurements are easily selectable, by seed spacing in the row, or by seeds per/hectare or per/acre. The complete seed metering and distribution system is computer controlled to ensure reliable and regular seed spacing, with everything monitored and adjusted from the Z-Pad with its 4.3 inch wide format touch screen.

The unique design of the ZENO Series planter has enabled Standen engineers to incorporate many desirable features including exceptionally narrow ridge opener profiles, offering the benefit of minimal soil disturbance; ideal for high output precision planting. The ZENO format also makes the possibility of multi-row planters easy to achieve by expanding its modular system.

Initially the ZENO will be offered as either a 2-row (ZENO 21) or a 3-row machine (ZENO 31); both are highly manoeuvrable tractor mounted machines, with a range of options developed specifically for the series. ZENO wheel tracks are fully adjustable; 60-80 inches (1.50-2.03 metres).

ZENO planters also feature a new fully adjustable stainless steel forming hood, specifically designed for improved soil flow and the optimum forming of ridges or beds at higher planting speeds.

Standen Engineering Ltd manufactures a wide range of machinery for potato and vegetable growers, including bed formers, rotary tillers, planters, stone and clod separators, toppers and harvesters. Many of the company’s unique technologies are protected by worldwide patents.


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