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Standen T2 Potato Harvester Upgraded

The Standen T2 potato harvester is a success story for its customers in the UK, around the world, and for the Standen factory in Ely Cambridgeshire where more than 80 people are employed. Constant development and an ever improving specification make the 2015 T2 model more competitive than ever.

2015 T2 harvesters will feature an all new ‘RoTo’ axle as standard equipment; highlights include fast in/out adjustment, and fewer cross beams for a clear harvester underside. Steering and track adjustment mechanisms are now above the machine, away from soil.

Standen T2 RoTo axle

Standen T2 RoTo axle

A huge benefit of the latest T2 potato harvester is that new options allow it to double as a high-capacity potato windrower. RoTo axle configuration places the machine’s wheels directly in line with the tractor’s wheels when opening the crop.

With a transport width of only 2.9 metres, the T2 is also much easier than competitors to manoeuvre on the road, and into farm gateways.

The RoTo axle’s offside wheel rotates through 180 degrees, moving from its inner position for transport, field opening or windrowing, to its outer position for harvesting. RoTo axle steering, machine levelling and operating modes are all controlled from in-cab Touch Screen controls.

Grower input and development testing have resulted in changes to the Omega separation system for T2, focused on even gentler crop handling with greater effectiveness with enhanced output. Upgrades include redesigned polymer Omega Separation Scroll Rollers, incorporating ‘air pockets’, and the removal of ‘shoulders’ at the ends of each fluted roller, resulting in improved crop flow. New, direct hydraulic drives to Scroll Rollers make for easier adjustment and reduced maintenance.

Rubber covered, steel or stainless steel clod roller options are now available, with faster response clod roller height control, as new link system enables clod rollers in each Omega ‘bank’, to be adjusted together.

Standen T2 customers can specify the option of ‘Ultrasonic’ automatic digging share depth control. The new system senses row heights electronically; without depth wheels there is zero pressure on potato ridges. Depth control for the left and right sides is independent. Latest model T2 harvesters are fitted with guide rollers to the main sieving web, helping to enhance web tracking, and enables greater variations between left and right side digging depths.

New easy access side guards house revised hydraulic hose and tube lines, modified for improved system efficiency and simpler maintenance. The 2015 model Standen T2 potato harvester can be seen on the company’s stand 367, Hall 3, at LAMMA 2015.

Standen Engineering Ltd manufactures a wide range of machinery for potato and vegetable growers, including bed formers, rotary tillers, planters, stone and clod separators, toppers and harvesters. Many of the company’s unique technologies are protected by worldwide patents.


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