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RABDF Announce Changes to Gold Cup Awards

Following its major overhaul in 2017, the Gold Cup competition will now undergo further changes to its associated awards – the NMR Silver Salver, Lilyhill Cup and Murchland Trophy.

The biggest change will affect the NMR Silver Salver with this no longer being awarded to the runner up of the competition.  Instead it will be reassigned and presented to the qualifying Holstein herd with the highest value of total solids produced (fat and protein).

RABDF Gold Cup

Gold Cup

Whilst the Lilyhill Cup has previously been presented to the highest placed Jersey herd in the competition it will now follow the same protocol as the Silver Salver but will instead be awarded to the qualifying Jersey herd with the highest value of total solids produced (fat and protein).

The Murchland Trophy will also be reappointed and instead of being awarded to the highest placed Ayrshire herd it will be opened up to all non-Holstein and non-Jersey Coloured breeds and presented to the qualifying herd of this type with the highest value of total solids produced (fat and protein).

These award changes have been put in place with the view that the new rules will allow qualifying herds, regardless of their system, to compete against other same breed herds says Peter Alvis, chair of judges. 

“The decision to make these changes has been discussed in great length and the new rules and qualifying parameters implemented for the future success of the competition.

“Over the past few years we have seen a major decline in the number of Ayrshire herds qualifying for the competition; another reason for opening the Murchland Trophy to all non-Holstein and non-Jersey Coloured breeds.  We hope this move will also incorporate breeds more commonly associated with grazing systems – reiterating our commitment to fully incorporate all system types in the competition.”

The entry parameters for the Chris May Memorial Award will remain unchanged and it will continue to be awarded to the Gold Cup qualifying herd with the highest average Lifetime Daily Yield.

Qualifying or nominated herds for this year’s competition will be advised of their eligibility in May. They will then have until the beginning of July to submit their entry form.  If you would like to find out more about entering, and the rewards it can bring to your business, come and visit this year’s Gold Cup open day taking place at 2018 competition winner Metcalfe Farms, North Yorkshire, on Tuesday 18 June. 

The 2018 award finalists were:

  • The Firm of A Harvey, Beeswing, Dumfries 

  • Metcalfe Farms, Leyburn, North Yorkshire 

  • Tomlinson Bilsrow, Preston, Lancashire

  • Stephen & Mark Montgomery, Drumahoe, Co Londonderry

  • Halton Farms, Moreton-cum-Alcumlow, Cheshire

  • Stowell Farms, Marlborough, Wiltshire


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