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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 25 prime cattle, 10 OTM cattle, 5,242 prime hoggs, 88 spring lambs and 2,881 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 5th May 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 207.5p (176.1p)
Heavy to 192.5p (184.4p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 208.5p (207.9p)
Heavy to 209.5p (186.0p)

Young bulls 129.5p (129.5p)

Light to 203.0p (181.8p)
Standard to 218.0p (183.5p)
Medium to 215.0p (187.4p)
Heavy to 213.0p (180.7p)

Light to £93.00 (£57.10)
Heavy to £146.00 (£87.07)

Cast Rams £150.00 (£110.48)

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A short entry of cows were forward to the usual full ring of buyers. Demand outstripped supply with all classes dearer on the week. The sale was topped at 124p for a superb Angus from Stuart and Tucker Armstrong. British Blue’s sold to 121p for a dairy bred type from Messrs Dinnin. Limousins sold to 105p for a 14 year old from R Moscrop. Top per head was £843 from Sceughdyke, Limousin suckers at £828 from Nether Albie. Black & Whites to £720 from Justicetown. As ever more could easily be sold.

Many more prime cattle on offer and a shortage of 520-580kg handy weight cattle. Trade followed national trend and the sale topped at 209.5p for a lovely Limousin heifer sold by A & W J Taylor, Dashwell Green bought by J A Jewitt Meats Ltd, Wholesalers, others to 208.5p from J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown. Limousin bullocks topped at 207.5p sold by Messrs Taylor, Dashwell Green with both of the above being purchased by M J Wharton Butchers, Blackbrow, Wigton.



Limousin 207.5p Dashwell Green, 198.5p Englishtown, 192.5p Dashwell Green & Englishtown, 190.5p Englishtown.

Charolais 182.5p Sceughdyke.

Friesian 135.5p High Moat


Limousin 209.5p Dashwell Green, 208.5p, 207.5p Englishtown, 201.5p, 186.5p Dashwell Green.



Limousin £1260, £1257 Englishtown.


Limousin £1269, £1252, £1246 Dashwell Green, £1224, £1157 Englishtown.

Charolais £1205, £1088 Sceughdyke.


Angus £880 Sorbie.


88 Spring lambs averaged 224p. Opening show and sale, Thursday 19th May.

A much larger show of 5,242 hoggs were forward to the usual large ring of buyers, with trade being sharper on the week especially for well fleshed hoggs resulting in us seeing a two tier trade – average 184p (185p SQQ). Heavyweight and export hoggs in strong demand, especially if well fleshed. Many more required to fulfil orders. Lightweight hoggs were similar on the week with plainer, store types meeting realisation. Top price of 218p for Texels from Shankland, East Raffles and top price per head of £109 for Texels from MacTaggart, Dunjop.


Texel 218p East Raffles, 215p Station Yard, 213p East Raffles & Station Yard, 212p Kelmore Hills, 210p Dunjop, 207p Gill, 206p Broomhills & Park House Farming.

Bleu du Maine 212p Lurgan.

Beltex 210p Upper Auchenlay, 203p, 200p Lurgan.

North Country Cheviot 207p Station Yard, 206p Allerby Hall, 196p Station Yard, 190p, 188p Hyde Park.

Cheviot 207p Dykehead, 205p West Scales & Sandbed, 200p Shawhead, Beechwood & West Scales

Suffolk 204p Allerby Hall & Sykehead, 199p Woodfoot, 194p Thorns & Southholm, 192p Sykehead, 191p Kirkwood.

Blackface 195p Southholm, 193p Sykehead, 189p Southholm, 188p, 186p Sykehead, 185p Stoneraise.

Greyface 191p Wilseydown & Southholm, 183p Mid Harrietsfield, 180p Weeds, 178p Wilseydown & Westburnhope.

Charollais 186p Moss Side & Upper Auchenlay, 167p Trelinhay, 165p Burray.

Swaledale 170p Westburnhope, 169p Sykehead, 169p, 164p Hundith House, 159p Sykehead.


Texel £109, £106, £105.50, £105 Dunjop, £101 High Glen Triplock, £100 Oswie, Station Yard, Dunjop and Thorns.

Charollais £104 Moss Side, £101 Hunderlee, £90 Moss Side, £81 Burray.

Suffolk £103 Keepershield, £100 Dunjop & Hyde Park, £99 Thorns, £96 Sykehead, £95.50 Keepershield, £95 Trevemper & Oswie.

North Country Cheviot £99 Thorns, £98 Tarool, £89 Hillhead, £88.50 Station Yard, £88 Beech Hill, £85 Station Yard.

Greyface £99 Slealands, £97 Whinneyknowe, £92 Nilston Rigg, £89 Oswie, £88 Dunjop, £87, £86 Wilseydown.

Cheviot £94, £90 Sandbed, £90 Becks, £89 Dykehead, £88 West Scales, £87 Whinneyknowe.

Blackface £89 Uppercleugh, £85.50, £84, £83 Sykehead, £82 Dunjop, £81 Sykehead, £80 Thorns & Haithwaite.

Continental £86 Oswie, £81 Station Yard, £80.50 Allerby Hall.

Beltex £80 Upper Auchenlay, £76 Lurgan.

Swaledale £78, £74.50 Hundith House, £73, £71 Sykehead, £65 Westburnhope, £64 Hundith House.

Herdwick £76, £66 Ashley Park.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A larger show of 2,881 cast ewes and rams were forward to a large ring of buyers. All classes were dearer on the week, especially lightweight hill ewes and plain ewes with were £6-8 dearer. Heavy ewes and best selling ewes still keenly sought after and £3-4 sharper on the week, with rams £10 dearer on the week and short of requirements. Many more could have been sold to advantage. The sale topped at £150 for Charollais rams from Beckfoot.


Texel £146 Bascodyke Foot, £142 Bardnaclaven, £138 Bascodyke Foot, £138 Newbiggin, £136 Bascodyke Foot, £134 Newbiggin, £133 Bascodyke Foot, £130 Chaseside.

Suffolk £122 Haithwaite, £116 Beckfoot, £114 Burgh Head, £112 East Cliff, £110 Newbiggin, £109 Graceside and Newbiggin.

Charollais £116 Chaseside & Drumreach, £114 Beckfoot, £112 Hunderlee, £107 Beckfoot, £105 Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £107 Bardnaclaven, £105 Copperthorns, £94 Conon Brae, £93 Beckfoot, £92 Drumreach, £90 Conon Brae.

Leicester £103 Hundith House, £100 Eastside & Beckfoot, £98 Brownleazes.

Bleu du Maine £100 Newbiggin.

Beltex £100 Midtown, £86 Beckfoot, £84 Newbiggin, £84 Shoestanes.

Greyface £99 Upper Brydekirk, £91 High Eshells & Haithwaite, £90 Pawston, Oswie & Newbiggin, £89 Drumreach & Haithwaite.

Cheviot Mule £93 Greenburn, £89, £88 Kirkbride, £87 Springwells, £80 Eastside, Archerbeck & Gilston.

Half-bred £90 Haithwaite.

Zwartbles £87 Woodhousehill, £84 Graceside.


Lleyn £93 Oaktree Drive, £88 Gall, £74 Port O Spittal, £61 Burnshall.

Blackface £85 Brownleazes, £79 Craig Farm, £75 Greenburn, £74 Brownleazes & Cassington, £73 Mill View, £72 Drumreach, £71 High Wood & Clonrae.

Cheviot £80 Springwells, £78 Gall, £74 Low Wood Bank, £70 Drumreach, £69 Crosslee, £67 Springwells.

Kendal Rough £79, £67 Gill Head.

Swaledale £74 Pow Croft, £71 Kelmore Hills, £69 The Bog, £64 Brewery House, £63 Spoutbank, £61 Wilseydown, £60 Hundith House & The Bog.

Jacob £67 Parks, £64 Newholme Eals, £62 Copperthorns.

Herdwick £59, £54 Gall, £45 Kelmore Hills.


Charollais £150 Beckfoot, £146 Springwells, £138 Chaseside, £114 Dinwoodie Green.

Beltex £142 Graceside, £120 Whins & Tetcott, £118 Beckfoot, £114 Bassenthwaite Hall.

Suffolk £140 Bardnaclaven, £127 East Cliff, £116 Chaseside, £104 Dalton, £100 Graceside.

Texel £136 High Glen Triplock, £135 Tetcott, £131 Eastside & Whitburgh Farms, £130 Chaseside, £120 Conon Brae, £118 Graceside.

Leicester £135 Springwells, £134 Brownleazes.

North Country Cheviot £130 Bardnaclaven £115 Tarool, £109 Bardnaclaven.

Dorset £108 Beckfoot.

Blackface £106 Mill View.

Cheviot £92 Springwells.

Lleyn £80 Tetcott.

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