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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 15 prime cattle, 14 OTM cattle, 3,732 prime hoggs and 3,111 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st March 2016.


Light to 211.5p (211.5p)
Medium to 218.5p (198.0p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 183.5p (183.5p)
Medium to 222.5p (198.5p)
Heavy to 214.5p (209.0p)

Light to 234.4p (195.0p)
Standard to 308.0p (194.7p)
Medium to 300.0p (205.6p)
Heavy to 228.3p (188.4p)

Light to £87.00 (£64.43)
Heavy to £155.00 (£99.30)

Cast Rams £168.00 (£98.10)

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A much improved show of prime cattle met a flying trade compared to the deadweight price, at 57% the sale will average 3.53p. The sale topped at 222.5p for a sweet Limousin heifer shown by J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown bought by Mr S Ramsey to supply a butcher, other heifers sold to 214.5p from A & WJ Taylor, Dashwell Green, purchased by MJ Wharton Butcher, Wigton. Limousin bullocks topped at 218.5p again from Englishtown bought by Mr S Ramsey.



Limousin 218.5p Englishtown, 211.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 195.5p, 187.5p Bleatarn.

Blonde 192.5p Englishtown.


Limousin 222.5p Englishtown, 214.5p Dashwell Green, 207.5p (x2) Dashwell Green & Low Plains, 206.5p Low Plains.



Limousin £1278 Englishtown, £1218 Bleatarn.

Blonde £1232 Englishtown.


Limousin £1379, £1372 Dashwell Green, £1265, £1249 Low Plains, £1201 Englishtown.

A shortage of cows due to people being busy lambing etc saw a mixed show of mostly leaner, grazing sorts meeting a similar trade but many more could be sold to vendor’s advantage. Top price of £771.98 from Messrs Ritson, Swaites.


Limousin 109.5p Swaites

Aberdeen Angus 103.5p, 102.5p Carruthers

British Blue 99.5p Carruthers

Charolais 97.5p Swaites


Limousin £772 Swaites

Aberdeen Angus £740, £636 Carruthers

British Blue £662 Carruthers

Charolais £570 Swaites


A larger show of 3,732 hoggs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers, all keen for sheep with things returning to normal after the Easter break. Export hoggs in strong demand and short of requirements, both light and heavyweight hoggs sharper on the week. Sale was topped at £120 twice from Texels from Becks and Beltex from Waterside. Top price per kilo was 308p for Beltex from Hollands, closely followed at 305p and 300p from Waterside. Sale average 197p (SQQ 200p).


Beltex 308p Hollands, 305p, 300p Waterside, 290p Hollands, 287p Sowerby Wood, 242p Gateghyll, 234p Balliemore, 232p Oakwood.

Texel 283p Braithwaite Hall, 265p Kedzlie Farms, 257p Waterside, 252p Sowerby Wood, 251p Braithwaite Hall, 236p Kedzlie Farms, 235p The Gill, 230p Hollands & Newtown.

Charollais 267p Sowerby Wood, 223p Upper Auchenlay, 210p Thorneyknowe.

Hill Cheviot 218p Longburghfauld, 217p, 216p Glendearg, 215p Longburghfauld, 214p Glendearg & Unthank, 213p Glendearg, Unthank & Blackwoodridgehouse.

North Country Cheviot 217p Whins, 216p Halgary, 214p Meiklethwaite, 213p Halgary, Kelsocleugh & Whins, 212p Unthank, 211p Kelcsocleugh & Whitecroft Mains.

Suffolk 210p Yeldabrek, 209p Auchengray, 207p Woodfoot, 203p Yeldabrek, 201p Nether Tofts, 200p Cara View.

Greyface 204p Challoch, 198p Finniness, 191p Greystale, 190p Woodfoot.

Blackface 203p Kirkhouse & Sorbie, 201p Glencrosh, 200p Cramalt & Arnicle, 197p Glencrosh, Midlock & Arnicle, 195p West Scales.

Swaledale 180p Pasture House, 172p Thornehope, 171p Hollin Close.

Herdwick 194p, 193, 191p Row Head, 188p Pasture House, 185p, 182p Row Head.


Texel £120 Becks, £118 Land, £115 Becks, £114 Land & Kedzlie Farms, £113 Braithwaite Hall, £112 Bardnaclaven & Collington Mains, £111 Sowerby Wood, £110 Fingland.

Beltex £120 Waterside, £119 Hollands & Waterside, £18 Sowerby Wood, £114 Hollands, £105 Sowerby Wood.

Suffolk £116 Newbiggin, £107 Yeldabrek, £106 Auchengray, Leona Villa & Oswie, £105 Yeldabrek.

Charollais £115 Sowerby Wood, £111 Leona Villa, £109 Thorneyknowe, £105 Bushfield.

Hill Cheviot £103 Becks, £98 Unthank & Falnash, £97 Becks, £95 Unthank, £94 West Scales, £93 Fingland & Glendearg.

North Country Cheviot £100 Lands, £96.50 Meiklethwaite, £94 Bardnaclaven, Land & Blackwoodridgehouse.

Bleu du Maine £98 Lawesknowe

Greyface £95 Unthank, £93 Lawesknowe, £87 Oswie & Nether Onsett.

Blackface tup hoggs £95 Meggethead, £94 Balliemeanoch, Cramalt & Milnmark, £93 Syart & Glenrath.

Blackface wether hoggs £90, Nether Onsett, £85 Oswie, £81.50 Nether Onsett, £80 Glenshanna, West Scales & Cramalt.

Leicester £90 Glenrath, £85 Kirkton of Crawford

Easycare £87, £78.50 Cleongart, £76 Brydekirk Mains

Cheviot Mule £80 Falnash.

Swaledale £75.50 Thornhope, £75 Gateghyll, £70 Hollinclose

Herdwick £72, £68, £67, £66, £65.50 Row Head, £62 Pasture House

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A larger show of 3,111 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. All classes of ewes met extreme rates with heavyweight ewes £10 dearer on the week and lightweight ewes £5 dearer. Many more ewes of all classes could be sold to vendors advantage. Ewes topped at £155 for Texels from D N Campbell, Bardnaclaven, Caithness.


Texel £155 Bardnaclaven, £149 Harene, £148 Becks, Machrihanish & Chaseside, £146 Beckfoot, £144 Commonside, £010 Fineview, £140 Holme House.

Beltex £152, £130, £129, £127 Ainstable Hall, £120 Snade, £116 Upper Auchenlay & Ainstable Hall.

Suffolk £140 Lands, £133 Newbigging, £130, £128 Beckfoot, £128 Bardnaclaven, £125 Newbigging, £121 Broomlands & Catslackburn.

Charollais £134 Beckfoot, £130 Chaseside & Beckfoot, £128 Inverae Cottage, Thackwood & Heatherglen, £126 Chaseside, £124, £123 Thackwood.

North Country Cheviot £117 Bardnaclaven, £101 Dunjop, £100 Beckfoot, £98 Hallum, £96 Whitcastles & Chaseside, £95 Cleughbraemill & Dunjop.

Zwartble £111 Bogra, £109 The Sqaure, £108 Sibmister.

Half Bred £108 High Wood, £96, £86 Whins.

Leicester £104 Finniness, £102 Townhead, £98 Brampton Fell

Cheviot Mule £99 Sykehead, £94, £86 Sibmister.

Greyface £99 Haithwaite, £98 Keepwick, £97 Calder Farms, £96 Townhead & Sykehead, £95 Culquasen & Parcelstown, £94 Burnbrae.


Blackface £87 Burnbrae & Peela Hill, £85 Balker Farms, £84 Ysgubor, £83 Clonrae & Burnbrae, £81 Keepwick, £80 Glenshanna.

Lleyn £86 Whitcastles, £82, £80 Height, £77 Linton Burnfoot.

Hill Cheviot £81 Catslackburn, Arkleton & Hindhope, £76 Glenshanna, £73 Becks.

Swaledale £80 Bailey Mill, £66 Hollin Close, £65 Brampton Fell, £64 The Bog.

Easycare £75 Whitcastles, £69 Parcelstown.


Texel £168 Farnbury, £136 Newbiggin, £132 Becks.

Suffolk £162 Newbiggin, £150 Beechgrove, £145, £136 Newbiggin.

Charollais £154 Chaseside, £130 Hundalee.

Leicester £145 Glenrath.

Beltex £129 Ainstable Hall, £125 Balliemore.

Blackface £111 Horseholme, £91 Ballymeanoch, £90 Horseholme.

North Country Cheviot £108 Newbiggin.

Hill Cheviot £109 Becks, £100 Marygate, £94, £93 Becks.

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