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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 24 prime cattle, 21 OTM cattle, 6,175 prime hoggs and 3,475 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th March 2016.


Light to 204.5p (202.3p)
Medium to 200.0p (191.7p)
Heavy to 180.5p (180.5p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 215.5p (206.1p)
Heavy to 192.5p (189.3p)

Light to 210.0p (188.2p)
Standard to 287.0p (193.4p)
Medium to 285.0p (199.7p)
Heavy to 255.3p (187.5p)

Light to £85.00 (£58.91)
Heavy to £150.00 (£85.43)

Cast Rams £130.00 (£84.54)

Fraser Beard Champion Dairy Cow

Another excellent entry of cows met increased competition from a full ring of buyers with new faces present. Continental cows sold to 126p from Messrs Ewing for a Limousin. Blonde sold to £108 from Messrs Carruthers. A larger percentage of the entry was dairy bred and were topped at 108p from Fraser Beard and family, Dairy Shorthorn sold to 105p Arthur Ritchie. Top price per head was £853.20 for The Champion Dairy Cow from Dormansteads. Cast bulls topped at £1,001.10 from Glendearg.

Longtown cattle ring

The Easter Show of prime cattle met a good demand and more could have been sold, still a shortage of handyweight cattle. The Champion Beast was awarded to a 780kg Limousin bullock from D. & E. Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh, grossing at £1,407.90 bough by the Judge Mr G. Moor. Top price of the sale was 215.5p for a Limousin heifer from J. & J. & D. Taylor, Englishtown.



Limousin 204.5p Englishtown, 200p (x2) Nether Onsett, 197.5p Englishtown, 180.5p Faulding Cleugh.


Limousin £1,407 Faulding Cleugh, £1,166 Englishtown.


Limousin 215.5p, 213.5p (x2), 209.5p Englishtown, 193.5p High Stenries, 192.5p, 191.5p, 190.5p Englishtown.

Charolais 184.5p High Stenries.


Charolais £1,300 High Stenries.

Limousin £1,232, £1,216, £1,206, £1,196, £1,194, £1,174 Englishtown, £1,102 High Stenries.

The largest show since change of ownership saw 6,175 prime hoggs forward to a large ring of buyers who were all keen for sheep. All classes similar on the week, apart from second rate store type hoggs. Best quality export hoggs in strong demand and well short of requirements. The highlight of the day was an excellent entry of 2,500 North & Hill Cheviot hoggs which were a credit to vendors. Overall average of 193.8p per kilo (SQQ 196.2p).

Top price of 287p per kilo for Beltex from Messrs Gribbon, Waterside and to £120 per head for Texels from Station Yard and Beltex from Gate Ghyll.


Beltex 287p Waterside, 285p, 178p Hollands, 249p Waterside, 247.4p Yeldabrek, 247p Shankcastle.

Texel 258p Keepwick, 255.3p Station Yard, 254p Keepwick, 246p, 242p Station Yard, 236p Sowerby Wood.

Hill Cheviot 215p High Stenries, 210p, 209p Blackwoodridgehouse, 209p Upper Hindhope, 207p Mid Dargavel, 206p Becks.

North Country Cheviot 210p Kilfinnan and Blackwoodridgehouse, 209p Station Yard, Macharioch and Blackwoodridgehouse, 208p Whitefield, 206p Kilfinnan and Macharioch, 205.8p The Land.

Suffolk 208p Aucharua, 205p Brisco Meadow, 204.3p Oswie, 203p Aucharua and Mid Dargavel, 202p Guardsmill and Glenehervie.

Dorset 205p Yeldabrek, 187p Aucharua.

Cheviot Mule 203p Balure, 171p Eastside.

Charollais 202p Aucharua, 196p Mid Dargavel, 195p McMurdo Road, 189p Broadlea Cottage.

Herdwick 199p Ashley Parkm 189p Rowhead, 188p Auchentaggart, 184p Ashley Park and Rowhead.

Blackface 197p, 196p High Creoch, 193p Kirkland, Sorbie, Milnmark, Upper Hindhope and Glenshanna, 191p Hallburn, 189p Stoneraise, Kirkland and Knockreoch.

Greyface 195p Brisco Meadow, 191.3p Burnshall, 191p Killegruer and High Airyolland, 188p Culquhasen, 187p Nether Onsett.

Swaledale 177p Fordlands, 172p Coatlith Hill, 169p Pasture House, 163.4p Westburnhope, 156p Gate Ghyll.

Jacob 174p Yeldabrek, 162p Almagill.

Leicester 170p Dalbhraddan, 160p Romesbeoch.

Shetland 169p Almagill.

Easycare 168p Hazelbank.

Kerry Hill 151p Hazelbank.

Lleyn 147p Hazelbank.


Texel £120 Station Yard, £117 Kirkhouse, £112 Station Yard, £111 Keepwick, £108 Station Yard and Chapelhouse.

Beltex £120 Gate Ghyll, £114 Hollands, £112 Waterside, £110 Hollands, £105 Gate Ghyll.

Suffolk £109 The Land, £103 Oswie, £101 The Land, £100 Whitefield and Sceughdyke, £98.50 Auchengray.

North Country Cheviot £103, £101.50 Station Yard, £95 Stobshiel Mains, £94 Station Yard, £93.50 Whitefield.

Lleyn £100 Hazelbank.

Hill Cheviot £97.50 Crawesknowe, £96 Longburgh Fauld, £95 Catslackburn, £93 Fingland, £90.50 High Stenries.

Charollais £95.50 McMurdo Road, £95 Aucharua, £90 Mid Dargavel, £87 Broadlea Cottage.

Greyface £94 Kirkhouse, £93 Nether Onsett, £88 Burnshall, £87.50 Nether Onsett, £86 Oswie.

Blackface wether hoggs £89, £87, £85 Kirkland, £85 Knockreoch and Lawsknowe, £83 Glenshanna, £80 Hollands.

Blackface tup hoggs £89 Upper Hindhope, £88 Catslackburn and Arnicle, £87 Kirkland, £85 Glenshanna.

Leicester £88 Merry Knowe, £82 Dunnabie, £80 Romesbeoch.

Easycare £84 Hazelbank.

Dorset £84 Aucharua, £82 Yeldabrek.

Kerry Hill £84 Hazelbank.

Cheviot Mule £82 Eastside.

Swaledale £78 Fordland, £75 Gate Ghyll, £70 Coldshield, £62 Coatlith Hill.

Herdwick £70, £67.50 Ashley Park, £64.50 Rowhead.

Jacob £61 Yeldabrek, £60 Almagill.

Longtown sheep ring

A similar show of 3,475 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. Heavy ewes similar on the week but thick fat easier, however, lightweight Blackface and Cheviot ewes were £3 to £4 sharper on the week. All classes short of buyer requirements and many more could be sold to advantage.


Texel £150 Marygate, £145 Woodhead, £144 Glenart, £142 Chaseside, £140 Yeldabrek and Marygate.

Charollais £122 Chaseside and Beckfoot, £120 Beckfoot and Holme House, £106 The Square, £105 Chaseside and Newbigging, £100 Red House.

Suffolk £112 Beckfoot, £110 Yeldabrek, £109 Glenehervie, £108 Satchells, £105 Chaseside.

Beltex £109 Newton Cottages, £98 Yeldabrek, £88 Heatherglen, £84 The Wreay.

North Country Cheviot £106, £95 Stobshiel Mains, £94 Dodgsonstown, £89 Courstein, £87 Chaseside.

Cheviot Mule £99 Woodhead, £88 Newbigging, £84 Tarrasfoot, £83 Eastside, £81 High Stenries.

Leicester £98 Finney Green, £96 Netherwood, £94 Softley, £90 Stobshiel Mains.

Greyface £90 Newbigging and Newtown, £88 Breconiehil and Blackrigg, £87 Eastside, Moon House and Mains of Collin, £86 Todhillwood, Dunjop, Newbigging, Satchells and Broomlands.

Oxford £87 Westcott.

Half Bred £80 Ringliggate, £73 Whins.

Romney £72 Rammerscales.


Blackface £85 Stobshiel Mains, £80 Heatherglen, £78, £74 Knockreoch, £74 Mains of Collin and Kirkton, £73 Oswie and Kirkton.

Lleyn £77 Hazelbank, £74 Windyknowe, £70 Trefrank.

Hill Cheviot £76 Glendearg, £75 Upper Hindhope, £74 Satchells, £72 Damhead, £68 Glendearg.

Swaledale £74 Todhillwood, £67 Bailey Mill, £66 Softley, £60 Coldshield, £58 Burnside Cottage.

Easycare £74 Marygate, £70 Barnside.

Beulah £67 Cannon Park.

Jacob £66 Broomhill.

Herdwick £51 Rowhead.

Shetland £48 Brackley.


Texel £130 Graceside and Reaygarth, £126 The Square and Jerriestown, £125 Beckfoot, £123, £121 Hallburn.

Charollais £118 Chaseside, £96 Beckfoot, £94 Newbigging, £85 Heatherglen.

Suffolk £116 Chaseside, £100 Hazelbank, £90 Glenehervie.

Beltex £103 Thorns.

Leicester £103 The Ash.

North Country Cheviot £101 Courstein, £85 Henderland.

Hill Cheviot £97, £88 Sorbie, £84 Upper Hindhope.

Swaledale £78 Merry Knowe, £75 Sheepriggs, £68 Coldshield.

Blackface £73 Henderland, £70 Kingside, £68 Cara View, £67, £62 Sundhope.

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