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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6 prime cattle, 11 OTM cattle, 2,577 prime hoggs and 2,718 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th March 2016.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 195.5p (186.9p)
Heavy to 177.5p (177.5p)

Light to 192.0p (192.0p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 233.0p (184.1p)
Standard to 221.0p (182.5p)
Medium to 220.0p (182.7p)
Heavy to 191.0p (168.9p)

Light to £88.00 (£58.72)
Heavy to £148.00 (£89.26)

Cast Rams to £131.00 (£81.58)

Longtown cattle ring

A pre-Easter entry of 17 cattle; comprising of 11 cows and 6 clean, was offered to an excellent ring of seven buyers who were keen for all types.

OTMs – Armathwaite 1st, Penton 2nd

Trade was good for all classes from Limousin’s to the pure Dexter, with all corners of the ring firing. Messrs Pollock topped the sale at 106p with a Simmental cow followed at 104p from Messrs Lawson. Black & Whites a working class entry and topped at £672 from The Stubb. As ever more are required to fulfil demand.

The prime trade is in keeping with national trend as buyers have an order but at a price. James Taylor sold Limousin steers to 195.5p and heifers to 192p. People were talking about the trade but work them out at 57.5% against the deadweight and we should have 100 next week. Remember sell live and thrive.

A much smaller show of 2,577 hoggs was forward due to the Easter weekend with many abattoirs not killing on Friday and Monday. Quality Cheviot and Texel hoggs with plenty of flesh were keenly bid for, but with a large show of lighterweight, second rate hoggs forward. More hoggs are required for next week as all firms will be back to usual business. Overall average of 180p per kilo (SQQ 182.8p).   

Top price of 233p per kilo for Beltex from Messrs Kennedy, Lurgan and to £104 per head for Texels from Messrs Bell, Charlesfield.


Beltex 233p, 219p Lurgan.

Texel 221p Drumreach, 220p Achsrabster, 211p Newbigging, 205p Howgillside, 197p Brims Mains.

Hill Cheviot 208p Pasture House, 206p Lurgan, 205p Linhope, 203p Potholm, 200p, 199p (x2) Becks.

North Country Cheviot 198p, 197p (x2) Whins, 197p, 196p, 195p Kilfinnan, 195p Swanson.

Suffolk 205p Pasture House, 188p North House, 174p Newbiggin, 173p Knowe, 172p Longlea.

Bleu du Maine 191p Lurgan.

Cheviot Mule 164p Skelfhill.

Charollais 195p 6 Forss, 191p Plumpe, 178p Skyehead, 177p Plumpe.

Blackface 185p West Scales & Plumpe, 183p Plumpe & Drumreach, 180p (x2) West Scales, Nether Onsett, Pasture House and Troloss Farm.

Greyface 182p Pasture House, 179, 177p Kirkhouse, 175p Newbiggin, 171p Nether Onsett.

Swaledale 172p Longlea, 169p Broadmea, 164p Kirkhaugh, Longlea & Newbiggin, 163p Thornhope.

Lonk 164p West Logan

Border Leicester 160p Tushielaw

Half-bred 157p Newington

Herdwick 161p Pasture House

Lleyn 173p Windyknowe


Texel £104, £100 Charlesfield, £94 Newbiggin & Upper Mains, £93 Forget-me-not, £92 Yett & Skelfhill.

Beltex £94, £70 Lurgan.

Suffolk £94 Sceughdyke, £88 Pasture House, £87 Knowe, £86 Sceughdyke & Longlea, £84 Sceughdyke.

North Country Cheviot £88 Blackwoodridgehouse, £86 Achscrabster, £85 Blackwoodridgehouse, £84.50 (x2) Whins, £84 North House.

Hill Cheviot £87 (x2) Longburghfauld & Plumpe, £87, £86 Fingland, £85 Longburghfauld & West Scales.

Charollais £90 Troloss, £89 Skyehead, £86, £85 Plumpe.

Greyface £85 Pasture House, £84 Kirkhouse, £82.50 Nether Onsett & Kirkhouse.

Blackface wether hoggs £83.50 Troloss Farms, £82 Skyehead, £80 Troloss Farms, £80 Yett & Sykehead.

Blackface tup hoggs £87 Plenderleith.

Cheviot Mule £87 Skelfhill

Bleu du Maine £88 Lurgan

Border Leicester £81 Silloans

Swaledale £78 Thornhope, £77 Newbiggin, £69 Longlea, £67 Newbiggin

Longtown sheep ring

A smaller show of 2,718 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. All classes of ewes were seen to be £3-5 dearer on the week, especially for lean, good selling ewes. Lightweight ewes continue at recent high rates, many more could be sold to advantage. Ewes topped at £148 for Texels from R Mackay, Clyth Mains, Caithness.


Texel £148 Clyth Mains, £146 Sharplaw & Cambwell, £142 Beckfoot, £139 Hallbankgate, £138 Charlesfield.

Charollais £132 Beckfoot, £116, £114, £104, £98 Chaseside, £94 Achnamoine.

Suffolk £120 Chaseside, £119 North House, £115 Haithwaite, £114 Graceside, £113 Beckffot, £112 Mavsey.

North Country Cheviot £113 Mid Calder, £100 Chirdon, £96 Swanson & Banniskirk Mains.

Cheviot Mule £87 North House, £85, £80 Remiggy, £79 Bayles, £71 North House.

Leicester £104 Chapel Farm & Townhead, £100 Newbigging, £98 Ringligate, £96 Achnamoine.

Greyface £97 Eastside, £88 Haithwaite & Newbigging, £87 Bidlake, £84 Mirkbooths, Haithwaite, Great Hackworthy and Dunjop.

Half Bred £100, £78 Eastside.

Zwartble £98 The Square, £77 Great Hackworthy, £73 Drumreach.


Blackface £88, £84 Newbigging, £84 Haithwaite, £80 Troloss, £78 Eastside, £75 Chirdon & Haithwaite, £70 Chirdon & Haithwaite.

Lleyn £83 Chaseside, £62 Inch.

Hill Cheviot £77 High Acres, £76 Tushielaw, £75 West Logan, £73 Bank House, £72 Allfornaught, Birneyknowe and Haithwaite.

Swaledale £69 Thornhope, £58 Ottercops, £57 Thornhope, £51 Chapel.

Easycare £85 Inch, £69 Bank House, £67, £59 Godscroft.

Jacob £64 Hollands.


Texel £131, £127 Lairdlaugh, £124 Forget-me-not, £118 Chapel, £116 Banniskirk Mains & Graceside.

Charollais £128, £96 Chaseside.

Suffolk £96 Plantation Cottage & Newbigging, £94 Banniskirk Mains.

Leicester £107 Thornhope, £103 Chirdon, £90 Tushielaw.

North Country Cheviot £86 Achscrabster.

Hill Cheviot £86 Tushielaw.

Swaledale £76 Thornhope.

Blackface £75 Little Tongue.

Easycare £87 Inch Farm.

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