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Unilight's Dairy Light Increases Milk Yield

A report from Alltech E-CO2 confirms a farm using Unilight's Dairy Light has had a milk yield increase of 9% within 4 weeks!

Alltech E-CO2, the leading supplier of agricultural sustainability measurement and mitigation services, has just generated data from a 240 cow farm that confirms a 9% yield increase after installation of UNILIGHT's patented LED Dairy Light and control system. This, coupled with a reduction in concentrate usage from 0.35 to 0.31kg/lt, improves margins by 1.9ppl for the year totalling £263 per cow.


UNILIGHT's patented LED Dairy Light

David Hardy from Unilight commented;
"We are delighted with this report - the first independent recording we have based on farm generated data before and after just four weeks' installation. Research always suggested such responses were achievable but we now have the evidence! With payback of all capital expenditure in months rather than years, farmers can increase yield, or cut cow numbers and/or feed costs with almost immediate cash flow benefits."

Alltech table

Data generated by pedometers also recorded an increase in lying times of ¾ hour in a 24-hour period with cows spending more time either eating, drinking or lying down. Time spent by cows idling potentially unproductively in passageways was almost negated.

Unilight's Dairy Light is the only LED light on the market designed to optimise melatonin suppression. The company's patented, power efficient LED lights increase milk yield and improve cow health and fertility. Developed in conjunction with dairy industry experts, Dairy Light offers a very specific light which increases milk yield and reduced power consumption by using LED technology. They are quick and easy to install using industry leading ‘plug and play' connectivity, which minimises hard-wiring time and installation cost.


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