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Milk Solids Duo Join Geno UK

Two new Normande sires that can boost milk solids, particularly protein, are available to UK dairy producers this spring from Geno UK.

Tested through the French co-operative Evolution’s (formerly Sersia) sire programme, they are being used in France and globally, particularly in grazing systems where high milk quality and protein percentages are important.

Daughter of Normande sire HALIAS ISY

Daughter of Normande sire HALIAS ISY

Halias Isy is a genomically tested sire with top milk yields and the ability to improve fat and protein percentages. This sire has the ideal characteristics for using in grazing systems with the ability to sire average sized cows of 53 inches, good legs, feet, frames and strength, and with calving ease traits.

Isy has the BB Kappa Casein gene seen in many Normande sires that can help to increase cheese yields.

Earl La Soiziere Daughter of new Normande sire AUBRAY

Earl La Soiziere Daughter of new Normande sire AUBRAY

Geno’s second new sire, Aubray, is a daughter-proven sire with 95% reliability. His daughters are deep bodied and slightly shorter than the breed average, but with good frames.

He is +0.1% for protein and also has the Kappa Casein BB gene, which appeals to producers supplying milk on a cheese contract. Another ‘easy-care’ sire, Aubray’s daughters have high fertility and are easy calving.

“Both these Normande sires are ideal choices for using on black-and-white cows,” says Geno UK’s managing director Wes Bluhm. “They will increase milk solids in a similar way to the Channel Island breeds and they will also add to both calf and cull cow value, so providing another income stream to the business.”

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