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Cogent Futures Competition Expands into Beef

The acclaimed Cogent Futures Programme - which has for many years provided young cattle enthusiasts with the chance of winning a range of opportunities and prizes in the dairy breeding industry - has been expanded into the beef sector.

The programme will offer two finalists - who will have a particular enthusiasm for working in the beef industry - the chance to work with Cogent's beef genetics team to develop their understanding of beef genetics and the beef industry in general. After spending time within the company, the two finalists will be given a topic and asked to prepare a presentation from which the ultimate Cogent Futures winner will be selected.


The winner's prize will be an all-expenses paid, escorted trip to France next spring, taking in the Paris Show.

"Cogent's beef business is growing exceptionally fast as more and more producers appreciate the value of high genetic index sires which can bring fast growth rates, improved carcase grades and better margins to their business," says Sammie Wilson, Cogent's beef genetics and product analyst.

"We want to give the next generation a chance to get a taste of this action so we feel it's only right that Cogent Futures should be expanded into beef.

"The finalists in the programme are expected to gain a deep understanding of how beef cattle are selected for different sectors of - and different purposes within - the beef industry, and any young person who is successful in this competition puts him- or herself at a distinct advantage for their future employment prospects," she adds.

"This is an opportunity not to be missed by any 16 to 26 year olds who have their sights set on a career in the beef industry."


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