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Normande Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
UK     British Normande Cattle Society
British Normande Cattle Society
  The Normande breed of cattle is one of the so-called “dual-purpose” breeds. Breeders who use it earn their revenue from milk production as well as from meat production. Its milk is rich in fat and in protein; it is highly sought-after by dairy produce makers and has contributed to the reputation of Normandy’s creams and cheeses.
usa     normande cattle
North American Normande Association
  The Normande breed has its origin in cattle that were brought to Normandy by the Viking Conquerors in the 9th and 10th centuries. For over a thousand years these cattle evolved into a dual  purpose breed to meet the milk and meat needs of the residents of northwestern France.
argentina     aacn
Asociacion Argentina Criadores de
  Fue llevada hace más de 100 años a Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina y Venezuela, donde las Asociaciones de Criadores de cada país contribuyen a su mejoramiento genético y a su difusión.
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