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Cogent Delivers Profit Driven Genetics to UK Farmers

As a responsible genetic partner, Cogent Breeding Limited prides itself in offering market leading and profit driven genetics to UK farmers.

Working with our customers at these challenging times for dairy farmers, there has never been a bigger need to ensure that the genetics used today promote the type of cow built for the future.

DG Brody *RC

DG Brody RC

Leading this group of Cogent sires set to make a significant stamp on UK herds is the exciting, new release, Prismagen King George. Bred from the superb De-Su Georgia cow family that has brought genomic legends such as De-Su Oman 6121, King George is perhaps one of the most complete sires for use in the modern, UK dairy herd. A genomic giant and future sire of sons, King George offers a great combination of milk, (+580kgs) type (+2.3), fertility (8.9) and positive components; while his thoroughly desirable pedigree (Kingboy x Shotglass x Frank), provides an opportunity to bring specialist genetics into realistic, everyday use.

In a proof run that shows strength and depth to the Cogent programme, King George is not alone in his claim for the stud’s proof run star. DG Brody *RC has similar credentials and as one of the highest red carrier bulls globally brings a wide range of benefits to UK farmers and breeders alike. Brody combines the great Rainyridge Tony Beauty cow family with a modern sire stack (Olympian x Supersire x Superstition) and adds to it with exceptional type (+3.21) and outstanding health traits. This makes Brody a strong candidate for breeding excellence both commercially and for pedigree breeders. He also offers an exciting boost of production (+469 Kgs milk) and exceptional health and management traits (+11.7 fertility and +0.6 lifespan) for those interested in red/red carrier breeding.

Never one to be overshadowed, the UK’s very own Wintersell Mila family has played a significant part in the latest proof run. Cogent’s proven portfolio now boasts three high flyers in brothers, Wintersell Millet, a bull who will appeal to any breeder, with daughters continually scoring high with the classifier, as well as Cogent’s number one PLI proven bull Wintersell Milo and number two PLI proven sire Curtismill Wintery.

Cogent have continued to invest heavily in the next generation of this renowned family and the pedigree alone of Wintersell Demon is enough to demonstrate why this strategy has paid off. A son of EDG Deman from a VG87 Gerard, Demon is already Cogent’s number two genomic PLI sire (PLI £633). Added to this is his family history of protein with his dam averaging 3.66% protein over her first three lactations and Demon himself offering an impressive +0.15%.

Summarising the Stud’s performance in the April proof-run, Andrew Holliday, Cogent’s European Dairy Sire Analyst said:
“We know how difficult the market is at the moment and the importance of selecting the right bulls to suit your farm system has never been greater. As a company, we are determined to offer the right solutions to our customers and ensure that we tailor our sires to fit with the needs of every herd in the UK.”

“This means a continued focus on selecting profit driven genetics with the added qualities of complimentary sire stacks and balanced breeding. We believe that the performance of our sires in the latest proof run has more than matched those goals and have helped bring the best range of bloodlines we have ever been able to offer UK farmers.”

“We are confident these bulls will not only improve our customers’ herds, but also support and boost overall genetic progress which will help to lift profits on UK farms. We also look forward to adding all of these new sires to our extensive, sexed semen portfolio in due course.”


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