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Cogent’s Top Sires Excel Across Key Indexes

Cattle breeding company, Cogent, has many counts on which to celebrate the DairyCo bull proof-runs published this week, ranging from the number one butterfat sire in the world to a genomic sire which is an international leader for key global indexes.

And alongside the headline names of Cogent Twist and Cogent Supershot, there’s a wealth of bloodlines to suit every dairy farmer’s needs originating from both Cogent’s own UK breeding programme and the internationally acclaimed portfolio of World Wide Sires in the USA.

Wintersell Sapphire 29

Wintersell Sapphire 29 VG86 2yrs, a daughter of Wintersell Milo, a newly proven highlight of the Cogent stud.

Amongst the proven sires:

Wintersell Milo earns his first daughter proof and exceeds expectations with over two points for type and as a leading cell count improver. With great daughter fertility, a high weight and percentage of butterfat, and as a jet black and easy calving sire, it’s clear why Milo has such a strong following. His Profitable Lifetime Index is £187 and he is +2.1 TM.

Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock is a Planet x Shottle who has increased daughter numbers and continues to offer high type credentials. This includes a Type Merit of +3.2, mammary of +3.13 and legs and feet of +2.19. A jump in daughter Fertility Index (FI) helps increase his PLI to £197.

Hammer-Creek O Man Kody becomes the number one daughter fertility improver in the PLI top 10, with a massive FI of +8.4. As an improver of cell counts, lifespan and with +1.93 points for type, he’s a great all-rounder with a PLI of £234.

Cogent Twist’s reputation goes from strength to strength as he adds 149 second crop daughters and regains number one spot for UK-proven sires, with a PLI of £244 alongside the highest butterfat index in the world at a massive 39.6kg (+0.24%).

Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood becomes the new number one UK-proven type sire at TM +3.48 and reinforces his international reputation with comparable domestic performance.

Bertaiola Mincio reinforces his position as a superb type improver with a massive TM of +4.12, yet still offers a complete and easy-to-use index without extreme stature.

Dunnerdale Kestrel, as a Bolton x Allen is an outcross sire, and again transmits outstanding butterfat production at 35.6kg and +0.14% and will slightly reduce stature. With 598kg milk, he earns a PLI of £191.

Bakombre regains his top 10 position having increased his PLI to £238, through improvements in production and several fitness traits. This Baxter son’s index is without fault, and includes over two points for type.

The most modern and elite young sires

The young genomic sires add a further dimension to the stud, and with four of the top five highest PLI bulls available through Cogent, we look forward to bringing the world’s most modern and elite genetics to UK herds.

Cogent Supershot is the undisputed leader with a massive £290 PLI and sky-high performance by international standards. This includes the highest genomic TPI in America at 2625; the highest Net Merit (the USA’s key economic index) at $1047 and the highest LPI in Canada at +3511. Never before has a bull offered dairy producers such high genetic potential across such a wide range of bases.

Morningview MCC Kingboy is a McCutchen from a Charlesdale Superstition with a massive +3.58 Type Merit and is also among the elite for the USA’s TPI.

Cogent Goodwell and TW Goodwhone are half-brothers from one of the greatest cows in Europe – the Active daughter, Campogallo Gaia. Sired by Sudan and Mogul respectively, both bulls offer great milk and components while Goodwhone’s high type (TM +3.05) dwarfs that of other outcross genomic sires.a

De-Su Moonray’s global reputation grows as this Robust son breaks the £300 PLI barrier and continues to offer exceptionally high butterfat (47.5kg and +0.14%) with 902kg milk combined with outstanding daughter fertility.

Wiltor Cruise is an Iota x Planet from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family and is the number one UK-born PLI sire at £252, with a Type Merit of +2.17 into the bargain.

Seagull-Bay Platinum and Seagull-Bay Diamond are full brothers by Snowman and from the Planet daughter, Ammon-Peachey Shauna who both offer £256 PLI and exceptional cell count improvement with high type.

Melarry Robust Miles is another exceptional PLI bull at £280, who improves all the health and fitness traits and offers a Type Merit of +2.55.

Seagull-Bay Supersire already has a big reputation, including as a sire of sons, despite being little more than three years old himself. But he earns this through a remarkable ability to transmit high type, good daughter fertility and lifespans and exceptional volumes of high quality milk. His PLI is £284.

S-S-I Mogul Defender is a high type (TM +4) Mogul son from a Man-O-Man dam, with all the health, fertility and production attributes to be expected of a sire with a PLI of £203 PLI.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the calibre of the stud we are able to offer UK producers and feel we have genetics to suit every type of farming system,” says Mike Phillips Cogent UK Sales Manager. “Over the days and weeks ahead we will be adding further bloodlines which will continue to keep our portfolio bang up to date. These will come both through our own Visions progeny testing programme and from our international partners at World Wide Sires.”


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