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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 30 prime cattle, 24 OTM cattle, 3,952 prime hoggs and 5,282 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 25th February 2016.


Light to 194.5p (194.5p)
Medium to 199.5p (179.9p)
Heavy to 192.5p (184.9p)

Light to 213.5p (213.5p)
Medium to 208.5p (200.8p)
Heavy to 204.5p (187.7p)

Young bulls 138.5p (138.5p)

Light to 216.0p (177.5p)
Standard to 297.0p (192.6p)
Medium to 281.0p (198.1p)
Heavy to 221.00 (181.2p)

Light to £87.00 (£56.25)
Heavy to £144.00 (£83.61)

Cast Rams £143.00 (£89.02)

Langholm 1st, Chapelknowe 2nd

An increased ringside of buyers which saw 8 men purchase cattle easily handled the 24 cows on offer. Trade would be 4-6p dearer with the keeping cows 10p dearer on the week. Jim Robertson topped the sale with a strong Limousin at 131p with Blonde from Davie Robison to 111p. Blue x sucklers sold to 105p from Andy Hogg. Native breeds sold to 108p for a Devon x cow from Greystoke Castle with hill cows to 100p for Galloway from Jim Robertson. Top per head was £975.95 from The Becks, followed at £951.60 High Greenhill, £831.60 Greystoke Castle.

As ever we need more cows to keep the buyers coming.

Longtown cattle ring

More prime cattle on offer and readily bid for but still a shortage of 520kg-580kg U Grade’s. Overall trade would be similar on the week. Top price was 213.5p for a Limousin heifer sold by D.J. Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage, others to 208.5p shown by Beacom Farms Ltd, Swordwellrigg, both heifers bought by Mr Granville Moor.


Limousin 199.5p, 195.5p Englishtown, 194.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 192.5p Englishtown, 192.5p, 189.5p (x2) Staffler.

Friesian 152.5p, 142.5p High Moat.


Limousin £1,296, £1,270 (x2) Englishtown, £1,251 Staffler, £1,207 Englishtown.


Limousin 213.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 208.5p, 204.5p Swordwellrigg, 196.5p Barrow Ling, 192.5p, 189.5p, 185.5p Englishtown.

Charolais 203.5p, 199.5p Swordwellrigg.


Limousin £1,257 Barrow Ling, £1,237 Swordwellrigg, £1,216 Sceughdyke, £1,188 Barrow Ling.

Charolais £1,180 Swordwellrigg.


Friesian 138.5p Jerriestown.

A similar show of 3,952 prime hoggs were forward to a strong ring of buyers with the recent new faces present again. Best quality hoggs were dearer on the week in all weight ranges and were well short of buyer requirements. Heavyweight hoggs regularly over £100 with best Beltex and Texel hoggs regularly between £2.50 and £3 per kilo and many more needed to supply increasing demand. Lightweight hoggs sharper. Overall average of 190.1p per kilo (SQQ 194p).

Top price of 297p per kilo for Beltex from Messrs Nixon, Oakwood, Selkirk and to £118 per head for Beltex from A. & A. Little, Hollands, Penton.


Beltex 297p Oakwood, 292p Hollands, 282p Windyhill, 281p Hollands, 258p Cumcrook.

Texel 257p High Parson Bridge, 252p Crawthat, 247p Stonehouse, 244p Cumcrook, 241p High Stenries.

Suffolk 214p Oaktree Drive, 210p Skaill, 208p High Aketon and Cleughbrae, 207p North House, 206p Outertown.

Hill Cheviot 210p Sorbie, 206p Catslackburn, 202.6p Haliburton, 202p Longburgh Fauld, 200p Cumcrook.

North Country Cheviot 207p North House, 204p Drumyeonmore, 200p Lairdlaugh and Lurgan, 192p Buckies, 189p Skaill.

Charollais 208p Beyond the Moss, 205p Windy Hill, 200p Tinnishall, 194p Porteath, 188p Tinnishall and Knowe Farm.

Blackface 205p, 202p Syart, 201p, 200p, 199p West Scales, 196p Milnmark.

Cheviot Mule 202p High Stenries, 184p Becton Hall.

Greyface 197.4p Glenehervie, 194p, 193.8p Dalbhraddan, 193.6p Saddell Home Farm, 191.2p Glenehervie.

Swaledale 185.5p Hollinclose, 175p Shield Farm, 174p Kirkhaugh, 173p Shield Farm, 171p Batey Shield.

Dorset 181p Porteath.

Jacob 178p Dalbhraddan, 173p The Green, 169p Upper Gelshfield.

Easycare 175p Blackhaugh.

Half Bred 170p Buckies.

Kerry Hill 167p Pingle.


Beltex £118, £114 Hollands, £113 Oakwood, £110 Windyhill, £108, £107 Hollands.

Texel £111 Stonehouse, £110 Cumcrook, £108 High Parson Bridge and Kirkhouse, £106 Mindork, Oaktree Drive, Crawthat, Four o Boot, Wood Farm and Bowsden Moor, £105 Ashley Park and Bogues.

Suffolk £107 Bowsden Moor, £101 Knowe Farm, £100 Falla, £99 Becton Hall and Shielswood, £98 Auchengray.

Hill Cheviot £106 Kirkhouse, £99.50, £97 Longburgh Fauld, £88 Newbank, £84.50, £84 Sorbie.

North Country Cheviot £101 Buckies, £100 Lairdlaugh and Hownam Grange, £92 Buckies, £90 Drumreach, £87 North House and Dalmakethar.

Cheviot Mule £101 Becton Hall, £89 High Stenries.

Charollais £100 Porteath, £99 Auchengray, £98 Knowe Farm, £97 Porteath, £96 Tinnishall and Dykehead.

Greyface £96, £90.50 Nether Onsett, £89 Lanehead (Harker), £87.50 Wood Farm, £86 Hollands.

Leicester £95 Kirksteads.

Hampshire £90 Blackhaugh.

Blackface tup hoggs £89 Penchrise, £86 Silloans, £85.50 Kirkhouse and Kirksteads.

Blackface wether hoggs £86 West Scales, £85 Winterhopeburn, £84.50 West Scales and Syart, £83.50 West Scales.

Zwartbles £85 Eastside.

Dorset £85 Porteath.

Half Bred £85 Buckies.

Easycare £80.50 Blackhaugh.

Kerry Hill £75 Cadgillhead.

Jacob £71 The Green, £64 Dalbhraddan.

Swaledale £83.50 Hollinclose, £68 Kirkhaugh, £60 Batey Shield, £57 Shield Farm.

Longtown sheep ring

A much larger show of 5,282 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual busy ring of buyers all keen for sheep. Trade for best selling heavy ewes was sharper on the week but overfat easier. Mules remained on par with last week whilst Blackface, Swaledale and Cheviot were £2-£3 sharper. Tups saw a much increased demand.


Texel £144 Bowsden Moor, Chaseside and Beckfoot, £142 Townfoot, £140 Four o Boot and Chaseside, £138 Four o Boot, £137 Lairdlaugh, £136 Heatherglen, £135 Allfornaught.

Charollais £132 Beckfoot, £122, £116 Heatherglen, £114 Eastside, £108 Chaseside and West Clyth.

Suffolk £126 Bowsden Moor, £108 Haithwaite, Marygate and Chaseside, £104 Haithwaite and Skaill, £102 Marygate and Haithwaite, £101 Guards Mill.

Beltex £120 Wood Farm, £119 Chaseside, £118 Westhills, £108 Wood Farm, £105 Lairdlaugh.

North Country Cheviot £106, £99 Skaill, £99 Dalmakethar, £96 Buckies, £95 Longoe, £94 Buckies.

Half Bred £100 Haithwaite, £95 Allfornaught, £92 Guards Mill.

Leicester £91, £89 Sanders Close, £82 Broomhills, £70 Hall Farm.

Greyface £89 Hardington Mains, £88 Eastside, £86 Sceughdyke, £85 Saughland and Marygate, £84 South Healey.

Cheviot Mule £89 Borrowston Mains, £85 Marygate, £83 Ringliggate, £81 Relief, £79 Falnash.

Romney Marsh £86 Saughland.

Zwartbles £84 Broomhillbank, £78 Eastside, £74 Miller Hill, £73 Awhirk, £71 Pennant.

Hampshire £69 Ringliggate.


Lleyn £87 Townfoot, £85 South Bowerhouses, £82 Townfoot, £74 Midtown, £70 Dalmakethar.

Blackface £82 Haithwaite, £77 Kirkland, £75 Eastside, £74 Woodslee, £73 Longyester.

Hill Cheviot £78 Orchardton Mains, £77 Marygate, £76 Milnholm, £75 Bedshiel, £74 Sundhope.

Swaledale £65 West Greenridge, £63 Roachburn, £62 Sanders Close, £61 Reaygarth, £58 Roachburn.

Easycare £61, £55 Blackhaugh, £50 South Healey.

Shetland £50 Fallowlees.

Herdwick £37 Orchardton Mains.


Charollais £143 Beckfoot, £116 Chaseside, £100 Glebe Steading.

Texel £141 Spoutbank, £134 Nether Stenries, £130 Fenton, Pearsby Hall and Skaill, £124 Awhirk, £120 Paulsland, Bowsden Moor and Chaseside.

North Country Cheviot £120 Skaill, £102 Old Hall, £100 Glebe Steading, £84 Baligill.

Leicester £118 Finnieness.

Rouge £109 Dinwoodie Green.

Suffolk £108 Heatherglen and Marygate, £102 Saughland, £100 Marygate, £88 Chaseside and Evistones.

Berrichon £106 Heatherglen.

Zwartbles £100 Broomhills.

Blackface £82 Upper Chatto and Evistones, £79 Kirkland, £78 Meggethead, £76 Kirkhouse and Arivore.

Wensleydale £80 Heatherglen.

Beltex £77 Rumsdale House, £70 Westhills.

Hampshire £77 Snowden Close.

Hill Cheviot £74 Bowanhill.

Swaledale £70 Whitfield.

Lleyn £69 Low Tipalt, £68 Dalmakethar.

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