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British Texel Judge set for Paris Show

A British Texel breeder has been invited to judge the Texel classes at this month’s world famous Salon Internaional l’agriculture (SIA), better known as Paris Show, following recent exports of British Texels to the Continent.

Carmarthen, Wales-based breeder John Eirian Davies of the Teilo flock will be following in the footsteps of Tom Redman, Alan Draper and Steve Williams when he places the Texel classes as one of a panel of judges to adjudicate the Texel classes when they take place at the event on Sunday 28 February.

John Eirian Davies

John Eirian Davies

Classes will include those for rams and ewes, with these split by age and also specific classes for carcass traits and wool quality.

Commenting on the decision of the organisers to invite a British Texel Sheep Society chief executive John Yates said it was a mark of the respect French breeders had gained for British Texel genetics in recent years. “An increasing number of exports of British Texel genetics to France and the wider European Continent in recent years, including Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy, have cemented British Texels firmly in the minds of Continental breeders.

“Leading French breeders have been prominent in buying British Texels in recent years, including a ram lamb exported from the Teilo flock in 2015. In 2014 the British Texel Society through, the Royal Highland Show, invited French breeder Yves Lacroix to be the first French Texel judge to adjudicate at this prestigious national event and the invitation for John Eirian to judge in Paris is a further sign of the knowledge exchange between the two countries.”

Mr Davies, who combines running the Teilo flock with his role as a director of BJP (Marts) Ltd, said it was an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge at SIA. “To be invited to place the Texels at SIA is a unique achievement for me and one I am extremely proud of. I’m looking forward to seeing how recent British Texel exports have influenced the breed in France and hope to see some quality sheep on display.

“I believe the French style of showing and judging is somewhat different to what I’m used at home, but I’m sure it will be a great learning experience and an enjoyable one too.”

Mr Yates added that last year’s SIA saw a number of Texels sired by British rams among the top prizes. “French breeders have made judicious use of British Texel genetics to help increase the genetic diversity, with particular focus on increasing growth and lean meat yield, in their flocks and the success of these sheep at SIA is great to see.”

The Society is delighted once again to support AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Remi Fourier in the excellent work carried out by his marketing team promoting English lamb to the French public, added Mr Yates.


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