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Square Profile Claw Liner Delivers Increased Milk Flow

A new milking liner from Shropshire-based milking parlour manufacturer, Fullwood Ltd, offers increased milk flow rates compared to standard liners thanks to a novel square profile design.

Fullwood has announced the launch of the QA23 – a new, square-profile milking liner which offers improved milk flow and a gentle milking action for a broad range of teat shapes and sizes.

Fullwood’s QA23 liner offers faster milk flow rate and is suitable for a range of teat shapes and sizes

Fullwood’s QA23 liner offers faster milk flow rate and is suitable for a range of teat shapes and sizes

The QA23 features a 23mm diameter hood opening, fits 25mm liner shell ends and is compatible with 14mm claw inlet nipples. The new liner is compatible with the Fullwood Clearflow CF claws and is suitable for use with all Fullwood conventional parlours and Merlin robotic milking systems.

Two claw and shell setup options are available with the new liner: it can be used with Fullwood’s heavy duty HD claws and medium weight shells (total cluster weight approximately 2.45kg), or with Fullwood’s light claw and heavy weight shells (total cluster weight approximately 2.37kg).

“The design of the QA23 is the culmination of Fullwood’s ongoing and extensive research into the optimal milking parameters,” explains John Baines, Fullwood’s Technical Director. “The new liner has been proven to increase the rate of milk flow from a range of teat sizes whilst protecting teat integrity and safety.

“The liner’s square profile design offers a number of advantages over standard liners including a fast but gentle milking action and improved milking performance for very small teats. The new liner also enables milking machines to achieve the optimal milking time for high yielding and high flow rate cows, whilst at the same time reducing liner slippage for a more secure, safer and less aggressive milking action.”


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