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Fliegl Unveil Range of New Products for UK

German manufacturer Fliegl is showcasing a variety of new products at this year’s Agritechnica – with a particular focus on safety and precision farming.

Fliegl Scout and Fliegl Hawk aim to reduce the risk of accidents both on the farm and on the road – improving overall visibility while driving large vehicles and removing potential blind spots.

Fliegl Hawk

Fliegl Hawk

Fliegl Scout works in the same way as parking sensors on a car – helping drivers to reverse safely when a trailer or similar is attached to the rear.

Developed especially for agricultural use, ultrasonic sensors can be fitted to different parts of the towed vehicle to fully monitor the area behind. A warning tone will alert the driver if an object or person gets nearer.

No extra hardware is needed in the tractor cab, the output is the tractor’s own display, joined to a Fliegl ConBlue connector via the ISOBUS plug.

Fliegl Hawk is a front end camera system that will help the driver see more when exiting a building or when turning onto a road.

It is specifically designed for when there is a large distance from the driver’s cab to the front edge of the vehicle – such as tractors with a mower or other front mounted attachment.

Cameras are fitted to both sides of the attachment and the images sent back to the cab on a split monitor to allow the driver to see any approaching traffic.

Jose Viedma, commercial director for Fliegl UK, said:
“Every year serious and sometimes fatal accidents occur because of agricultural vehicles. The bigger and more powerful they are, the larger the risk. The need for action was obvious. The Fliegl Scout and Fliegl Hawk remove potential blind spots, helping to improve overall safety both on the farm and on the road.”

Greater Precision for Spreading Liquid Manure

The new trailing shoe, rod-operated Fliegl SlurryJib allows for greater precision when it comes to spreading liquid manure.

The operator sets the desired boom height and ultrasonic sensors ensure that it automatically remains at the same distance from the ground.

It means an even spread of manure whatever the terrain, reducing wastage and improving efficiency.

The SlurryJib is also 1.5 tonnes lighter than other assemblies thanks to its latticework steel structure.

The rod assembly is not suspended in the usual fixed and rigid position via a middle joint but instead hung through a series of wire cables which act as shock absorbers and reduce movement. The frame also acts as the manure pipework.

The trailing shoe’s contact pressure is set to an ideal 8-10kg per shoe, while the nozzle bar is divided into two parts and can be swivelled in each direction.

Jose said:
“By continuously monitoring its height off the ground the Fliegl SlurryJib allows for more efficient spreading of liquid manure – reducing loss and ensuring that more goes onto the field. Its lightweight structure also means improved handling, less tyre wear, lower fuel consumption and reduced soil compaction.”

Digital Weighing System Improves Accuracy
With profit margins under increasing pressure, accurate weighing is now more important than ever – helping with harvest documentation and providing clarity when it comes to balancing the books.

To help improve efficiency Fliegl has launched its digital Axle Weighing System (AWS).

The AWS can be fitted to any vehicle of any make or model and is capable of separately displaying both axle load and drawbar load – which so far has not been possible.

The greater accuracy is achieved by having one device fitted between the drawbar eye and the drawbar, while others are fitted to each axle of the towed vehicle between the axle and spring.

All data transfer is done via ISOBUS and because the system measures digitally it does not need an additional frame, distribution box or hydraulic or pneumatic suspension or recalibration.

Jose said: “The separate individual indication of drawbar load and axle load is a genuine innovation and has allowed us to create one of the most accurate weighing systems on the market. Those based on hydraulic or pneumatic suspension for example, have a measurement inaccuracy of around 3%. For the Fliegl AWS it is below 1%.”

A Connection That Lasts

The entire electronics of a modern tractor is dependent on hardware components and cable connections of good quality.

Fliegl has therefore developed a new generation of plug connectors that are superior in durability and robustness.

The in-cab camera connector, in-cab ISOBUS connector, the three-pole plug connector and the signal connector are plastic moulded with a PVC coating – making them dustproof, durable and strong.

The in-cab camera connector corresponds to the standard developed by the Agricultural Industries Electronics Foundation (AEF), while the ISOBUS connector can be retrofitted via matching extensions and T-splices.


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