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Vaderstad Rapid Seed Drill Receives a Facelift

Väderstad is continuing development of the Rapid A 400-800S series, making work even easier for farmers, at the same time as the seed drilling machine is receiving a facelift.

With the many improvements to the Rapid A 400-800S series, farmers gain a better working environment and can spend more time in the fields instead of on maintenance. The seed drill can be equipped with the SeedEye seed counter for easy and fully automatic calibration.

The Rapid A 400-800S, YM16 is entering production in the autumn of 2015.

The Rapid A 400-800S, YM16 is entering production in the autumn of 2015.

Seed hopper with intergrated fan
The fan is integrated high up on the front edge of the seed hopper, minimising dust intake and consequently wear.

The seed hopper has also been redesigned with integrated working lights for those days when work continues as dusk falls. The platform and steps have been further developed to provide better access to the seed hopper.

Saves time
“New V30 hubs are being introduced on the machine’s discs,” says Bernt Mårtensson, Concept Manager at Väderstad AB. “The bearings have improved service life and a design that provides better protection against dust and soil, at the same time as they require no lubrication. With the changes farmers can save time during the busy crop cultivation season.”

Simplified wing folding
The new wing lock function makes it easier to switch seed drills from the transport to working position. Wings can be folded hydraulically from the cab, without either Controlbox or E-Control. The new hydraulic wing locks save time and make work safer.

New pivot packers and wing packers
The pivot packers feature a new stronger design and the wing packers are equipped with individual suspension of up to 100 kg per packer wheel. The individual suspension provides better consolidation packing for the wings and steadies the seed drills. Tracking is excellent, even when operating over uneven ground.


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