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New Meal Silo Launched by McAree Engineering

To meet a new requirement from their customers, McAree Engineering have added a new animal feed silo to their range of V-Mac Silos.

The V-Mac Split silo has been popular for a long time allowing farmers constrained by space to store two types of feed in a single silo structure saving them space and money by removing the need to have two separate silos.

Pictured on the busy McAree Engineering stand at the National Ploughing Championships  with Eamonn McMeel, McAree Engineering are Jenifer & Seamy McDermott from Ballybofey, Co. Donegal

Pictured on the McAree Engineering stand at the National Ploughing Championships with Eamonn McMeel, McAree Engineering are Jenifer & Seamy McDermott from Ballybofey, Co. Donegal

Eamonn McMeel the V-Mac Silo Sales Manager explains;
“customers loved the benefits of the Split silo, however a growing number were looking for a better solution from us to fill loader buckets.

We looked at our Offset Silo which has a track record of storing Pellets or Ration without bridging and used this successful design as the basis for our Split Offset Silo.

We now have two 12 inch chutes coming out from the bottom of the silo beyond the front legs of the silo allowing farmers to fill wide tractor buckets, bins etc.

We have raised the body of the silo to ensure the angle of the chutes is steep enough to provide for a good flow of animal feed.

As with all V-Mac Silos each one custom built and the height under the cone can be increased from the basic three and a half feet”.

According to Peter Richardson Sales & Marketing Manager:
“we were very busy at the Ploughing Championships and were delighted that sentiment among farmers was positive buoyed by the good weather, the recent introduction of the TAMS 11 grants and the prospect of higher milk prices in 2016.”

McAree Engineering has been helping farmers to protect their feed since the 1960’s when Vincent McAree designed and manufactured the very first V-Mac feed silo. The V-Mac range is the widest range of animal feed hoppers available on the market.

These include single or split silos with up to three styles- enclosed down to the ground, traditional legged or offset.

McAree also manufacture a range of silos for filling diet feeder wagons, for storing home mixed feed or smaller quantities with their tote bins and flip lid silos. Also manufactured are a range of wood pellet stores with capacities of 3.5 ton to 30 ton and larger.

Founded in 1947 by Vincent McAree this award winning, family owned and managed Monaghan company now has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe.

These include Laser & Plasma cutting, metal folding, CNC punching, machining, welding and finishing.


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